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Larxene is a player-controlled character on the Sisters of Elune server and a fairly prolific roleplayer.

Larxene Xel'Latoth Edit

In Larxene, much of what the Blood Elves once were and may yet still be is represented. She stands for honesty, valor in battle, justice, and defense of the weak against oppression. She is quick to stand and fight for these and other values, almost to a fault, often unmindful of the potential harmful consequences to herself. Many citizens are still mistrustful of Larxene due to her status as a Blood Knight, viewing her as a self-righteous zealot. Others see her as a just and valiant heroine and loyal friend. She is serious, taciturn, with a very matter-of-fact way of speaking much of the time, and even displays quite a filthy mouth when angered. Yet she can also be endlessly gentle and compassionate when it comes to her friends and those who need her help. Above all, she values loyalty; she extends it to the Horde and all who earn her trust, with the sole expectation that she can count on it in return.

Name Origins Edit

The name Larxene is taken from the Kingdom Hearts series of video games. Within the fiction of this WoW RP, the name Larxene was given by her mother, who took it from a character's name in her favorite book, "Tales of the World That Never Was" (another KH reference). The surname Xel'Latoth is a slight respelling of the deity name Xel'Lotath from the video game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

Physical Appearance Edit

No slave to fashion, Larxene often appears in full armor when patrolling the streets and buroughs of Silvermoon City, with the unusual touch of a brown, almost Fedora-style hat that contrasts sharply with her garb of steel and rivets. When not armored, Larxene's choice of clothing is still very plain and utilitarian in appearance normally. She has a few dresses for special occasions, but while she tends to look very good in them, she will tend not to wear them any longer than she has to in favor of the above states of dress, as she has no great love for frivolity or being "gussied up".


Artists's sketch of Larxene

Larxene is an out of the ordinary physical specimen. A fellow soldier once said of Larxene that she is "built like a cheetah". Her entire body, from arms, core, to legs, is rippling muscle, toned and well-defined yet still feminine in appearance. Though she has the build of someone who has been fighting and training almost every day of her life, there is one strikingly feminine feature about her that can be hard to ignore. She is a bit more busty than the average Blood Elf female, easily a size D by OOC reckoning. She occasionally views her endowment as an annoyance, especially when dealing with the more lecherous of male attentions. She is also slightly taller than the norm, adding to her Amazon-esque image. Though her expression is usually serious, she still has a quite spectacularly lovely face, her skin white as porcelain, with a delicate nose and understated lips, green eyes set under the typical long, wispy brows. Her hair is blue black, cut short to about her jawline. She sometimes ties even this short amount back into a tight bun when wearing her hat or training. If she gave it half a chance, she could be a highly sought after knockout beauty known throughout the city, but she gives little to no effort or thought to such pursuits. One major blemish exists on her otherwise well-built body, which is a wicked scar that runs from her left shoulder all the way across her back to almost her right hip. She also recently received a black, sunburst-style tattoo around her navel, with four characters around it meaning "Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul" at the 12, 9, 3, and 6:00 positions respectively.

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