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Neutral 32Faith Healer Mikall
Title <Argent Crusade>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 80
Character class Paladin, Healer
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Argent Dawn (formerly), Argent Crusade, Hawkwind tribe, Knights of the Silver Hand
Position Faith healer for the Argent Crusade
Location Hearthglen, Western Plaguelands
Status Alive
Relative(s) Galvin Trueblade (father), Alixa Brightheart (mother), Rault Runestaff (brother)
Comp(s) Berinda Brighthoof (best friend)
Alignment Neutral good (favors lawful over chaotic)


Note: This section is subject to frequent changes as Mikall's story is being created. You've been warned!

Untimely BeginningsEdit

Mikall Lightmender was born to Galvin Trueblade, a zealous warrior, and Alixa Brightheart, a cheerful priestess. The couple had an unquestionable zest for life and for the world around them, and as such, they spent their lives exploring the wondrous lands of Azeroth. At the time of their son's birth, the couple's current escapade was that of exploring the rolling plains of Mulgore, the home of the tauren race. Despite her pregnancy, Alixa insisted that she would be fine and that her husband should accompany her in exploring Mulgore's vast landscape. Reluctantly, he complied, and he was right to have his doubts - shortly after their arrival in the Tauren lands, the priestess went into labor. In desperation, she and her husband rushed to Camp Narache, the nearest settlement. Although it was Horde territory, the Alixa and Galvin prayed that the camp's inhabitants would show them sympathy. Upon their entrance into Narache, the warrior and his wife were met with many awe-filled eyes from the children and looks askance from the community's elders. In hopes that their knowledge of Taur-ahe (gained from their experience as world travelers) would be enough to avoid immediately provoking the hostile Tauren, the two wanderers hastily explained their situation and begged for assistance. Taken aback by the outsiders' ability to speak their language flawlessly, the nearby villagers held a momentary discussion amongst themselves before sending for the camp's midwife. In an instant, she appeared, quickly introducing herself as Ardra Earthgiver before escorting the mother-to-be and her husband into a nearby hut.

The birthing procedure went quite smoothly, and before they knew it, Galvin and Alixa were the proud parents of a baby boy, whom they named Mikall. The couple expressed their overwhelming gratitude toward the midwife and offered to do anything they possibly could in exchange for her service and kindness. Ardra laughed softly and reminded the priestess that she would need a great deal of rest for the next few days, assuring her that she and her husband would receive the opportunity to return the favor once they had some time to bond with their newborn son. In the meantime, she explained, she would make arrangements with Chief Hawkwind, the camp's leader, for the family to stay at Camp Narache until they were ready to return to their homeland.

Life on the PlainsEdit

In the years that followed, Mikall grew into a healthy young boy. He was quiet, obedient, curious, kind, and intelligent. He was always fascinated with his environment and loved Red Cloud Mesa with all the affection his little heart could muster. As he grew up in the village, he became fast friends with the midwife's granddaughter, Berinda Brighthoof, who happened to be about the same age. The two were practically inseparable; although they were of two completely different races, it didn't seem to matter at all, and their friendship grew stronger and stronger over time. Like Mikall, Berinda was soft-spoken and generous, but she was much shier and appreciated serenity and tranquility, whereas Mikall was eager to adventure as far across the mesa as his parents and Mama Ardra (as he lovingly called her) would allow. Like a good friend, though, she accompanied him on nearly all of his ventures and enjoyed every minute they spent together, as did he.

Meanwhile, Mikall's parents had also become well-adjusted to life at Camp Narache. Galvin frequently joined the village's huntsmen on their expeditions and made quite a name for himself as a game hunter, collecting various pelts and other trophies of his kills with which to adorn the hut that the family shared with Ardra and her granddaughter. His prowess in the wild earned the human family much respect among the Tauren of the camp, further nurturing the bond that had started between them on the fateful day of Mikall's birth. Likewise, Alixa assisted the women of the camp with the tribe's daily chores, learning a great deal of recipes and other valuable trade skills. Her position as a priestess of the Light was highly revered among the camp's Tauren, who were always eager to learn more about this interesting new faith. As such, she became an influential leader in Camp Narache's spiritual community, giving hope to the downtrodden and rallying the spirits of the tribe when necessary.

All in the FamilyEdit

(This section will recount the birth of Rault, Mikall's brother.)

A Forced GoodbyeEdit

At the tender age of nine years old, Mikall was forced to leave behind the world he knew and loved. Tensions between the Alliance and the Horde were rising by the minute, and as such, King Varian Wrynn trumpeted a degree across the lands that all able-bodied citizens of Stormwind were to return to the Eastern Kingdoms at once to prepare for war. The family reluctantly accepted this news and made arrangements to leave Camp Narache, much to their dismay. Galvin and Alixa thanked the camp's inhabitants incessantly for allowing them the most wonderful nine years of their lives and for welcoming their family to the mesa. Chief Hawkwind replied that he was honored to have such fine and noble people at Camp Narache; he lamented that he would miss the family dearly and that they would be welcome at Camp Narache for the rest of their lives, naming them official honorary members of the Hawkwind tribe. With tear-filled eyes, Mikall gave Berinda and Mama Ardra one last hug, promising he would write them at every chance he got and that he would return for visits once he was old enough to travel alone. Galvin and Alixa also pledged to revisit the camp, and Mama Ardra smiled softly, assuring them that she and Berinda would be right there, eagerly awaiting their return. Once the farewells were through, the last of the tears was shed, and every friend had been embraced, Mikall and his family gathered their belongings and set off on their journey back to the Eastern Kingdoms.

The School of Hard KnocksEdit

Once they had completed the difficult trip back to the Eastern Kingdoms, Mikall and his family settled down in Westfall and made their home in the town of Moonbrook. Mr. Trueblade was immediately enlisted in the Stormwind army, and he spent most of his time in training for the battles ahead. Meanwhile, Mrs. Brightheart balanced her time between working as a medic for the People's Militia and caring for her two children. Now ten years of age, Mikall was old enough to begin his education, so his mother agreed to enroll him in classes at the Moonbrook Schoolhouse. Because he didn't grow up around people of his own kind, school was both awkward and fascinating for the young boy - while he was very intelligent and always picked up concepts rather quickly, Mikall's tauren-esque upbringing proved to make him very different from the children of Moonbrook. This anomaly drew severe scorn and taunting from his classmates, making it very difficult for him to stay focused and motivated. The worst heckler of all, Hope Saldean, was so unrelentingly cruel that Mikall eventually gave up trying in school because he found himself sobbing more often than studying.

Eventually, Mikall decided to forgo his formal education, and, although his mother disagreed with his decision, she understood why he chose to do so and stood by her son. In lieu of pencils and paper, the twelve year-old took to borrowing books from the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, most of which were medical and religious tomes. Through these fountains of knowledge, Mikall learned all about healing, the Light, and how the two connected. His favorite book of all was [For the Light!], which inspired him to eventually become a paladin. Mikall spent hours poring over his books with his mother, practicing basic holy spells under her supervision and instruction. All of this quality time together made Mikall grow very close to his mother, and the two enjoyed a loving relationship. As a present for his thirteenth birthday, Mrs. Brightheart even gave him his very own prayer book and prayer beads. Mikall and his family were very happy indeed, and Mikall knew that the only thing that could make him happier would be a reunion with his friends at Camp Narache.

The Cruel Hand of FateEdit

(This section will recount Mikall's return to Mulgore and Camp Narache.)

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