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Do not read this test text for your eyes will burn if you do.
I hope it broke a line now.

paragraph test.

  • Cette
    • Gala
      • Moesai


  1. Numberlist test.
    1. Hope it works.
    2. Prolly does.
  2. Hopefully.
  3. Perhaps.


  1. 'nother test.
  • Mixed list test
    1. Hope this works too.
      • Prolly does.
        Does it?
        Yeah it does.
        Kay, good.
        I like alphabetlists.
        • A
        • B
        • C
        • D
        • Ette
Definition List 
List of Definitions
Lekkere ijsjes lijst 
Lijst waar lekkere ijsjes op staan.
Boxtest. I like boxes.
Hope it works.
Dit is eigenlijk best makkelijk.
Yah dat klop'

Horizontal line test: Jah die's ergens... dahrbove..

En hier benede

Linking Tests Edit

Now that I have to link, I might as well link something I like. Frost wolf

Now linking to a section within a page: Travel Guide#Personal Travel

Piped link: The Warchief

Endings: Thralls

Links with hiding stuff. Using the Malygos tactics page. : Malygos

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