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AllianceNPC 32Lumbrigé Hyland
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Lumbrigé Hyland

|Image of Lumbrigé Hyland]]
Title Paladin of the Light
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 87
Character class Paladin
Affiliation Stormwind, Alliance, Church of the Holy Light, Order of the Golden Law, Northshire Abbey, Argent Crusade
Position Scout (Formerly), Flight Commander (Formerly), Paladin (currently)
Location Stormwind
Status (Alive)
Relative(s) Will Hyland (Deceased), Mary Hyland (Deceased), Emily Hyland (wife) (Deceased), Caladim (Uncle) (Deceased), Marlenton Hyland (Older brother) (Alive) (Presumed),
Mentor(s) Caladim Hyland
Alignment Lawful good


Lumbrigé is a level 87 Retribution Paladin roleplaying on the Server:Wyrmrest Accord US Server, and a member of the Order of the Golden Law.


Ever since the Second War, when Lumbrigé was only 10, he'd always wanted to become a knight - ever since his father had left to fight back the Orcs that had razed Stormwind. A few years later when the war ended and the soldiers were returning home, Lumbrigé remained as one of the many who would never see their father return home.

Many years later when the Third War started up. Lumbrigé got his chance. He went on a journey to the Kingdom of Stormwind, which had only just been rebuilt, and received a message that Lordaeron had fallen at the hands of the fallen prince, Arthas Menethil. Lumbrigé immediately signed up for the military, and though he wanted to be a knight, his only use was as a scout which he fulfilled the role of during the duration of the Third war.

The years of the Third war were the darkest of Lumbrigé's life. He hunted down orcs and scourge for fun and sometimes through orders. After awhile he became ruthless and began hunting down people he figured nobody would miss. After some time he made just one too many enemies and an assassination attempt was made on his life. A lone snipe on a rooftop shot at him just missing Lumbrigé's right lung. People knew of him and even when he was shot and lay there bleeding.. Everyone just walked by leaving him for dead. He was shown, not the first, but the most meaningful blessing of the Light when a priestess saved him, taking him into be healed.

After the assassination attempt, he went into hiding. He hid for a long time, training hard and praying everyday to the Light. He vowed that since he was offered this second chance, he would not waster it. Having shown some promise in his capabilities and even some talent with the Light - he was taken in by his uncle Caladim Hyland, a member of his family who survived the Third War in Stormwind, to be trained as a Paladin. He would join the Argent Crusade at the age of 27, and continue to fight under their banner before joining the Order of the Golden Law - which he still serves today.

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