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Neutral 32Lakarialstraz, (Lakarinan, Night elven and High elven form)
Dragon nopic
Title The Seer
Gender Male
Race Red dragon
Character class Mage, Druid, Priest
Affiliation Red Dragonflight, Cenarion Circle (As Druidic Lakarinan), Quel'Thalas and Kirin Tor(As High Elf Lakarinan) and Order of Tirisfal
Position Formerly the Second Prime Consort, and later Consort, to Alexstrasza, currently The Final Defense of Azeroth.
Location Brightmoon Island
Status Died in a flying "accident" to allow Tyranastrasz become prime consort, reborn in the Chamber of the Aspects. Killed by Dragonmaw Orcs when they captured Alexstrasza, reborn in Grim Batol after the Demon Soul was destroyed
Relative(s) Shadefang (brother), Erkolon Flamehawk, Laian Nightarrow, Roman Moonpaw (agents), all other relatives and original mate killed by the Old Gods, Alexstrasza (former mate), numerous draconic offspring (All deceased, undead, corrupted or a combination of the above)


Lakarialstraz was the second of the red Dragonqueen Alexstrasza's prime consorts. He was older than even Tyranastrasz and is, and was, the only dragon that you could compare with the Dragonqueen in size. In his mortal form(s) he carries the name Lakarinan and is either a high elven Priest or a night elven Druid. He has also been known to the Orcs as "Lakar". He says that for the most part of his long life he has been "cursed" with the knowledge of what terrible thing lie in the future, and on top of that he could not speak a word of it even if he wanted to. He had been put under a spell by Nozdormu and some other "Higher Power" similar to the kind of spell Deathwing put Krasus under during the War of the Ancients.

He has a brother Shadefang, Shadefang was captured by the Old Gods and went though a corruption similar to that of Deathwing, but the one differance is, that Shadefang kept his sanity. (Though Shadefang was never completely sane to begin with)

Early lifeEdit

Lakarialstraz was born long before the Titans came to Azeroth so he had a tough time during the early parts of his life, he and his brother Shadefang always helped each other to survive after their parents where killed by the Old Gods minions. But one day, the Old Gods finally got to them, but while Lakarialstraz managed to escape, Shadefang was captured. The Old Gods minions where about to tear Shadefang into shreds but he begged to get to speak with the old gods. Shadefang tricked the old gods to grant him power in exchange for his services, he went though a corruption similar to that of Deathwing, but the one differance is, that Shadefang kept his sanity. Lakarialstraz meanwhile was grieving the loss of his brother, when suddenly, a giant Elemental appeared and told him that it was Shadefang that had sent it to kill Lakarialstraz. Lakarialstraz was shocked and attempted to slay the creature, but the Elemental smashed Lakarialstraz with one of its mighty arms. Lakarialstraz was forced to flee. As Lakarialstraz flew away from his cave the Elemental roared "If we cant kill you we will kill the ones that are close to you!". Lakarialstraz shook his head at that, he had nobody that was close to him. But then he realized that not all of his loved ones where slain or corrupted, he still had his mate. He hurried to where his mate usually was, but he arrived to late. When he landed he saw the corpse of his mate and black dragon with burning red eyes raising his head when Lakarialstraz came, closer, the dragon was Shadefang. Lakarialstraz raged at his brother, he clawed and tore at his brother with extreme rage, and at last his brother fell to the ground, but came up again and smashed Lakarialstraz with his tail and escaped wile Lakarialstraz was recovering. Lakarialstraz grieved his dead mate for a long time, he may have never gotten over it, and when the Titans finally came to the world and defeated the Old Gods and sealed them beneath the earth they also removed the corruption placed on his brother. But the distrust between the brothers remained.

After the Titans left AzerothEdit

During this time he started to get memories, memories of thing that had not happened yet, but when he attempted to speak of it he was not able to say the words. He remembered something about him speaking to Nozdormu about it, he remembered Nozdormu saying that if he was going to return to the time of his early life he would have to restart his life as a whelp, and not be able to speak about the events of the future. He had agreed and the next thing he could remember from then was when he hatched from his egg. He knew what whould happen and when it would happen, he know that he would become the second prime consort of his queen Alexstrasza, these memories and experiences made him wiser, but he could not speak of any of them. His brother became an adviser to the black dragon aspect Neltharion and remained so until the War of the Ancients.

