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AllianceNPC 32Belathan Anollis
Belathan of Northshire
Title The Returned, Former Grand Cleric of the Order of the Golden Law
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 90
Character class Priest, Cleric
Affiliation Church of the Holy Light, Argent Dawn, Clerics of Northshire, Brotherhood of Northshire, Brotherhood of the Light, Order of the Golden Law
Position Bishop (formerly), Abbott (formerly), Grand Cleric (formerly), Lightsworn (currently)
Location Various (see Locations) Azeroth
Status Alive (Alive)
Relative(s) None
Mentor(s) Alonsus Faol (Deceased),
Alignment Lawful good
Belathan's Last Prayer

Light as it breaks, shadows into dust - grace and compassion, shown never to none.
Should darkness strive to shroud my mind, in the Light my heart will keep faith.
Should shadows strive to cover my sight, in the Light I will find my guide.
Should harm strive to reach the innocent, in the Light we will find judgement.
Should deceit strive to undo friendship, in the Light, no heart will be bent.

Belathan of Northshire, more commonly referred to simply as Father Belathan, was an aged veteran cleric of the first and second wars. After suffering severe injuries in battle, as many clerics did, Belathan settled back into Northshire Valley once southern Azeroth had been reclaimed by the Alliance, and helped to raise the war orphans while training new, younger clerics in the ways of the Light. After nearly eighty five years of dedication to serving the Light - Belathan was honored with the near equivilant of Sainthood by the Church of the Holy Light, one of a few to ever receive such a title before death. After a long journey through the spirit world, and after sacrificing himself to serve as a warden of the dead, he was granted a rebirth into the world of the living.


Belathan is a level 90 Priest roleplaying on the Wyrmrest Accord Server.

Created during 'Vanilla' (now eight plus years old), the character remains with a consistant majority of its story intact - a good deal of classic armor and countless 'old timer' stories both IC and OOC.

Known by some for weekly sermons, Belathan has always been open to weddings and private sermons or special events upon private request. Much of the characters beliefs are borrowed from a collection of world faiths and theological beliefs. When giving sermons or preaching, many may find themselves able to connect with the dialog, considering it is open minded to say the least; and Belathan is always up for a good debate on morality and inner conflict.

Personality & DescriptionEdit

Found most frequently in white and gold robes - his age would be printed in bold ink across his form, both in style and posture. Though he'd try to stand up as straight as possible, due to injuries he would always walk with a hunched limp and stand with a bit of a tilt. His legs have gone weak and he uses his staff as a walking cane, something you'd find him often gripping onto just to stay upright.

Though old and weak, physically, his spirit and has never been stronger - and his voice still commands attention - especially when scolding younger initiates. He cares little for -who- people are when they are making trouble, so watch out for a heavy 'thwap' from his staff.

His face would be a rugged map of wrinkles, each one detailing a part of his long life. His eyes are greyed and misty. The easiest face to compare him to would be a much much older version of famous actor Tommy Lee Jones.

Belathan is known to wield one of a few remaining legendary staffs crafted for the Clerics of Northshire.



Born into a faithful household, Belathan was whisked off to train in the ways of the Light at a very young age. Studying and praying beside the famed Alonsus Faol among many other bold names, Belathan would see the rise of great heroes though he himself would remain in the background for most of his years - always devout in his studies and supportive of his peers - he found a draw to helping those who struggled behind, rather than racing forward to great honors.


Northshire Valley, where Belathan spent much of his life.

First WarEdit

When the Orcish Horde of the First War raced through the Dark Portal, Belathan, like many clerics, rallied behind Alonsus Faol as he forged the Clerics of Northshire, an order of Light swinging clerics who sought to drove back the Horde beside the armies of Stormwind. Injured during the battles of the Grand Hamlet, Belathan and many others would retreat to Stormwind, and later escape by sea to Lordaeron under the guide of Alonsus, leaving behind his home and parents who would be slain by the orcs.

Lordaeron, the Silver Hand & the Second WarEdit

As the Alliance armies slowly began to gather under the banner of Lordaeron, Belathan stayed close to his old friend Alonsus as he and his apprentice, Uther the Lightbringer founded Knights of the Silver Hand - making Belathan witness to yet another great moment in history. Racing south with the armies of the Alliance, Belathan found himself tending more to the injured than fighting the savage orcs, though he would be severely injured in a night raid, rendering him unfit to race forward on the battlefield once again.

