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Been playing World of Warcraft since it's vanilla launch and though I've been in and out of raiding phases throughout the years, roleplay has been a constant for me in the WoW universe. Most of the pages you'll find through my pages are my own characters which are always shifting. As of lately, I've been working to encourage other Roleplayers to jump on board and get some Fanfiction pages up for their characters!


This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

AllianceNPC 32Kyndraenn Flightsong
Title Former Warden of Steelbrow's Expedition, Former Archdruid of the Bloodmoon Pack
Gender Female
Race Kaldorei (Humanoid)
Level 85
Character class Druid, Scout, Hunter
Affiliation Darnassus, Alliance,
Position Hunting, Leatherworking, Tracking
Location Azeroth
Status (Alive)
Relative(s) Gabriel Viske (Mate) (Alive),
Mentor(s) Kannas (Alive), Brenado (Alive), Steelbrow (Deceased)
Alignment Neutral

"The darkness can only scare those that cower in the light. Those who walk in the shadows truly live."

Kyndraenn Flightsong is a Kaldorei shapeshifting adventurer and scout who has more recently settled into the south of the Eastern Kingdoms. During her time abroad, she has traveled with many adventurers, forming bonds and connections all across the world.

Her abilities as a shapeshifter were not a part of any training on behalf of any order of Druids, but rather a lost, wandering guardian in the jungles of Feralas.

She previously served as the Feral Archdruid of the Bloodmoon Pack and is mated to Gabriel Viske, also of Bloodmoon.


Kydraenn is a level 85 Druid roleplaying on the Server:Wyrmrest Accord US Server. She is currently specced as Feral and Balance, and serves mainly as a tank for PVE.

Personality & AttributesEdit

With a childish personality, she surprises many when it comes to combat and guile. Strong and agile, she makes use of her limited ability to shapeshift in combat, preferring her feline form to any other.

She is energetic and always eager and interested in all that is happening around her, so much to the point that she rarely keeps interested in one thing for too long. She is, however, quite a tease when it comes to the people she encounters, using her feminine, childish charm to gather supplies, materials and even pickpocketing coin.

She has a tall, slender build with bright amber eyes and pale, purple skin. She bears deep violet markings by her eyes and wears a headdresses that is knotted into her hair. Her armor is full body and made of taught leather, nearly impenetrable, except to the sharpest of points. Though her armor is is of a medium thickness, it still gives way to her well formed features. She carries of a long wooden staff with her that shifts with her body into a small scepter but is also known to fight using a bladed pole arm.

One might catch her scent easily after having encountered her previously; her scent is of Ashenvale fresh water and a sweet maple.

A set of teeth mark can be seen on the right side of her neck, and though they have healed, the scars remains, though she doesn't try to hide it. It looks as if the teeth dragged a bit as well. A tattoo sits on the underside of her wrist, etched in black ink, though she is rarely seen without her gloves on.

A pocket watch is clipped to her belt and tucked deep within a pocket on her leggings. The watch is silver with a Gilnean crest on one side and a phrase on the other. "The darkness can only scare those that cower in the light. Those who walk in the shadows truly live." The pocket watch was a gift from her mate, Juraven Darkwalker.


Early YearsEdit


Born and raised in the forests of Ashenvale near the south of Astranaar, Kyndraenn was the daughter of a smith and a leatherworker and the sister of a young hunter. A fire in their household trapped her parents and brother within while Kyndraenn was trapped outside, unable to help them. The house itself was burned down entirely, and Kyndraenn did not remain around to search for their remains. She left into the forest with nothing more than what she carried on her back.


Alone in the forests of Kalimdor, Kyndraenn found herself on the border of the Stonetalon Mountains where she came across passing travelers. Revealing nothing about herself and where she had come from, she traveled from caravan to caravan with no specific destination in mind. It was months later that she found herself on the southern border of Feralas. With few travelers entering into the dense swampy jungle, Kyndraenn began to wander on her own once again.

Near the Dream Bough Kyndraenn would come across a just awakening druid by the name of Kannas. After several days of conversation and explaining how and why she had made it to Feralas, Kannas took it upon himself to teach Kyndraenn the basics of shapeshifting for better protection and to help her survive on her own.


Unknown to her, Kannas had spent a great deal of time within the Emerald Dream, and thusly the Emerald Nightmare and had already begun to lose himself to madness. With mentoring from Kannas, and struggling to survive on her own in the harsh jungle, Kyndraenn learned many skills in various arts relating to combat, healing and survival, as well as the natural shapeshifting of the Druids; though she is not officially a member of the Cenarion Circle or any sect of the elven druids, Kyndraenn has proven quite capable at shifting between various forms, though she favors her feline and avian forms. Despite Kannas' ever evolving state of madness, none of his corrupted traits and teachings were passed onto Kyndraenn.

