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AllianceNPC 32Ennalor Silvertongue
Ennalor Silvergongue
Title Regent Lord of the Order of the Golden Law, Hand of the Saint
Gender Male
Race Unknown (Humanoid)
Level 90
Character class Paladin, Cleric, Exemplar
Affiliation Church of the Holy Light, Brotherhood of the Light, Order of the Golden Law
Position Regent Lord (Currently), Exemplar (Formerly)
Location Unknown
Status (Alive)
Relative(s) None
Alignment Lawful good

Ennalor Silvertongue is neither man nor immortal - he is something in between. Sent by forces unknown to serve as the guiding voice of the spirit of Saint Belathan of Northshire, Ennalor stands with the holy knights of the Light, fighting beside them in combat and providing guiding wisdom when needed. Though supposedly sent by the Saint, he isn't immortal - he bleeds just as any other crusader - though there are indeed some unique, if not strange, things about him.


Ennalor is a level 90 Paladin roleplaying on the Server:Wyrmrest Accord US Server, and current Regent Lord of the Order of the Golden Law.

After the In Character death of Saint Belathan of Northshire, Ennalor appeared and has since been used to deliver the word and guidance of the Saint.

Personality, Biography & Description

Rarely seen out of his armor - there are many questions about Ennalor, and very few answers. His bright, electric blue eyes never seem to fade out and hum as he'd stare on - his gaze focused, stern and unwavering. Many who are the focus of his attention have claimed feeling numb, warm and even light headed at times. More recently he has begun wearing a cowl that slightly covers his eyes, giving off an intimidating feel as only the bright hum of his eyes would be visible under the shadow of his cowl.

He is quiet - though when he does speak it rings out over all other noise - has the commanding voice of an Exemplar. He often has wise words and comfort to offer, but rarely wastes his voice on scolding others or trying to justify his own actions - he speaks only what he needs to and leaves the rest for people to figure out on their own.

After the death of Saint Belathan of Northshire, Ennalor seemed to appear from no where at all, riding into Stormwind one day on the back of a holy Charger just before a massive demonic assault on the city (the 'Seed' server wide invasion of Stormwind City on Server:Wyrmrest Accord US. Fighting along side holy knights and city guards alike - Ennalor delivered proof of his unique strength in combat and strategic thinking. Shortly after the battle Ennalor saw to locating the Order of the Golden Law, an order of holy knights and faithful followers of the Light. Recognized almost immediately as being sent by the late saint by the Highlord, one who had been close with the Saint, Ennalor was inducted into the order to serve as a voice and extended hand - to guide and serve in whatever ways possible.

Engraved on the back of his helm is a prayer, often spoken by the late saint.

Lately, aftering helping to lead the forces of the Golden Law through the undead Siege of Stromgarde (a mass server event on Server:Wyrmrest Accord US, Ennalor has been taken as Regent Lord of the Order of the Golden Law, right hand of the Highlord himself and co-leader of the Order.

Just after the siege ended, Ennalor began courting the High Priestess of the Order, Zailea Lightshadow.

Belathan's Last Prayer

Light as it breaks, shadows into dust - grace and compassion, shown never to none.
Should darkness strive to shroud my mind, in the Light my heart will keep faith.
Should shadows strive to cover my sight, in the Light I will find my guide.
Should harm strive to reach the innocent, in the Light we will find judgement.
Should deceit strive to undo friendship, in the Light, no heart will be bent.

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