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Name Faction Race Class Guild
Torkol Blackhorn Horde 15 Tauren
IconSmall Tauren Male
Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior
Dawn's Blade



Torkol is a member of the Blackhorn tribe. He is the eldest child of Alkagol, the tribe's chieftain. Though he lacks the power to harness nature, he is highly spiritual, beleiving that the Earthmother influences every aspect of his life. Torkol is incredably strong, and true of heart. But he is also slow of mind. He relies on his familly and friends for guidance.

When he came of age, he left his tribal village to begin his service to the horde. While hunting Kodos in the barrens, he came across a wild human boy. The boy and the Tauren fought, and the boy emerged victorious. But instead of killing the Torkol, the boy extended his hand, and helped Torkol to his feet. Not knowing what do do, Torkol brought the boy to his father. Alkagol determined that the boy was Ludorious. After Ludorious was oficially accepted into the Horde, he and Torkol became close friends.

Years later, Torkol fights as a top officer in the Dawn's Blade, using his strength to destoy the agents of the Bunring Legion.

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