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World of Warcraft: Dreadlords' Rise
The dreaded Nathrezim Insurgents of Xoroth

This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


Introduction Edit

Aeons ago the Dark Titan Sargeras formed a demonic army to purge life from the Cosmos. This demonic army came to be known as the Burning Legion. Among his lieutenants were the corrupting Nathrezim, also known as Dreadlords. These Dreadlords made their home on the twisted world of Xoroth.

One world in the Great Dark Beyond he attempted to conquer was the world of Azeroth, and they have tried to destroy this world three times. Each time failing.

Now, the Burning Legion has returned to Azeroth, using a more subtle tact, infiltrating the mortal cities and planting the seeds of destruction using the psionically powerful Nathrezim, and has launched this assault from the Nathrezim home world of Xoroth. A crumbling world of barren wastes and massive cities, suspended in the great dark beyond in a way much similar to Outland.

The defenders of Azeroth must find and destroy these infiltrators, and travel to the demonic world and put a stop to the invasion, lest the portal between worlds become more powerful, and the full forces of the legion force their way through and put an end to life on Azeroth. As adventurers travel there, they will realise that there is more at stake here than could be imagined, and that victory here could tip the scale in the war against the burning legion.

Meanwhile on Outland, the shattered remnants of Draenor, a portal has been opened and powerful members of the Burning Legion are pouring through, decimating many zones. At the same time, the massive Void Lord Naebulu descends upon the broken world with its Voidal army. The recent attacks have scared many inhabitants of Outland into seeking out allies among the Horde and Alliance, particularly the Ethereals and Arakkoa.

Overview Edit

  • 10 New zones: Northern Plaguelands, Void Lands, K'aresh, the Dying Abyss*, Keh’hevar*, Tothris*, Shatterfold Range*, Eternalburn Woods* and Ulderra*.
  • New Continent: Xoroth: Areas with * above
  • New Outland: The events of the Burning and Voidal invasions have reshaped the zones of Outland.
  • New Races: Official alliance mini-icon -Arakkoa Official horde mini-icon -Ethereals
  • New Levels: Raised to 95 [(+ 5 levels) May be different depending on time]
  • New Dungeons: In new zones, as well as capital cities, which have been infiltrated by Dreadlord Insurgents
  • New Battlegrounds: Abyssal Industries, the Void Collide, Ulderra Plains
  • New Adventure!

Starting Event Edit

Insurgent Infiltration: City guards being mind controlled by Dreadlord Insurgents are opening Nether Rifts, to allow demons to pass through into the Capital cities. Adventurers must fight these city guards, defeat the demons attacking the city and seal the Nether Rifts.

New Zones Edit

Azeroth Edit

  • Northern Plaguelands [lvl 90-1]-A small area just to the North of the other currently existing plaguelands. Similar in appearance to the others, with plagued wildlife and plantlife.

Outland Edit

  • Void Lands [lvl 91-2]-Location of a large demonic fortress in Outland, on an area floating North-East of Hellfire Peninsula and South-East of Netherstorm, the environment is the environment of these two zones combined. The location of the portals to Xoroth and K'aresh.

K'aresh Edit

  • K'aresh [lvl 92-3]-The once home of the Ethereals until the coming of Dimensius the All-Devouring, now the world has become an arid waste from the destructive and corruptive energy of the Void lord. Dark portals of void still remain gazing down from the skies of the planet like dozens of black eyes.

Xoroth Edit

  • The Dying Abyss [lvl 92-4]-The barren, grey, crumbling lands of eastern Xoroth, several pieces of it are separate from the mainland and simply float above the unending drop into the abyss. Location of the portal to Azeroth.
  • Keh’hevar [lvl 93-4]-The capital city of Nathrezim civilisation, covered by many large stone and metal structures. Above is the mighty Sphere of Xoroth.
  • Shatterfold Range [lvl 93-5]-A massive mountain range surrounding the Eternalburn Woods. A narrow but incredibly long zone, it is covered in forest and the surviving wildlife of Xoroth. Split into two sub-zones: West Shatterfold and North Shatterfold.
  • Tothris [lvl 93-5]-The once centre of business for the Nathrezim before it was destroyed by the Titans, its survivors were transformed into the Tothrezim. It is covered by ruined stone and metal structures.
  • Eternalburn Woods [lvl 94-5]-A massive forest composed of towering trees, many of which are in a perpetual state of burning caused by a massive portal to the Eredar world of Argus located in the centre of the wood (portal cannot be used).
  • Ulderra [lvl 95]-A massive Titan fortress placed just south of the world of Xoroth, connected by a small bridge. Its architecture is very similar to the Titan cities on Azeroth and it is responsible for the destruction of Tothris.

