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Classes are...


Tinkers are...




Talent tree #1Edit

Talent tree #2Edit

Talent tree #3Edit

Hero classesEdit

Hero classes are...

Demon hunterEdit

Demon hunters are

  • Required minimum level: 55.
  • Starting level: 55.



Demon hunters eschew heavy armor, valuing mobility and speed, and prefer weapons that allow them to deal the most damage with the least amount of effort, allowing them to focus on their agility and speed.


Talent tree #1: Fel fireEdit

Talent tree #2: PossessionEdit

Demon hunters, like warlocks, force lesser demons to do their bidding, but demon hunters use it the opposite way. Instead of cursing the enemies, they curse themselves, and instead of summoning minions, they make their enemies' energies be drained by a demon trying to enter the world or be freed from its banishment.

One of the main practices is to self-posses yourself with a demon and use your will to control it and its powers, to finally drain him into your very essence. After a long process, the demon hunter becomes practically a demon in his own, like warlocks do. It's then when they're powerful enough to metamorphose into a demon. Unlike warlocks' metamorphosis, demon hunters' are green, instead of purple, and have some different abilities.

Talent tree #3: SiphoningEdit

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