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AllianceNPC 32Dracolord
Title <Of The Shattered Sun / Lord of Dragons>
Gender Male
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 75
Character class Priest (Holy)
Position Tailor, Enchanter, Explorer, Guide to New warcraftians
Location Llane
Status Active, Questing in Northrend
Relative(s) Exquisite (Moonkin parther)
Alignment Neutral

Lordoddracos / Dracolord

The Supreme Lord of Dragons Edit


My name is Dracolord in WoW, i play Alliance, a night elf priest playing on the Llane server (formerly the Laughing Skull server). Aside from being a huge fan of Warcraft Lore, i am a very caring type of people in-game, always loving to help other people out whenever i can, when im not able to do this, i get very bored in-game.

If you are a player on Llane or Laughing Skull feel free to drop me a tell in-game.

Character information:Edit

Dracolord (Llane / Laughing Skull)

Dragonantis (Llane)

Dragonshield (Llane)

Guild: The Conquerors - Llane

Current ActivityEdit

Ive gotten into my forum adiction again so you might see my name all over the wow general forums, or on my server forums. Loving the new content in WOTLK, Blizzard really outdid themselves so i wont be stopping anything soon. Ive gotten into adding pages to WoWwiki now since this new expansion wowwiki no longer has everything so ill work to make that so and keep wowwiki the greatest world of warcraft source on the web.

Youtube Movie making: I also have an interest in making Wow machinima movies which you can find here

Check out my latest movie which is a Tribute to highlord Bolvar Fordragon (Warning: Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!)

Quotes: Edit

Dracolord: Hi hi :)

Dracolord: Alrighty

Battlecry for bosses:

/emote The skies darken and the Lord of Dragons decends to smite his foe...

/emote The Lord of Dragons Roars at the sight of battle and dives to challenge..

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