X.0 Dungeons & Raids Edit

New Dungeons in Capital CitiesEdit

  • Lowercity: A jail in Undercity, placed below the city in the same way that Undercity is under Lordaeron capital. Several Nathrezim infiltrators have been imprisoned there and are plotting their escape.
  • Ancestral Font: Water springs inside the bluffs of Thunderbluff that are being used as a hiding place by the Nathrezim after the attack on the city above failed.
  • Fel-Den: An area beneath Silvermoon city where the Blood Elves drain demons of their fel magics to fulfil their magic addictions. The demons have been freed by the Insurgents
  • Ironforge Caverns: A cave system connected to the city of Ironforge from which the Dreadlords are planning to launch their assault on the city.
  • Nightmare Hollow: A hollowed section of the great tree, Teldrassil, from which the Insurgents are corrupting the home of the Night Elves using powers from the Emerald Nightmare.
  • The Darkcell: A laboratory/prison in the Exodar where the Draenei hold demons to experiment upon to find better ways of defeating the Burning Legion as well as the possibility of redeeming demons. They have been freed by the Dreadlords.

Caverns of Time Edit

Dungeons in New Zones Edit

  • Cold's Grip: An old Lordaeronian Keep in Northern Plaguelands, the Lord there gave his soul to a Cold wraith in return for protection from the Scourge, but the Wraith now rules over it with its cold grip of death.
  • The Etherworks: A long buried ruin of a K'areshi structure, its broken arcane facilities have given life to malicious arcane constructs as well as continuing to house a Void-worshiping cult of Ethereals.
  • Nether Conduit: A group of Blood Elves that travelled to Xoroth have seized a Nether Conduit, a structure use to siphon energy out of the Twisting Nether, and are using it to fulfil there magic addiction, but are being corrupted by it.
  • Keh’kelar: Base of operations for all Nathrezim on Xoroth, it is in the centre of Keh’hevar city, directly below the Sphere of Xoroth.
  • Keh'hevar Halls: Beneath the city of Keh'hevar lays many tunnels that serve as a defensive and transport structure of Keh'hevar, allowing the demonic soldiers to navigate the city safely.
  • The Fel-Forge: A massive forge, using Fel-fire to produce Fel infused armour and weaponry. It is located in Tothris, centre of business for Xoroth.
  • Insurgent Underways: Base of operations for the Dreadlord Insurgents, an elite band of Nathrezim infiltrators lead by Varimathras, Detheroc and Balnazzar.
  • Creeper Caves: A cave system beneath Shatterforld Range inhabited by the malicious Creepers, creepy Twisted Ones and twisty Boagai -the wildlife and plantlife of Shatterfold.

Raids Edit

  • Detheroc’s Castle: The castle where Sylvanas and the Forsaken fought the Scourge and mind-controlled mortal forces of Detheroc. He has returned there and gathered together the remains of his army.
  • World's Reach Plateau: A large structure in the centre of the surviving K'areshi continent, a building stretching into the skies and home of the remains of Dimensius, the Void lord who long ago broke the arid world.
  • Creeper's Heart: The centre of the Creeper-form and primary nest for all Creepers in Shatterfold, 'the heart must be stopped for the creature to die.'
  • Ered'trath: The city populated by Eredar that travelled through the Eternalburn portal to Xoroth and built a city there.
  • Sphere of Xoroth: A large, floating centre of Nathrezim force, floating above the city of Keh’Hevar. It was used by Mephistroth to travel through the Twisting Nether to oversee the infiltration of Azeroth from Xoroth.
  • Gauntlet of Horror: Ren'helgar is the most psionically powerful Nathrezim in existence, players entering his lair must be prepared to face their fears and worst nightmares as he shall give them form and shape in the terrifying Gauntlet of Horror.

Reshaped Outland Edit


Map of Outland as it currently appears in-game

  • Hellfire Archipelago: A massive nether explosion and Infernal bombardment has shattered Hellfire Peninsula in a series of floating rocks which have been connected by wooden bridges. The Stair of Destiny, as the last line of defense to stop the influx of demons from breaking through to Azeroth has been transformed into a fortress.
  • Zangarmarsh: The fungal forests of Zangarmarsh are being corrupted by the Voidal and Fel energies and the wildlife and even plantlife have become hostile, striking out at the inhabitants of Sporeggar and the Alliance and Horde. The surviving Naga population of Outland have retreated to Zangarmarsh to hide in thier base of operations there.
  • Terokkar Forest: The emmense trees of Terokkar are being deforestated by the Factions for supplies and are angering the elementals of the area. Also, in the east, the burning legion are advancing into Terokkar, scaring the Arakkoa of the area to seek out allies in the Alliance.
  • Nagrand: The Draenei are moving into Nagrand in an attempt to reclaim their ancient ship, Oshu'gun, from the resident Demons and rogue Ethereals there. The Burning Legion loyal demons have begun squabbling with the Ethereals as they have allied themselves with the Void and have opened a portal to allow their forces through, making the area around Osh'gun barren.


New Races Edit

Official alliance mini-icon Arakkoa Edit

An avian species native to Draenor, after the recent devastation of Outland they have sought allies amongst the Alliance.

Starting Zone: Phased Terokkar Forest.

Available Classes: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior, Monk.

Official horde mini-icon Ethereals Edit

A race of technologically advanced traders, they seek allies amongst the Horde after Naebulu the Void Lord descends on their home.

Starting Zone: Phased Netherstorm.

Available Classes: Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Monk.

Factions Edit

Horde Edit

  • Official horde mini-iconSkyrift Ethereals: The Ethereals that have joined the Horde.
  • Official horde mini-iconFel-Wardens: The Blood Elf and Ethereal faction of the Voidslayers, elite Demon Hunters. The Fel-Wardens specialise in the killing of demons.
  • Official horde mini-iconWarp Wanderers: A group of Ethereals who remained on Xoroth after its destruction by Dimensius the All-Devouring. When Horde forces arrive there the Warp Wanderers help them to fight off the Void forces.
  • Official horde mini-iconBeyond Outriders: An elite Horde group that travel to Xoroth to combat the Burning Legion.

Alliance Edit

  • Official alliance mini-iconSkettis Exiles: The Arakkoa that have joined the Alliance.
  • Official alliance mini-iconRetributors: The Draenei and Arakkoa faction of the Voidslayers, elite Demon Hunters. The Retributors specialise in the research of demons and redemption of Fel corrupted mortals.
  • Official alliance mini-iconAbyss Watchers: A group of Draenei that continued to travel the stars after the others settled on Draenor. Are reunited with the others at K'aresh.
  • Official alliance mini-iconLion's Vanguard: Elite Alliance that travel to Xoroth to combat the Burning Legion.

Neutral Edit

  • Neutral 15Voidslayers: The co-operation group of the Fel-Wardens and Retributors. Together, they use their special techniques and knowledge to fight off powerful agents of the Burning Legion and destroy Dreadlords permanently.
  • Neutral 15Cenarion Outreach: Members of the Cenarion Circle that travel to Xoroth to use their powers of nature to fight the demons and help the wildlife of Shatterfold.
  • Neutral 15Goldenshield Constructs: The Titanic constructs of Ulderra, seeking to destroy all of the Nathrezim and other agents of the Burning Legion present on Xoroth.

Lothar's Hand Edit

  • Neutral 15Sons of Lothar: Inhabitants of the city of Lothar’s hand, survivors of the expedition to Outland in the Invasion of Draenor. Consisting of Alliance, Orcs and Broken Draenei that learned to live together when they were stranded on Xoroth.
  • Neutral 15Drata Tribe: A tribe of Broken Draenei whos village rested on the location of a future portal to Xoroth, the populace were transported through and found their way to Lothar's Hand, seeking refuge.
  • Neutral 15Mo'kanniluk: A tribe of Mag'har who were negotiating with the Alliance forces when they were all pulled into a portal to Xoroth and helped them to build the city.

(Like the Aldor and Scryers of Shattrath, one may only choose to allign with either the Drata Tribe or the Mo'kanniluk.)

Neutral Content Edit

Lothar’s Hand Edit

A neutral city in the far east of the Dying Abyss, on one of the broken, floating pieces, off of the mainland. It is populated by survivors of the expedition to Outland during the Invasion of Draenor and is under the combined leadership of Turalyon, Alleria Windrunner, Nol'kren, an elderly orc Shaman, and Haelata, a Broken Draenei preistess. During the early days after the shattering of Draenor, multiple portals were still open and appearing at random, Turalyon and Alleria's forces encountered an Orcish tribe when they were all pulled into a portal and transported through the Nether to the world of Xoroth.

