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A Cause is a principle, ideal, goal, or movement that gives good & sufficient reason or motive for someone to take action, especially in regards to the welfare of a person or group, seen as a subject of concern. In this case, the Forsaken have many threats towards their fledgling race, giving challenge to their ability to exist. As such, many patriots within the Horde endeavor to aid the Forsaken in their troubles, & aid their Cause by helping to conquer enemies of the Forsaken, such as The Burning Legion, The Scourge, The Scarlet Crusade, & The Alliance. Most Players that play Forsaken characters are probably working towards the Forsaken Cause, & may not know it. Others are well aware of it, RP it, & take pride in it. Such would be the case for Guild Members of The Murder of Crows([1]).

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