Tending to the injured, hearing the stories of all those who had fought in the wars, seeing the great heroes he knew growing up die on the battlefield, Belathan's view of the world warped, leaving him with a bold but scattered faith. Following the closing of the war, as the Horde were forced back through the Dark Portal, Belathan and Alonsus would return to Stormwind to help rebuild, reestablishing the Northshire Abbey and opening it once again as a place for young initiates to train - though Belathan, serving as Abbott for a short time, would also see to welcoming in war orphans and raising them as subjects of the Light - the next generation of clerics and Paladins.

((Many Roleplayers have taken the opening to roleplay as an orphan raised in Northshire Valley. Roleplayers are welcome to assume acquaintance with Belathan, he -would- remember most but, as always, is fuzzy on the details.))

Third War & World of WarcraftEdit

Remaining in Stormwind after the end of the Second War, Belathan saw little of the undead scourge that ravaged Lordaeron - but would make several short pilgrimages to aid the refugee camps and help aid the Silver Hand in their efforts. Upon the formation of the Argent Dawn, Belathan would spend several long months struggling to reclaim eastern Lordaeron beside them. Though quite old at that point, Belathan marched beside the Argent Dawn during the siege of Naxxramas (original) and would remain outside defending the entrance during the siege.

Having been honored as an official member of the Argent Dawn, Belathan would return to Stormwind once again and continue his quiet life of raising orphans and scolding hooligans.


The Tabard of the Argent Dawn, frequently worn by Belathan.

The Burning Crusade & Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

Belathan, once again, would march beside the Argent Dawn upon the reopening of the Dark Portal - making a valiant stand at the footstep of the monstrous portal. Following the successful breach of the portal, Belathan would, yet again, return to Stormwind.

Following the next few years, even during the War in Northrend, Belathan would remain in Stormwind, serving as councilor and cleric within the Cathedral of Light - even attaining the rank of Bishop before turning to serve as Grand Cleric of the Order of the Golden Law.

The Cataclysm & Mists of PandariaEdit

Residing in the Cathedral as a Bishop at the time, Belathan saw to aiding the defenders of the city and Cathedral during the Elemental invasion and also stood witness to Deathwing's attack on the city. Though he would not venture out to fight on the battlefield on either front during the Catalcysm, Belathan would see to tending to the injured returning heroes and laying bodies to rest. A rather dark time for him, it brought back many memories of the First and Second wars.

At the end of the Cataclysm as the new southern islands appeared - Belathan remained rooted in place as the rest of the world scrambled to explore - and he instead returned to training younger initiates. It was at this time that he would be asked to join the Order of the Golden Law.

Order of the Golden Law & Supposed DeathEdit

In his later years Belathan would be honored with the role of Grand Cleric within the Order of the Golden Law, a holy order rooted in the battle to drive evil from areas around Stormwind. This is a position he would hold till his passing nearly a year later.

Having outlived many of his peers and surviving through several wars, it was obvious that the years had taken a toll on the cleric. In the weeks before his death, the Order of the Golden Law led a march from Stormwind to the tomb of Uther the Lightbringer in the ruins of Lordaeron, a tribute to those defenders of the Light who had passed on - an honorary ceremony in which Belathan would preach his last sermon. Though the Order would return south to Stormwind, Belathan would remain for several days to honor his old fallen friends in his own way, and then return to live out his last day in Northshire Valley where it all began - finally passing away peacefully in his sleep at the age of eighty eight. Surrounded by close friends as he passed, his last words were a prayer spoken by his old friend Alonsus Faol.

Two nights before his passing he delivered a letter to the Order of the Golden Law - the final Order he served - and its members, which has been transcribed and preserved.

Belathan's Letter

There have been many nights in my life, cold and fierce, that I have found myself wandering alone. I speak not of my feet in the wilds, but of my mind and soul without companionship - something that as of late I have had the pleasure and honor of enjoying. In the past months I have seen many of you rise from initiates to great cavilers and armsmen, clerics and magi.. and few other times in my life can I claim to have been so proud as I am right now..

