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HordeNPC 32Evrah
Title Phali, Phaliminka
Level 85
Affiliation Thrall and his legion of little green men
Location Norway
Status Alive and hellraising

WoW Biography Edit

One of the old school players of Al'Akir, playing since mid-2005, starting on the very day that Patch 1.6 was released. Raided actively with Furious Angels as a hunter (2005-08) and mage (08-09) from 2005 to 2009, before the guild disbanded. Been active on Emerald Dream since late 2009. Currently plays druid as main, but also raids with mage and hunter. Also part of the Furious Angels PvP Squard during its reign in 2006/07.

Characters Edit

  • Evrah, lvl 80 Tauren Druid, Emerald Dream (main)
  • Mache, lvl 80 Undead Mage, Emerald Dream
  • Phali, lvl 80 Troll Hunter, Emerald Dream
  • Tennant, lvl 75 NE Death Knight, Darkspear (Alliance spy)

Outside WoW Edit

In addition to playing WoW I am an active writer, musician and student, currently studying to become a high school teacher, with ICT and English as main subjects.

I also write alot of fan fiction, especially WoW-related, the biggest project being The Legend of the Hunter.

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