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About Me: Edit

  • Name: Fernando
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5' 6"
  • Hair: Black
  • Skin: between tanish or whitish yellow (I can't tell anyways=/)
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • From: Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador.

I played WoW Beta since Phase 2 (around April-June) as different classes, but the main classes that I had played were Shaman and Druid. In both of the classes, I reached lvl. 40; unfortunately, I never had a lot of time to reach the cap because most of the time I solo in the PvP server and I became a causal gamer eventually. So most of the time, I will check/update the Shaman and Druid (especially the Shaman). I cannot profess that I know how to play WoW in either in PvE or PvP or any MMORPG game since WoW is my first Beta and my first experience with a MMORPG game. Then, why are you even posting in these pages? Luckily, most of the gameplay and things in the game haven't extremely change since the end of Open Beta, especially the shaman class, so I want to help any new players thinking in rolling as a shaman by giving my 2 cents and by editing the site. Since I am a first timer in this type of game, I might have a different view about the game compared to experienced players. How can you give your 2 cents if you are not playing the game? As I said, not a lot of things have change in the game since the end of Open Beta, and I talked to other players in the Beta to understand their views. Unfortunately, I think I am still addicted to the game because I keep checking the forums (especially the shaman forum)..hehe=). So most of the edit are a usually of what I view as a common consensus among players unless I stated otherwise. Besides being a first timer is not that bad, I actually had fun in the game and in this site; if you haven't noticed, I am also a newbie on computer programming and scripting websites (I don't even think "scripting" is actually the word for it...hehe), but I did made this: from the scratch, which I think is pretty good (at least that's what I think).

Oh btw, enjoy the game and the site.




Kultalth in raptor at the front of Ogrimmar

Race: Troll
Class: Shaman
Level: 42
Professions: Herbalism (300?), Alchemy (don't remember? around <100)
Server: (Beta) PVP Server (Pacific)
Mod: none



Naytwisp as a lowbie in Loch Modan

Race: Night Elf
Class: Druid
Level: 40
Professions: Mining (around 180?), Engineering (around 180?)
Server: (Beta) PvP Server (Pacific)
Mod: none



Whiteash flying over Stonebull Lake

Race Tauren
Class: Shaman
Level: 33
Professions: Herbalism (around 160?), Alchemy (around 160?)
Server: (PvE) Beta Server (Pacific)
Mod: none

Other characters in PvP Server: lvl 30 Troll Hunter Paklu with her raptor companion Fido, lvl 28 Human Paladin Magdalene, lvl 18 Night Elf Hunter Galewynd with her bat and owl companion Shriek and Shrill, respectively, and other lvl 10 characters.

Other characters in the Beta (PvE) server: lvl 24 Orc Warlock ZhaZha (ZhaZha since PvP server and not the Phase 2), lvl 18 Human Rogue Kyla and other lvl 10 characters.

What do I do?Edit

I try to do some of this and that:

  • Add graphically and textually to the sites (especially the Shaman sites).
  • Post some fact and tid-bits after researching it.
  • Correct some spelling/grammar mistakes, formatting or scripts.
  • Answer questions.
  • Some WoW lore.

Why am I doing this?Edit

I am still addicted to the WoW...oh the woe is me!! I need some time away before I start playing WoW in retail. Reading the forums seems a good way to do it as well helping out to do this page. Besides, I am also having fun understanding/creating/finding some commands and editing the website.

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