Shreddinger’s Box Edit

Also at the far east of the Dying Abyss, on one of the broken, floating pieces, off of the mainland, to the North of Lothar’s Hand, is Shreddinger’s Box. A large cube-shaped arena run by the opportunistic Goblin, Shreddinger, where people and groups can prove themselves against captured demons and other challengers for great rewards. Once you go in, you may already by dead or alive. (A cookie to whoever gets the reference!)

Ethereal Services Edit

The Ethereals providing services in Orgrimmar and Stormwind -Warpweavers, Vaultkeepers and Thaumaturges- are finding business too taxing in those cities without fresh supplies of energy crystals closeby and being forced to spend money on shipping them from afar. Thus, they have moved their business to Silvermoon City and the Exodar where energy crystals are much easier to proqure. They have also set up shop in Shattrath and Lothar's Hand. (I'm trying to get people out of Orgrimmar and Stormwind by moving services to other cities.)

X.0 Battlegrounds Edit

  • Abyssal Industries: A Gan'arg research station in northern Dying Abyss, the Horde and Alliance both seek the information contained within.
  • The Void Collide: An area of the Void Lands contested by the Fel-Wardens and Retributors, due to the existence of a powerful Burning Legion power station that could provide emmense amounts of energy for the war effort.
  • Ulderra Plains: In Ulderra, a large zone of trees and forest maintained inside a bio-dome, where there are large amounts of fresh resources and Titan secrets to be taken by the factions.

Patch X.1 -The Darkness Below Edit

New Daily Quest Hub Edit

The Voidskimmer: A large ship that the Burning Legion are using to travel to a portal to the Dark Below in the Great Dark Beyond. The forces of Azeroth have travelled through a portal in the Eternalburn Woods to the Voidskimmer and are fighting off the legion forces there to get through a portal into the Dark Below.

New Raid Edit

Dark Below: The Burning Legion have found a portal into the Dark Below somewhere in the Great Dark Beyond and are using it as a source of new Demonic recruits, adventurers must put a stop to the operation there.

New Arena Edit

Shattrath Arena: An arena below Shattrath where challengers can fight eachother for great rewards.

New Battleground Edit

Shattered Isle: An island to the South-West of Terokkar, floating off the edge of Outland. The site of an ancient Arokkoa temple and an Ethereal vessel landing-site, now the Arokkoa and Ethereals fight over the area.

Patch X.2 -Blood of Light Edit


A Naaru dimension ship

New Raid Edit

Celestus Eye: A Naaru dimensional warship that travelled to Xoroth to combat the Burning Legion. The commanding Naaru died when the ship was ripped apart by demonic energies, the resulting Void God corrupted the area creating powerful and malevolent shadow beings aswell as Shadow Naaru. It appears similar to Tempest Keep.

New Dungeons -Celestus Keep Edit

  • Ennergium: The energy producing sattelite of Celestus Keep, the energy has been corrupted by the Void God's magics into dark intelligent beings of shadow energy.
  • Biolos: A biological laboratory sattelite of Celestus Keep, the flora and fauna contained within has been twisted into evil monstrosities.
  • Mechalon: The armoury sattelite of Celestus Keep, the technology and weaponry inside is being used by the Burning Legion in their crusade.

New Faction Edit

  • Neutral 15Celestials: The Naaru that survived the corruption and crash of Celestus Keep and now fight the shadow naaru that were created in the crash.

Patch X.3 -The Black Blade Edit

New Questchain Edit

A Titan Falls: A questchain in Ulderra following the Goldenshield Constructs' crusade against the Burning Legion and culminating in an encounter with an actual Titan! Goldenshield Construct daily quests are also available.

New Dungeons -Aggramar Hold Edit

  • Aggramar Ramparts: The walls on the outside of Aggramar Hold in Ulderra, the Titanic defenses have been tampered with by Legion engineers and turned against the forces of Azeroth.
  • Aggramar Gardens: The gardens of Aggramar Hold, the flora and fauna are corrupted by Burning Legion forces and gone insane, destroying anyone who attempts to pass through their territory.
  • Aggramar Spire: The tower of Aggramar Hold where powerful lieutenants of the Burning Legion reside after breaching the citadel.
  • Aggramar Catacombs: Beneath Aggramar Hold is a complex series of tunnels where Titan constructs lay dormant. They are awoken by the breach in defenses and are fighting to repel all invaders.

New Raids Edit

  • Ulderra Underbelly: It's in the dark and murky tunnels beneath Ulderra that a vile truth behind Aggramar Hold is finally revealed.
  • Aggramar Sanctum: The centre of the Titan fortress of Aggramar Hold, it has been breached by demonic forces and is now under the command of Kil'jaeden, the leader of the Burning Legion.

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