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AllianceNPC 32Illkas Pyrestone
Human Alpha 53
Illkas Pyrestone
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 90
Character class Mage
Affiliation Order of the Merlin, House Pyrestone
Position Scholar, Pyromancer, Astromancer, Mage, Noble
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Alignment Lawful good


Illkas is a level 90 mage roleplaying on the Server:Wyrmrest Accord US Server. The character serves as the current OOC Guild Master of the newer guild, [[Guild:House Pyrestone (Wyrmrest Accord US)|House Pyrestone], alongside Co-GM Thanell. Illkas was created halfway through the Cataclysm expansion and has had several re-imaginings - though recently his story has been merged into that of two others to create House Pyrestone.

Personality & DescriptionEdit

Quiet and almost supicious looking, if you get the chance to interact with him at all - you'd realize it's not because he's a trouble maker, but rather just.. not from around here.

Clever, coy and charming at times, yes, but honest and well meaning.

He'd be dressed in free flowing blue and gold robes outside of a heavy set of platemail covering his form, sometimes even seen wrapped in a cloak - always with his hood up to cover his face - perhaps to hide something - maybe.

His voice would be rather deep, a voice that demands attention yet is soothing and even entrancing. His eyes flicker and swirl with a deep astral blue and purple (mostly side effects from his studies as an astromancer) - and, as one would imagine, he smells of arcane residue.

He's sometimes found with a wyrm following behind him.


Unaffiliated with the Kirin Tor, the Silver Covenant or the Alliance until recently, Illkas has walked his own path as a spellblade for hire, a researcher and scholar, historian and explorer, seeing little for himself among the 'regulars' of the Alliance or among the nobility.

Family Tree

Pyrestone Family Tree

Where most battlemages focus on heavy armor and faster, stronger spells - Illkas chooses to focus on his physical fighting skills - mostly with his battlestaff. He infuses his staff with his magic, using spell bursts and enchantments to blast away enemies to knock them off balance - making the most use of his magic in close range. He is, however, quite skilled with a variety of other magics as well.

Though he was of noble lineage, Illkas chose a path of solitude until his father's passing - finally returning to take up the role of leader of his house. Since then - Illkas has come together with his two cousins, the last surviving nobility of their own close family's wide reaching line - and with their combined estates they have returned House Pyrestone to a single frame, rather than three different branches, as was done by the their three fathers.

His father was the son of Mardrus Pyrestone and brother of both Calvin and Thomas Pyrestone.

Order of the MerlinEdit

A take on the bird, as well as the classical wizard, the Order of the Merlin is an In-Character secret society which serves as a gathering of magi who put their time and focus into gathering powerful and chaotic magics, studying them and then taming them. Though they have loose ties with the Kirin Tor they are not officially associated - and govern themselves, and their members. Being a member of the Order of the Merlin is a rather rare thing, and no member is openly known (this information is all given Out-of-Character and should not be used In Character at all, and the current leader of the Order is never revealed, even to those in the Order.

The Order itself is protected by a rather large, mysterious guardian creature with golden white wings - it often heralds a reformation of the Order, the rise of a new leader, or a dramatic and powerful catastrophe that requires the Order to act.

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