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AllianceNPC 32Ennalor Silvertongue
Ennalor Silvergongue
Title Oathkeeper of the Oathsworn, Former Lord Protector of the Order of the Golden Law
Gender Male
Race Unknown (Humanoid)
Level 100
Character class Paladin, Cleric, Exemplar, Warrior
Affiliation The Oathsworn, Order of the Golden Law
Position Oathkeeper (Currently), Exemplar (Currently), Lord Protector (Formerly), Regent Lord (Formerly), High Exemplar (Formerly)
Location Azeroth
Status (Alive)
Relative(s) None
Alignment Chaotic good


Ennalor is a level 100 Paladin roleplaying on the Wyrmrest Accord Server, and current Oathkeeper (GM) of the The Oathsworn, as well as former Lord Protector (GM) and Regent (CO-GM) of the Order of the Golden Law. He is known for Dungeon Mastering events for a large collection of guilds, and continues to work to better bring together allied guilds through world RP.

Biography Edit

A man whose fight has been the sole purpose of his existence, Ennalor is strange, by the accounts of most - his demeanor stern and cold, yet somehow inspiring. As an Exemplar, it’s been his duty to inspire his fellows on the battle field - and charge forward beside them, brandishing the power of the Light to lay waste to the servants of evil.

More charismatic holy warrior than natural born leader, the Oathkeeper fell into the role he now serves after the Highlord he followed went missing. After months of waiting - the time came to take on the mantle of leadership he both feared and detested.

Finding himself constantly at odds with the very structure of the Order he had sworn to follow and server, the difficulties became more obvious as he was tasked with enforcing them as its new leader. The exemplar grew distanced from the family he had fought beside for so long, bound by oath to continue leading, despite his hatred of the role. Since then, the Order has changed dramatically under his command, shifting from a narrow minded military to an all encompassing militant fellowship in order to better fit the Oathkeeper’s vision for how the war against the shadows should be waged, and yet - despite the growth and changes, he’s seen the Order driven nearly to ruins.

Ousted during a coup led by a zealous, unsatisfied faction, it was under Ennalor’s command that the entire Order was nearly wiped from the pages of history. Holding himself accountable for the hundreds of lives lost in the massacre, the Oathkeeper has grown even more cold and distanced, unable to bring himself, some days, to even face the brothers and sisters he’s sworn to protect.

Despite the challenges faced, he's yet to surrender or give up his duties, and continues to lead The Oathsworn against the rising tides of darkness. Whatever challenges lie ahead, there's no doubt in anyone's mind as to whether or not he'll show up on the battle field, but there are concerns as to how the challenges will be met.

Belathan's Last Prayer

Light as it breaks, shadows into dust - grace and compassion, shown never to none.
Should darkness strive to shroud my mind, in the Light my heart will keep faith.
Should shadows strive to cover my sight, in the Light I will find my guide.
Should harm strive to reach the innocent, in the Light we will find judgement.
Should deceit strive to undo friendship, in the Light, no heart will be bent.

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