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Loche Shadowstalker, Undead Rogue, The Whirling Blades of Death Edit

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Loche Official horde mini-icon Feathermoon IconSmall Undead Male Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 70 The Sidewinder Band Blood Guard
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Physical Description: Edit

Average height with long purplish hair. His body and face are less decayed than most Forsaken, due to bioengineering practices he's attempted on himself.

The first thing one would notice about Loche is the glimmers of metal that streak his body; his forearms and some parts of his knees are metallic in nature, resembling mithril or thorium - it's hard to tell which.

His body is thin, but athletic, and his flesh seems inexplicably both warm and living - not rotted at all. On his right forearm is a rather obvious Goblin Rocket Launcher.

His eyes glow brightly, and go well with his ever-present eccentric smile.

Personality: Edit

This is difficult, because Loche's body has been, for the past year, occupied by two souls; the true Loche Shadowstalker, often denoted as "Evil Loche", is cold, calculating, and sinister, often singleminded in his goals, loving to claw his way past the weak to get to where he wants to go. he also apparently has a penchant for coffee. The Loche known to the Horde - "Normal Loche" - is easygoing and fun loving, although with a deeply internal sense of self-doubt. Being free spirited and charismatic, he seems to attract people wherever he goes, but no one really knows of his past or present condition.

Goals: Edit

As normal Loche, to become the greatest and most wellknown engineer of his kind. As Evil Loche, the wellbeing of Ceil Nightfury/ap Danwyrith and an insatiable lust for knowledge, power, and an all around good time, whether at the expense of others or otherwise.

Quotes: Edit

"Where's the fun in that?"

History: Edit

In life, Loche was raised in Lordaeron by his parents before getting kicked out due mostly to lack of funds to have another non-working mouth to feed. He became more and more adept at petty thieving and robbery, as he came to rely on it, and was taken into SI:7 more to put his stealthy, bloodthirsty attitude and desire for success rather than pure talent, which he gained through painstaking missions and often being sent on assassination attempts for the organization. He became more and more vicious and uncaring, loving his work but never really content with the idea of authority hovering over him, watching his every move.

His only friend - or person he could call a friend - was Tarquin ap Danwyrith, who possessed more sheer skill than Loche, who never wholly forgot or forgave him for what he construed as an offense. Loche learned of the Defias Brotherhood forming and attempted to persuade Tarquin to defect with him, believing that he could better keep an eye on his fellow rogue and possibly surpass him. When Tarquin refused, he fled alone into the Defias Brotherhood, gaining a reputation as a man that would do anything for money, or possibly even sheer infamy.

He was sent to assassinate Kuoshiro Asmadi on his second assignment, and found himself matched for the second time in his life by the paladin; when he returned for the second time to take Kuoshiro's life, Kuoshiro took his instead, in a furious battle.

At that time of death, Loche's soul was displaced from his body by some unknown force; another soul was placed into the empty void, and Loche Shadowstalker as the Horde knows him today - usually designated as Normal Loche - arose in Deathknell a year later, with fragmented memories that were, in truth, not his own.

He rose and Loche, knowing little of his past, attempted to forge a new life, taking up the task of engineering to stave off the effects of undeath, affixing several pieces of metal and even partially mechanizing himself to do so. He felt more human knowing he wouldn't decay, and was content.

Three months later, the original Loche's subconscious awoke, and with it, the last vestiges of his sanity began to slip, trapped in his body but relegated to a meager, detached form of a "conscience". He remained in Loche's body, content to influence normal Loche, or at least attempt to, until various events came to pass...

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