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Been playing on the Moonglade RP server since it was launched, starting on Horde but later moving to Alliance. I play Malon and Lienra (nelfs), and a forsaken priest named Lenra. Malon is my current main, so that's probably where I'm most likely to be found. My main interests would be WoW lore, specifically the Night Elves. Lenra is a member of The Sanctuary. Both guilds have been around for some time, and very nice people who know how to RP. I was previous a member of Crimson Hand (on Horde), and Vindication and Ebon Flame. Ebon Flame is special in that it's an RP guild with a high level of raid achievement. I recommend them if you'd like to raid a few nights a week, but also find some excellent RPers to talk silly with.

Malon is a member of Shadow Sentinels - an RP guild focussing on remaining true to kaldorei traditions. On the last Sunday of each month the guild hosts the popular Moonrise event on the Zoram Strand. There are some very specific requests for people who wish to attend, so please read this linked article before you pop along:

Moonrise post on the Shadow Sentinels website

It's one of the longest-running events on Moonglade, and a great chance to meet RPers. Moonrise is open to Horde and Alliance alike, but expect that fighting is swiftly dealt with.

What have I written?Edit

A description of the RP guild Vindication based on Moonglade EU. Note that I'm no-longer a member of this guild.
Vindication (Moonglade EU)

Moonglade 48x89px This user plays on the European Moonglade server.

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