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== Emerald Dream == --Lorhinak (talk) 03:06, June 30, 2011 (UTC)

This page is about the next expansion, Emerald Dream. The idea of this expansion was toyed around with when developing the Burning Crusade. The new changes have been disputed, but a few things are sure. The main antagonist of the pack is a corrupted druid, he brings with him the evil force simply known as "The Nightmare". His goal is to control the realm called the "Emerald Dream". The Emerald Dream is built similar to Azeroth in looks, but is held together by the Green Dragon flight who mostly reside there. Ysera the Dreamer, Watcher of the Emerald Dream opens her eyes but a few times in history. She guards the dreams of all who dream. In return for granting the Druids there power over nature, they are required to drift into a slumber inside. the Emerald dream has been speculated to have 5 entrances within the game currently, however these may be changed as they are not working. Other known additions are a new Alliance race, called Furbolgs, ursine creatures and the new horde race, Sprites. There are also rumors of two new Hero classes, Keepers of the Grove for Alliance. Keepers can only be Night Elves until you are exalted with the Night Elf capital.You have to have a level 80 character to play this class because it, in turn starts at level 80. The same restrictions apply to the new Horde Hero class Blademasters. You have to be exalted with the Orc capital, Orgrimmar, to play other races besides Orc. The Keepers will mainly be healing and DPS, while the Blademasters will be tanking and DPS. One known ability of the blademasters is Blade Rain.Blade Rain, well rains blades around the caster, damaging targets for X damage per mob. An ability of the Keepers is to take the form of any beast mob of similar level using any abilities that creature. The Keepers of the Grove are essentially the superheroes of the Druids. Their class came from the realm of the Emerald Dream. The first Keepers were the ancient ancestors of the Kaldorei race, which explains the druidism of the Night Elves. Also the ancestors of the Tauren are believed to come from the Dream, which explains why both race's religion starts with them coing from "the mist" AKA- the Emerald Dream


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