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Level 80 holy Paladin ex<Not Steamboat> - Thaurissan Oceanic US PVP, currently <NK> - Aman'thul armory link [1]
Alts: [2]
Author of:
Oceanic Hall of Fame[3]
Old Oceanic Progression [4]
Higher learning guide [5]
Ashbringer event (clip) [6]
Atiesh event (clip)[7]
NSB Idol (clip)[8]
oldschool (lvl 70) Naxxpug strats [9]

Oceanic first Yogg kill
47 exalted factions
WotLK Beta tester
43 titles
3/3 ZG set 3/3 AQ20 set 8/8 Tier 1 8/8 Tier 2 5/5 Tier 2.5 9/9 Tier 3 5/5 Tier 4 5/5 Tier 5 8/8 Tier 6 5/5 Tier 7.5 5/5 Tier 8.5 5/5 Tier 9 5/5 Tier 10
10140 achievement points
39 Feats of Strength

Pet collection (124): [10]
mount collection (122): [11]

Cleared all pre-tbc, TBC and WotLK bosses in game.

Items of interest:
[Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros],
[Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker],
[Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal],
[Amani War Bear],
[Corrupted Ashbringer]
[Reins of the Black Proto-Drake]
[Reins of the Plagued Proto-Drake]
[Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake]
[Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake]
[Hyacinth Macaw]
[Magic Rooster Egg]
Achievements of note:
Money achievement Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas
Money achievement Realm First! Magic Seeker
Money achievement Insane in the Membrane
Money achievement frostbitten
Money achievement Mountain o' Mounts
Money achievement What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

Highest ranking ever: Oceanic 1st, US 13th, World 36th (10/5/09 - FL+3,C, T, H, F+1,Y-1)

Current In-game ProjectsEdit

  • Exalted with nearly all factions. Currently 47/52 Factions remaining include:
  • Complete all paladin set items. Items remaining include:

  • Achievements in progress:
    • 10/25 TOGC Insane (Immortal)
    • 10/25 ICC meta
    • A mask for all occasions
    • Pilgrim
    • Battlemaster
    • Arena master
    • 100,000 HKs

Mount farming:

    • Raptor mount
    • Fiery warhorse
    • Reins of the raven lord
    • Zulian Tiger
    • The horseman's reins
    • Ashes of Alar
    • blue proto drake
    • green proto drake
    • time lost proto drake
    • grand black war mammoth
    • mimiron's head (yogg0 mount)
    • Onyxia drake
    • big love rocket
    • swift alliance steed
    • tournament mounts

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