For nearly half a century, Kyndraenn would train in the jungles of Feralas with guidance from Kannas and any passing travelers with skills in combat. It was during this half century in Feralas that a dwarf by the name of Steelbrow would pass through with a small expedition. It being her first time seeing beings who were not Kaldorei in race, she was enthralled by their strange behavior and customs. She spent little time with them in the jungles, quickly learning the dwarven language with the aid of the explorers as she guided them through to their intended destination.

After much discussion, Kyndraenn found herself falling in love with the idea of traveling the world like the dwarven explorers. Parting ways with Kannas and thanking him for his guidance, Kyndraenn would leave the jungles of Feralas with the dwarven expedition and travel east through Thousand Needles and then north into the Barrens before setting out to sea.

Steelbrow's ExpeditionEdit

Kyndraenn's skills in the various arts of combat earned her a spot as a Warden within the expedition, taking care to lead the party through the more dense terrain and also handle protecting the explorers from the many threats that lurked in the unknown lands.

Over many years she would travel with the dwarves and several human companions, including a gnome, on three large expeditions and many smaller ones as well. During the third expedition to Northrend, Steelbrow would be devoured by a Jormungar as he ventured off onto his own. The worm, weighted down a great deal by the dwarves dense mass and equipment, would not make it far from the camp and would be killed by the expedition wardens, revealing that Steelbrow had been devoured.

Disheartened by the death of the dwarven explorer, and her good friend, Kyndraenn began to fall out of love with the expedition. A younger dwarf, Bartlebeer, Steelbrow's apprentice, would take over the expedition thereafter. Not as intelligent, cunning or skilled as Steelbrow, Bartlebeer would lead the expedition to many disasters from which few would return. During the time with Bartlebeer as the expedition lead, a man by the name of Bernardo would come to travel with the group from Ironforge up into the north.

Brenado and Kyndraenn would grow close to each other, sharing the truth of their pasts and their many adventures. Through Brenado, Kyndraenn would learn of the The Westwind Buccaneers, their adventures and their crew. Enthralled with the idea of the life of a privateer, she was eager to give it a try, but later set the thought aside at Brenado's urging. Through Brenado's stories she would learn of the Westwind Admiral, Gunndar Relnor and his various crewmen, including the Worgen Rykerall. She learned that the crew had gone in search of an ancient treasure which eventually divided the crew, and the first mate, Rykerall, led a mutiny aboard the ship, resulting in the death of the Admiral.

Following a strange series of events, the Admiral would be revived and abandon the crew, both the mutineers and the loyalists, only to hire on new crewmen and immediately take sail.

After many months of travel, Brenado would reach his intended destination, and would part ways with the expedition. Sorrowful that he was departing, Kyndraenn herself left the expedition sometime after and chased Brenado into the north. Finding him in a harbor port readying to set sail to Northrend, the two would spend several days together simply talking.

During their time in the port, a sole sailor would find them, recognizing Brenado and informing him of recent happenings. He revealed that the crew of Gunndar Relnor's fleet, and the Admiral himself, had become possessed and were sailing south to an unknown location.

Brenado, now with his own personal quest to fulfill, would ask it upon Kyndraenn to travel south to the kingdom of Stormwind to inform Rykerall of the Admiral's plight, (following the mutiny, Rykerall had attempted to atone for his disloyalty and alliances were mended.)

Obeying his request, the two parted ways for the last time and she traveled south to Stormwind.

Kyn Wide

Stormwind & The Wolf PackEdit

Finding Rykerall, Kyndraenn would initially be suspicious of Rykerall who, since leaving the Buccaneers, had joined a Worgen pack. Deciding to withhold the message from Brenado for the time being, Kyndraenn would begin to try and understand the culture of the wolf pack; slowly but surely a sense of longing would take over. She began to try integrating herself into the pack. Following a strange chain of events, she would reveal to Rykerall the true nature of her presence, to deliver the message about Gunndar Relnor.

Simply by speaking the name, shadows from the Buccaneers past began to arise in the form of an order of assassins who had hunted the fleet of privateers, more specifically the Admiral and Rykerall.

