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(Sunsilk), Level 80 Night Elf Druid on Server:Jubei'Thos_US Tribal Leatherworking and Enchanting.

  • Level 80 raiding results: 1pc Tier 7. Naxxramus & Partial Ulduar experience. 4.3k personal best DPS (aiming for at least 5k).
  • Level 70 raiding results: 5pc Tier 4. 4pc Tier 5. 3pc Tier 6. Full experience.
  • Level 60 raiding results: 4pc Tier 1. 3pc Tier 2. ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL experience.

Guild History (Newest first):

(Zandor), Level 80 Dwarf Hunter on Server:Jubei'Thos_US Alchemy and Engineering. Guild History:

  • Insurgence
  • Immortality

(Slidarius), Level 70 Human Paladin on Server:Jubei'Thos_US (previous Server:Shadowmoon_US) Mining and Engineering. This character was previously level 54 and "unplayed" since 2004. In 2007 levelled to 60, transferred to Jubei'Thos and completed epic mount quest. 300 Engineering and 300 Mining.

Other alts:


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