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                                     Spell Breaker Idea

Here is an idea for a new hero class in the next expansion. This hero class would play a unique role in instances or deungeon raids. I thought that a spell breaker would be an important hero class and fit some of the lore. Here goes:

1. (Profeciencies) Can use any dagger, 1 hand sword, 1 hand axe, 1 hand mace, a shield, and throwing weapons. Wears mail armor.

2. (Energy Source) Uses the focus bar, like the hunter pet, and is out of 200 focus points. Most of the abilities ranked over 4 have very high focus costs. It can be replenished through the Combustion ability, and the cost can be temporarily lowered by the Aldrenaline ability.

3. (Playable Races) Can be used by Blood Elves, Night Elves, Gnomes, and Trolls

               -The lore behind the last three races are that:
                 -The night elves hate arcane magic users because of what it did to their people in the past,
                    like in the War of the Ancients.
                 -The gnomes' curiousity for the arcane led them to become mages, so now they are employing
                    spell breakers to get rid of all the evil gnome mages running around.
                 -The influence from their Blood Elven allies have convinced the trolls to add their warriors to 
                      the ranks of the spell breakers.

4. (Abilities) The spell breaker has some new combat as well as anti-magic abilities to use. Here are a few:

                -Spellsteal takes a positive buff from an enemy, or takes a debuff from a friend, and randomly 
                  places it upon the target who needs it most.(Casted)
                -Armor Breach attacks the target as if they were wearing no armor, and deals that amount.(Instant)
                 -Disruption is an AoE ability that stops all mana based use in range.(Channeled)
                -Radiant Strike blinds the target, stunning them and dealng X damage over Y time.(Casted)
                  -Mirror Image creates two mimic breakers and rearranges you randomly. You are deselected and the
                   other two mimics deal no damage.(Instant)
                 -Combustion drains X health from the breaker, giving them X focus instead.(Channeled)
                -Extended Toss is a long range weapon throw that deals X additional damage upon attack.(Instant)
                  -Insanity is a fear ability, making the target run in fear for X time.(Casted)
                 -Aldrenaline reduces the focus cost of the abilities by X percent over Y time.(Instant)
               -Perception allows the breaker to see all stealth, invisible, or cloaked units.(Instant)

5. (Talent Trees) I haven't thought up of any talent trees for this hero class yet, but give me some more time, and I'll come up with something good, I can promise you that.

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