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July 26, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to MY page. Let me present myself, Lord Brunnen, lore-addict. I just know about everything of warcraft lore that is NOT related to the comics and books. So if you have any lore question, just poke me, It'll be a pleasure.

I've been playing warcraft since 2002 and World of Warcraft since release. I have played every classes, and every races, and did all the zones exept that doomed winterspring.

I currently have much informations about the Cataclysm Beta, dont bother asking, especialy concerning worgens, Gilneas/Silverpine quest lines.

To conclude, I am not evil, and I'll just eat you if you are a Death Knight, so feel free to come and talk!


Lord Brunnen

Post Scriptum; Sorry for grammars in my posts and contributions, I often try to do my best but English is my second language so there shouldn't be much grammars errors but more syntax error and poor vocabulary issues.

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