Rykerall and Kyndraenn would travel to find the Admiral, along the way coming into much danger from the assassins. After rescuing the Admiral who had managed to overcome the curse along with his crew and ended up floating to shore after the ship was destroyed by the dark possessor, the three would return to Stormwind and the Admiral would go into a state of seclusion, recovering after his shipwreck and keeping safe from the assassins.

The assassins then turned their focus on Rykerall, Kyndraenn and the Bloodmoon pack, which both were associated with.

During this trying time, Kyndreann had begun to fall in love with a Worgen of the pack, one by the name of Juraven Darkwalker. Though he initially resisted strongly, un-wanting to move forward from his heart-shattering past, Kyndraenn would not relent. During a brief period of safety from the assassins, she would try again to break through to him, asking him to return with her to his past to confront it, and move forward. Refusing to go, Kyndraenn's resolve began to weaken, but she would still travel into his past in a last attempt to break through to him. She would travel to his former home of Gilneas and reclaim a seed from the ground near where his lover had been killed by the Worgen during the civil war. Returning to Stormwind and realizing the threat of the assassins was growing stronger once more, Kyndreann would leave the seed with the Bloodmoon Packfather, asking him to give it to Juraven after she had left. Kyndraenn would then go off on her own to try and bring an end to the threat once and for all.

Engaging many of the assassins and ultimately one of their leaders, Kyndraenn would triumph in the fight, but not without being gravely wounded. Due to an uprising within the order of assassins as a result of her victory, the ground would disband, being unable to recover.

Kyndraenn would lie resting at the place of the epic battle, slowly recovering on her own through nature. It was then that Juraven would arrive, having received her gift which had finally broken through his wall. Taking her up and returning her to safety, the two would finally commit to one another, forming an official bond within the pack and becoming mates.

Bloodmoon PackEdit


Kyndraenn's Wrist Tattoo

Shortly thereafter she would be welcomed into the Bloodmoon Pack by the Packfather, and given the role of Pack Sister. Mated to Juraven Darkwalker. Recently, the two relocated to Nagrand to settle down permanently, but Kyndraenn was still bound to her duties as Feral Archdruid, while Juraven distanced himself from the pack. Forced to split her time between Nagrand and Azeroth, the distance between Kyndraenn and Juraven would continue to grow. Deciding that the solitude in each others absence would leave cracks in their relationship, they agreed to permit one another to find a second mate who would be accessible when the two weren't together in Nagrand, so long as they always continued to further their own relationship with each when they were both in Nagrand. Recently, Kyndraenn and a Worgen Druid of the Bloodmoon Pack, Gabriel Viske, became mated. The two have developed a strong bond over time and can often be found traveling together.

She took up residence in Duskwood with the rest of the Bloodmoon Pack, though she often travels across Azeroth seeking to find other stray Worgen in search of a pack.

As time continued on, the distance between Juraven and Kyndraenn grew to the point where a void had begun to form, and Kyndraenn finally severed the ties between them to great sorrow. Now, solely mated to Gabriel Viske, Kyndraenn has refocused her efforts on handling matters on Azeroth.

Fall to MadnessEdit

Following the formation of a large alliance between the Worgen packs residing on Azeroth, tension has begun to build between Kyndraenn and the commitment to her own pack. Unhappy with current situations and the fact that the alliance, intended for peace, has begun to bring out the true colors of each pack as well as attracting Worgen hunters, Kyndraenn has begun to fall back onto some of the darker teachings of her former mentor, Kannas. Using the Emerald Dream as an escape from the building chaos, she has begun to pour her own darker thoughts and anger into small pockets within the Dream where she resides, creating an ever darkening hold for herself to which has begun to leak from the Dream. She might often be seen now in a more ethereal form as she shifts between the physical realm and Dream. Though stronger, and able to draw strength from both realms, it is only furthering her descent into madness, as she essentially has created her own, smaller version of the Emerald Nightmare in which only she lives.

Since starting to use the Dream as an escape for herself, she has become increasingly more feral and aggressive, even lashing out at former allies from time to time. With time, should she be unable to break from her darkening pocket within the Dream, she will fall completely to madness and wander as a feral, and always aggressive, walker from the dream, forever bound in an ethereal form- allowing her to draw incredible strength from her own nightmare.

After a great deal of meditation, it became clear to Kyndraenn that she was beginning to lose control of herself, and she officially parted from the Bloodmoon Pack for the sake of their protection. She has vowed to, along side her mate, to seek the balance within herself before returning to any commitment, though the tension within the Pack would be a strong push for her not to return. Currently, she and her mate, along with several other close friends, continue to seek an inner balance and a new home.

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