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Since the second WoW expansion has been confirmed to be Northrend, it gives us more time to speculate about a possible Great Sea Expansion. This article covers my own speculation about what the expansion could be, and might also contain fanfic about how WotLK could end.

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Background Edit

The Lich King has again been weakened, and the Scourge has been losing much power and minions lately. With relieved hearts, the heroes of the alliance and the horde returns to their homelands in hopes of being able to settle down and get some rest. Unfortunately, at the worst possible time, another threat rises. This time not from the norths, but from the depths...

Just as the horde and alliance arrive at their homelands, dark storm clouds rises above the skies, bringing ill news to both factions. