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Neutral 32Leadre Amandil
Gender Female
Race Blood elf
Character class Priest
Affiliation Horde
Position Shop Keeper, Priest, Healer
Location The Broken House
Relative(s) None, all deceased.

Leadre Amandil Edit

Leadre was born to tailors. She had a pretty benign life. She had one older brother named Shahid who died not too long ago. She entered the priesthood not to far into her life and spent many years in a convent.

Description Edit

Leadre stands around five feet and four inches tall. She has a slightly plump curvey shaped to her, mainly from all the sweets she eats. She has long black hair, and her eyes are a faded fel green.

Personality Edit

Leadre is a quiet and kind. Her demeanor is very gentle and soft. She does not speak loudly or over react. She has a bit of calmness about her.

History Edit

Presently Edit

Presently Leadre is living in The Broken House with her son Dragomir. She also owns a shop with a front door on the Royal Exchange in Silvermoon and a back door open to Murder Row. Here she heals all that may need it no matter their station or background. She asks no questions of the men and women she sews up or heals. She only asks that they leave a few coins in a jar on their way out the door.

If she is not healing, she is either baking or sewing. Her shop seems to be doing okay at selling clothes to all who may want them. A young woman named Ella works for her. The shop is full of rich Mageweave Cloth and Silk Cloth items. All other items have to be specially ordered. She also has a small glass case filled with baked pastries which if she herself doesn't eat she sells.

Out Of Character Information Edit

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