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Hello there. I am Lodra; I answer to Draol, too, who is now my main character on World of Warcraft. I'm currently working on integrating an idea for a raid into the subpages of my account here, named Shards of Coldarra, if nothing else for the public to comment on my ideas.

Personal Progression Edit

Azeroth! Edit

Raid Boss
Upper Blackrock Spire General Drakkisath
Zul'Gurub Jin'do the Hexxer
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj None
Onyxia's Lair Lady Onyxia
Molten Core Ragnaros
Blackwing Lair Nefarian
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj None
Naxxramas Kel'Thuzad

Burning Crusade!Edit

Raid Boss
Karazhan Prince Malchezaar
Zul'Aman None
Gruul's Lair None
Magtheridon's Lair None
Serpentshrine Cavern None
The Eye None
Battle for Mount Hyjal Archimonde
Black Temple None
Sunwell Plateau None

Wrath of the Lich King!Edit

Raid Boss
Obsidian Sanctum Sartharion
Vault of Archavon Emalon
Naxxramas Kel'Thuzad
Eye of Eternity Malygos
Ulduar Freya

Lodra's personal Essential List of Macroz Edit

Hunter Specific Edit


/cast [mod:ctrl] Serpent Sting(Rank 10); [mod:alt] Scorpid Sting; [mod:shift] Viper Sting


/cast [mod:ctrl] Aspect of the Viper; [mod:alt] Aspect of the Hawk(Rank 8); [mod:shift] Aspect of the Monkey

Trap PreperationEdit

/cast Distracting Shot(Rank 7)
/y Trapping %t, don't hit the damn thing!


/cast [mod:ctrl] Aspect of the Cheetah; [mod:alt] Aspect of the Pack

Feed PetEdit

#show Roasted Quail 
/cast [pet, nocombat] Feed Pet 
/use [pet:Cat/Raptor/Wolf, nocombat] Roasted Quail; [pet:Bear/Boar/Wind Serpent, nocombat] Conjured Cinnamon Roll


/use Empty Mug of Direbrew
/cast Bestial Wrath
/cast Intimidation

General Edit


/use [mod:ctrl] Swift Green hawkstrider; [mod:alt] Blue Windrider

Personally Created Dungeons Edit

This is where I will put my user pages for dungeon ideas. I typically think of a lot of dungeon/boss ideas and enjoy writing these up. Feel free to look for yourself, but please dont judge too harshly if the lore is kind of...blah.

Shards of ColdarraEdit

The Shards of Coldarra is an instance idea I thought up during about of boredom during the period after my exams had ended. I wondered vaguely what would happen to Coldarra considering all the magical energy near it, and where Deathwing was. This was my result. I plan on updating this with boss strategies soon.

Dor'Danil Barrow DensEdit

This idea came up while I was leveling an Alliance alt through Ashenvale. I realized that the barrow dens here could have been an interesting dungeon. Alone it had at least four bosses; three corrupted druids and a forsaken assassin. The pretext for going here is difficult for the horde side of things.

Indrigos the MadEdit

This idea is one of mine that I wrote up while on vacation (during that long 13 hour drive between Augusta, GA and Pittsburgh, PA) and I think an encounter like this would be awesome to fight in game, or at least during the final phase...

Future Ideas Coming Soon!Edit

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