Before Tyranastrasz became prime consortEdit

During the years while he was prime consort he became wiser and wiser, and one day understood that he must die soon to allow Tyranastrasz to become prime consort. For years he plotted his own death, and when the time finally came he told his queen that he was going to go flying, he later claimed that he got cramp in his wing when he was flying high above a pine tree forest and fell to his death and got impaled on the mighty trees. When the red dragons found him he had been dead for hours.


What the dragons did not know, was that Lakarialstraz soul had not left this world, it still clung to his corpse and used it as a container, because we knew that the red dragons would come and look for him, and he also know that Alexstrasza would be with them. When his own corpse could no longer contaim him Alexstrasza and some dread dragons finally came. He saw the shock in his queens face when she saw his corpse, and used that moment to leave his body and use Alexstrasza as a temporarily container of his soul. He waited for her to return to the lair with his corpse and put him to his final rest. Well, that was what they thought, when Lakarialstraz was plotting his death we was also planning his rebirth. He figured that a type of magical rock would be ideal of creating a new body out of, and the Chamber of the Aspects would be an ideal place for regenerating his body. So all he had to do was await Alexstrasza to enter the Chamber of the Aspects so he could resurrect himself, so he did. When Alexstrasza finally entered the Chamber he started to regenerate his body at once. It took him 5 years to regenerate his body. And when the spell was complete, something had gone very wrong. His scales has melted together and matched the smoothness of the rock in the Chamber, but there was one more thing that was wrong, he had become blind.

The rise of the Blind SeerEdit

When the now blind Lakarialstraz finally found his way out of the Chamber of the Aspects he had a sudden flash of visions, he saw Ysera the green dragon aspect in all of her dreaming glory. He say how her eyes where closed but she still could see everything. He realized that he might still be able to see if he could ask for aid from the green dragons. He knew that Ysera and Alexstrasza where sisters and decided to ask his queen for help. If he could find his way back to the lair of course... After a long time of using his other senses to find his way back to the lair, when he entered the lair he collapsed when his mind was invaded with images. He saw a race of humanoid creatures with long ears and purple skin, a race which he only could identify has the Kaldori, or Night Elves he had know idea where he had heard the name but he just knew. They where preforming some kind of ritual and were led by a night elf with black eyes with ruby streaks running though them. He saw a golden disk in the claws of a faceless dragon slaying countless of other dragons. He saw a giant creature stepping out of a portal in a black lake, the creature reassembled one of the Titans. He saw a large group of green skinned humanoids capturing Alexstrasza using the same golden disk the faceless dragon wielded. All of these images overwhelmed him and he fell to the ground unconscious. When he woke up a large and old red dragon was the first thing he saw, he knew this red giant, it was Tyranastrasz. The red dragons where shocked of Lakarialstraz return. He barely reassembled his old self anymore. He got the aid he needed to see again, and he slowly started to remember what the vision where. Rumors say that Alexstrasza offered him the position as prime consort to him, but he denied saying that "I will become your consort once again after the upcoming disaster of the world..."

War of the AncientsEdit

Lakarialstraz did not have a large role in the War of the Ancients. What he did most of the time was keeping an eye on Malfurion, Illidan, Tyrande, Rhonin and Krasus. The only thing that he did that anyone found different or strange during the time was to doubt giving some of his essence to the Dragon Soul he finally agreed to give some of his essence to the should, but he tricked the other dragons and gave a part of his old self, which caused the should not to affect him as much as the other dragons.

