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HordeNPC 32Lady Salathis Brightcoil Dawnstar
Salathis with Guardians
Gender Female
Race [[race::naga, formerly highborne night elf]]
Character class Sorceress, Sea Witch
Affiliation Independent, Quel'Thalas, The Dawnstar family
Position Sorceress of Zin-Azshari (as a highborne Night Elf), Nazjatar exile, Lady of the Dawnstar family
Location Unknown
Status Alive, exiled
Relative(s) Malanos (husband), Jaromen (son), Malanos the Younger, Voranna (grandchildren), Lostaros, Tironsarr, Ralinnios, Fadrith, Cayain, Marnok (great grandchildren)

This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Once one of the highborne caste of the Night Elves, Salathis Dawnstar was the wife and lover of Malanos Dawnstar, the first lord of the Dawnstar family. Separated from her husband at her capture during the War of the Ancients, and transformed to the serpentine naga, she has hidden herself from her husband and descendants for ten thousand years. Guarded by her bodyguards Kralajish and Erishnas, she has been on the run from the empire of Nazjatar, and is constantly on the move.

Early life Edit

Born as a highborne night elf, Salathis began her studies as a sorceress at a young age. While her skills at the arcane arts were great, she was not very special amongst the elite sorcerors of the highborne. However, during her studies, she met another sorcerer, Malanos, who was impressed by her skills in the arcane arts. They quickly became friends, and soom their relationship had grown to more than just friendship.

Their relationship continued, and Salathis and Malanos often travelled outside the city to spend some time alone. During one of these trips, she got pregnant, and both she and Malanos were overjoyed. They both felt that the child would be a blessing, and it would bring luck to their family.

Not long after she got pregnant, however, the War of the Ancients broke out. Malanos and Salathis were among those highborne who had started to oppose Queen Azshara. However, they were forced to stay behind during the initial escapes. Salathis were just about to give birth to her child, and was in no state to be able to escape. Malanos, who did not want to leave her behind, descided to stay and be present when their child was born. After the child was born, however, they descided to escape from the palace with their newborn son.

However, when they almost had managed to escape the palace, Salathis was captured. In vain, she told her husband, who also had their son, to get to safety, and not stay where he was. As he turned around and escaped the palace, Salathis, instead, got moved back into the palace, and into the dungeons of the palace.

Time passed, and Salathis started to think that she had no chances of escaping. And as the Sundering was brought upon the world, and water poured into the dungeons, and into her cell, she knew that her final moments were near. But as the water filled her lungs, a great pain overwhelmed her whole body, and she fell to the floor, and fainted on the cold floor of the cell.

When she woke up, she was stunned by the fact that she was still alive. Perhaps more shocking for her was that she were underwater, and still could breathe like on land. And as she looked over her body, she realized that she was no longer a night elf. She had transformed into the serpentine naga, and thereby survived drowning.

Knowing that she could not stay in the palace, she managed to escape her cell, and flee the palace. She swam as far as she could, away from the dreaded palace, until she found a remote island she could settle on. There she went ashore, and cried because of her new form. Cried because her husband would never recognize her ever again.

Current activities Edit

Salathis is still alive and well. Recently, she has been reemerging from her long exile, and is now looking for her descendants, and her husband, Malanos. Still believing him to be alive, she has been searching the world for him. She has come to accept what she has become, and has finally gathered enough courage to search for her family.

Luck, however, has been short to her. Not knowing where Quel'Thalas is located, and constantly hunted by Azshara's servants, she has found this task to be a lot harder than she first expected. For this reason, she has descided to gather more information before trying to search for her descendants. Aided by her guardians Kralajish and Erishnas, she is now searching the coasts of the eastern kingdoms for clues of her descendants. It is only a matter of time before she will be discovered...

Appearance Edit

Salathis has kept much of her elven beauty despite her transformation. Her face is fair, and her eyes show the sadness she has held for ten thousand years. Serpents sprout from her head in the place where her hair used to be, and instead of two arms, four arms now emerge from her torso. When traveling in civiliced areas, she tends to wear a black robe and cloak, covering her naga body and her serpent hair, to not wake any unwanted attention. Not that this happens very often. On more casual occasions, she is more lightly dressed, as to the fact that she has no need to talk to other people in these cases.

Quotes Edit

  • Malanos... So this is how I am going to live out my life without you?
  • She turned me into this, and separated me from my husband for far too long. I can never forgive her!
  • Am I not meant to be with the man I love, the man who gave me so much joy in the past? Will I ever see those days again?
  • Am I really that different? I may be a naga now, but in my heart, I always were, and always will be, an elf.

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