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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Instance portal blueShards of Coldarra
LocationCustom Instance, Borean Tundra
Race(s)Dragon, Naga, Demon, Elemental, Troll, Drakonid
End bossDeathwing
Advised level90
Player limit25

The Shards of Coldarra is a 25 man level 90 raid instance located in Borean Tundra. It has a staggering twenty-six bosses.

History Edit

Upon the defeat of Deathwing's Twilight Dragonflight at Grim Batol, he fled from the fury of the dragon aspects once more. He hid once more, gathered his power, and then struck out at the home of his most ancient enemy, the Blue Dragonflight.

The force of Deathwing's attack utterly shattered Coldarra. The shards were released with great arcane force, traces of the ley lines gathered by Malygos erupting, blowing the shards high into a magical vortex. All who enter the vortex have been ripped to shreds by the raw arcane energy.

Deathwing has slowly gathered up an impromptu army, composed of all the mercenaries he can find. With so much arcane magic at his disposal, he has tempted many, and indeed has opened a portal for the Burning Legion and subjected many demons to his command. What few demons resisted have created a tiny weakness in the shield of the vortex; a weakness which could be exploited.

With Nozdormu in parts (and times) unknown, Ysera battling the Nightmare, and Malygos dead and unreplaced, Alexstrasza and the red dragonflight have vowed to finally end the threat of the Destroyer; or, as his new title, The Scourge of Azeroth. Agents from the Red Dragonflight have exploited the weakness in the arcane vortex, allowing their agents to slip inside.

Bosses Edit

Ak'Janta, a Troll Arcane Master, tempted with the powers of the arcane within the Vortex.

Matazar, a Naga Overlord, hired to keep the path blocked.

Krutri, a Crypt Lord left over from the defeat of the Scourge.

Letra Jenusai, a Master Assassin.

Blaklan, an enormous Black Ooze, a byproduct of the experiments creating Volbonon.

Jabunaro, a Black Drakonid, one of Nefarian's old lieutenants.

Qatsazu, a giant, gold, electrical dragonhawk.

Xaxxen, an Ethereal caster, sent undercover by the Consortium, but now controlled solely by Deathwing.

Zilban, a Satyr Warlock.

Lord Yebentu, a rather bizarre Eredar Warlock.

Bareztra, a Shivarra Priestess.

Scrisst, a result of experiments conducted by Lorekeepr Xarol, a giant Fire Revenant with unique powers.

Zagraman, A Felguard Commander.

Lorekeeper Xarol, a loremaster and potent archmage. Those who face him will not fare well. Created Scrisst, Volbonon, and Blaklan.

Volbonon, another experiment of Xarol's. A demon crossed with the poisonous traits of a swamp Ooze. Basically, a Poison Infernal.

Felgast, a red dragon sent by Alexstrasza, now killed and corrupted into a Fel Dragon.

Gelufangus, a giant ice elemental, summoned by Ulegaregos.

Gutrallas, a pit lord.

Kreesh, an extremely large felhunter.

Commander Zurvu, Mo'arg Battle Commander. Expert with cannons.

Overlord Giyaric, an Eredar Warlock.

Telumadormu, an insane Bronze dragon, he is one of four who powers the shield around Deathwing.

Nisigastrasz, an enslaved Red dragon, he is one of four who powers the shield around Deathwing. He cannot be saved.

Ulegaregos, a renegade Blue dragon who still agrees with Malygos' prior ideas. She has joined Deathwing to keep magic under her survey. She is one of four who powers the shield around Deathwing.

Humusera, a corrupted Green dragon. Corrupted both by Demons and by the Nightmare, she is one of the four who powers the shield around Deathwing. Deathwing, the Scourge of Azeroth.

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