Death and rebirth, againEdit

After the War of the Ancients Lakarialstraz kept his promise to his queen. He bacame her consort. 10 000 years later, before the second war Lakarialstraz was slain by the Dragonmaw orcs who captured Alexstrasza, and left him as a spirit, again he did did the same thing as he did the last time, he used Alexstrasza's body as a container again and waited for her to enter someplace with magical rock. The cursed mountain fortress of Grim Batol was yet another perfect place for Lakarialstraz to regenerate his body in. This time, it took a lot shorter time to regenerate his body, but he could not finish the spell until the Demon Soul was destroyed. When it finally was, he was alive once again. But once again the spell had gone a slight bit wrong, his senses where normal but he had spicked growing out of his head, neck and chin. The next time he was ever seen was after Krasus told the Kirin Tor that he would be absent for a while, and then he told him "Korialstraz, i want you to do me a favor. I want you to tell you "wife" that Lakarialstraz is back, and he will not die this time!" Before vanishing in a flash of light.

Aiding the FlamehawkEdit

During the the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas Lakarialstraz took the form of a High elven priest named Lakarinan. He defended the homes of the High Elves And when he saw a building beginning to collapse over a high elven child he ran to his aid. He saved the child from getting crushed by his home, the child's name was Erkolon Flamehawk and his parents was killed by The Scourge. Lakarinan asked Erkolon to trust that he would take him to safety, and he transformed to Lakarialstraz and told the kid to jump up onto his back and he would take him to a safe place where he had taken many other survivors, Brightmoon Island.

After the Thrid WarEdit

During the events following the Third War Lakarialstraz helped the refugees that he had brought to Brightmoon Island to build up a home. He also took care of the elven child Erkolon and taught him the basic skills a Mage would need. When the elves of Quel'Thalas had managed to build at least part of their home back up Lakarialstraz sent the now teenage Erkolon back home to join the rest of his people in Quel'Thalas. After Erkolon had come to safety in his former home Lakarialstraz turned into a Night Elf named Lakarinan and started to learn about the path of the Druids...

The Burning Crusade beginsEdit

When the Dark Portal reopened Lakarialstraz entered and used his feral druidism to lay waste to any demon that came in his way. He met many people and befriended many of them. When he came to the dreanei city of Shattrath he had to choose what organization in Shattrath to join, the Scryers or the Aldor. He chose to befriend the Scryers because of his relationship of the former High Elves. Nothing more interesting or important happened up to today. Almost 1 year after the reopening of the Dark Portal Erkolon Flamehawk had grown up and become powerful enough to face the demons in Outland and when he came into Outland he once again met Lakarialstraz. Lakarialstraz taught Erkolon about outland's secrets and made him his agent to send messages to the Horde, Dalaran and spy on the Twilight's Hammer Clan.


Lakarialstraz has the ability to travel though time and create portals. He is also knows to have druidic, holy, shamaistic and arcane ability's. He also has a strange ability to resurrect himself if he dies by drawing power from magical rock.

Strangely Lakarialstraz even though he is a Red Dragon he seems to have many powers from the other Dragonflights. He has the ability to travel through time (Bronze), he is a powerful mage (Blue), he is a skilled druid (Green) and he can draw energy from the earth (Black). Alexstrasza sometime after Lakarial's second resurrection that he is becoming more and more distant from the Red Dragonflight for some reason.

Time TravelingEdit

Lakarialstraz has gone any many adventures where he uses time travel, most of them Erkolon Flamehawk accompanies him for at least a bit of the adventure, most of the time disguised a a child. In a slightly altered time line Lakarialstraz, disguised as the High Elf Lakarinan, befriends the Foxton family that lives in Durnholde Keep. In the beginning of this adventure Erkolon is not present but comes around the time Thrall escapes. Lakarial stays in Durnholde for several years, claiming that the reason he is here is first that "he has tracked down a demon to the area and Dalaran wants him to bring them the demon's skull as proof that it is dead" (the demon referring to Aedelas Blackmoore), and later that "little Flamehawk wants to see Durnholde and the Interment Camps". Later, after Thrall kills Blackmoore, Lakarial comes and claims Blackmoore's skull to bring it back to his lair, and "add it to his collection".

Current locationEdit

Lakarialstraz has his lair on Brightmoon Island. His lair is described as a miniature of the Caverns of Time because Lakarialstraz has collected so many items from Azeroth's, and Draenor's four corners.


"No me and Janna Brightmoon are NOT related. I am a Red Dragon! I only use Brightmoon as my last name in my elven forms...

"Past, future, and present, grant me the knowledge of things to come!"

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