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HordeNPC 32  Lilta
Talent SpecResto
RealmMoon Guard US
GuildThe Knights of Good


Lilta is a young Tauren Druid from Mulgore, grappling with the loss of her mother, the mystery of who her father is and trying to find her place in the world.

Discovery of Healing Powers (Lvl 1-18):Edit

Lilta resided with her mother and small traveling group of Tauren. She spent her days learning the art of gathering herbs and watching animals, focusing on understanding the way all things were connected. Lilta realized she was rather adept at healing, using these specialties to help those in need around her. One evening her small tribe of Tauren ventured into the Barrens, one of many reasons was for Lilta to continue her training in gathering of herbs. The group was attacked by Kolkar late in the evening, Lilta, quite terrified, ran and hid, and everyone else perished. When the Kolkar left, she returned to the savagely destroyed camp, trying to use her healing powers to save these people that were family to her. However, it was too late. She blamed herself, renouncing the use of restoration.

The Feral Years (Lvl 19-28) :Edit

Feeling every part as savage as the Kolkar who killed her mother, Lilta fell into a deep depression. She spent her time slinking around the barrens, seeking revenge, laying waste to any Kolkar she found. She seldom visited towns or cities, not feeling worthy of others company. Under the hard exterior Lilta tried to present, she was still naive. She finally opened up to a fellow Tauren, a male Shaman she met in Ratchet one day while fishing along the shore. Lilta did not trust him at first, but soon he won her over with his affectionate ways of speaking. Finally letting her guard down, they shared a kiss one evening as the sun set on Ratchet. However, it was not meant to be. The Shaman returned the next day, apologizing to Lilta but stating the kiss meant nothing. She was heart broken, fleeing from Ratchet, never to see him again.

Unexpected Friendships (Lvl 29-36) :Edit

Heart broken, Lilta returned to Thunder Bluff. Upon her arrival, Lilta was summoned to see Turok Runetotem. She was informed her father, whom she never had met, was very much alive. He had recently been dispatched through the Dark Portal and stationed in Terrokar Forest at Cenarion Thicket. Quite shocked, Lilta had come to a cross roads. Unsure of what to do, she spent her days sitting by the pond watching others as they filled their day. She became friends with another female Tauren, a strong warrior. Adventuring with her, Lilta realized again her love for restoration. Lilta soothed her feral ways, returning again to practicing the art of healing. Lilta also met an Orc Warrior by the pond, who shared much of his own heartache. Lilta and him spent much time talking, during this time Lilta realized that the potential for heartache was worth it for the chance at love. Feeling quite revived, Lilta looked to the world to show her new wonders.

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