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His Grace, Lord Larsiam Octavian II of Menethil, Son of Lord and Lady Larsiam I, Nephew of Bishop Lasamtos of Stormwind, Knight of the Silver Hand, Ambassador of the Alliance, Merrymaker, Elder, Noble, The Second Duke of Menethil Pass and Grand Duke of the Knights Of The Redeemer is a Paladin in his mid thirties.

Born to a family of small nobility in the walls of Menethil Harbor to Lord Larsiam I and Lady Telnas. Lord Larsiam I was a warrior in service to King Terenas Menethil II who had granted Lord Larsiam I a small Duchy in the Wetlands of Menethil Harbor which was subsequently destroyed as the Scourge ran through. Lord Larsiam I's brother was Bishop Lasamtos who entered the service of the Light first at Northshire Abbey, then moving to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind.

Larsiam II has begun his training at an early age to become the Warrior his father wanted him to be. Larsiam II training in Arms was cut short when his Father was called battle the Undead Scourge as it tore through Lordaeron. Larsiam II's mother, Lady Telnas had left him to his uncle’s care upon receiving word that her Husband had fallen, only to be slain herself in an attempt to resurrect her husband.

Bishop Lasamtos took the young warrior in and began teaching him in the ways of the Light. Larsiam II soon began to look at his Uncle in the same regard he had his Father. To honour them both, he took arms as a Holy Paladin and swore to uphold the Tenants of the Holy Light and be a beacon of truth and honesty.

This was soon tested as he joined his first Guild, the Crimson Knights. He became disillusioned with slow progression and top heavy management in the guild. It was however, to become an defining moment in his life as he met Bromain, a Dwarf Warrior with whom Larsiam II were to have many, many adventures and even going on to form the Original Knights Of The Redeemer.

Larsiam II took a short hiatus upon reaching his 70th season and once returning, reformed the Knights of the Redeemer and took up against all Undead, Demons, the Scourge and the Burning Crusade. The Knights of the Redeemer proclaimed him Grand Duke, in reference and honour to the title and position he should have been granted upon his father’s death, which he did not take due to the destruction of his father’s lands.

It was also during his return that he met Lady Elindira, to whom he became betrothed, and whom he made his Grand Duchess.

Lord Larsiam is a stern leader, with a jovial side and a love of all thing dwarvian (Most especially their ability to make alcohol) which many suspect is a result of the adventures he was on with Bromain. He takes his responsibilities to his Knights very seriously and his vow to Uther as his own personal law. He is a Miner of almost unrivaled skill as far as Humans are concerned, again, suspected he gained these skills as a result of the amount of time he has spent with the Dwarfs. Larsiam has also become a Grand Master in Jewel Crafting since being introduced to the skill by his Lord Chancellor, Lady Ciriphia.

His Grace Lord Larsiam II to this day fights for the Light and leads all those he can to the path of Holy Righteousness.

Lord Larsiam recently received word that his parent's remains had been found thanks to the family Crest on thier armor. Lord Larsiam recovered the remains and arranged to have them buried near Northshire Abbey.

He had found a small necklace on his Father's remains and has been followed by a Lich (At, seemingly, the Lich's pleasure) ever since. He under took a trip in to the Scarlet Monastery to discover the meaning. As it turns out, Lord Larsiam II had a cousin he was unaware of whom had fallen to the Lich King.

His Undead Cousin's mind has been reaching out to him asking him to help free his Cousin's soul. Lord Larsiam II has been battling this thought in his mind as releasing an Undead, even one freed from the Lich King, grates at all he believes in as a Knight of the Silver Hand.

It has since become known to Lady Cirphira that his cousin was risen as a Death Knight, Larstanium, who seems to be both jealous and impressed at Larsiam's holdings and position. Larstanium was last seen near the graves of Larsiam's (Larsantium's Uncle and Aunt) parents.

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