I have seen many things.. lived a very long life.. and at eighty eight as I look back upon the years that I survived - I see there are many things I could say.. many simple words of wisdom that could explain the world - but I find that the journey to understanding is as much a part of the experience as the reward at the end.

Dark times have come, and they have gone - and still clouds hang overhead, warning us of the coming storms - but as I lay upon my back, the last shallow breaths of my body escaping me as I sleep - I rest easy knowing that there are wards such as yourself, ever vigilant, keeping watch over all that we cherish and treasure. Your fight will not be easy - you will be faced with challenges that are not as simple as slaying a foe.. we face a new age of darkness, and every moment that you breathe will be a test.

There is one small piece of advice I would give to you all. Remain vigilant; take comfort in the Light, and in the aid and trust and support of your comrades; never forsake them, ever - for when the Light shines no longer for you in your moment of doubt; when your shield can no longer protect you and your sword falls.. it shall be your brothers and sisters who pull you back from the void.

May the Light bless each and every one of you - and in my passing know that I shall always keep a vigilant watch - and my words will always come, should you seek them.

Belathan of Northshire,
Grand Cleric of the Order of the Golden Law

After DeathEdit

There are some claims of contact with Belathan after his passing - and though no physical proof can be offered, some have come to speculate that the Spirit made the choice to -not- pass on into the Spirit World, and instead remains behind as a spectral guide to those in need. How exactly to make contact with the Spirit of Northshire has still not been uncovered - and it appears as though it happens without instigation.

Saint Belathan

Spirit of Northshire

The most frequent sightings of the roaming Spirit have been focused around Northshire Abbey, the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind and near the former Grand Hamlet area - but ceased during the Siege of Alterac, a war in which the Golden Law, alongside countless other orders, forged a crusade to lay waste to the undead armies being raised in the ruins of the kingdom. There, in the final days of the war, Belathan gave his last sacrifice, shedding his immortal nature as a spirit to serve as a guardian of the dead - to ensure that they remained at rest.

Some months later, during another brief conflict involving the Golden Law, when a smaller legion of demons attempted to invade Azeroth through Gilneas, Belathan commanded the undead souls, the ones he had been charged with warding, to offer themselves as sacrifices - forging their restless souls into a gauntlet to be used against the demons.

When the final battle of the war took place, and the gauntlet was used to sear closed the demonic portals, the spirits of the dead were destroyed, finally and forever, though one single soul was spared oblivion; Belathan was returned.


At the final battle in Gilneas, as the gauntlet was shattered and the portal closed, a figure emerged from the chaos, seemingly untouched by the war; Belathan. The man appeared much like he had in his later life - old, weak and frail - though with a bit more life to him. His cough have vanished and he was able to stand a bit straighter, but it was clear that he was still well aged. Granted a vision by the Light, the cleric was returned to the world of the living to spent another few years with his companions as a reward for his sacrifices.

After his rebirth, the aged cleric made the decision to once more take up the colors of the Order of the Golden Law.


Having grown up and trained alongside individuals who would later go on to become some of the worlds greatest heroes, and having fought beside them during the wars (such as Alonsus Faol, Tirion Fordring, Uther the Lightbringer, Anduin Lothar, Adamant Wrynn III and Llane Wrynn I to name just a few), Belathan collected many stories throughout his life surrounding those heroes he called friends. Having served in the backdrops of histories greatest events, his fingerprints can be found all over - though his isn't a name you'll find in the front pages.

Also throughout those years he collected and saved many relics and weapons and sets of armor, as well as prayer books, most of which he has donated to the Church of the Holy Light so that others may learn from them as he did.

As a priest, Belathan swore an oath of celibacy to the Church and never married or had any children, though he did at one point have a rather unique emotional relationship with another cleric around his own age who later traveled to Lordaeron to join a Sisterhood.


Throughout in game history since the launch of World of Warcraft, Belathan has roleplayed full time from various locations relative to current lore and in game guild/story commitments.


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Burning CrusadeEdit

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Northshire Abbey where Belathan spent much of his life.

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

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Mists of PandariaEdit

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Warlords of DraenorEdit

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  • Draenor: Traveled through the portal to aid the Golden Law and Azerothian armies.

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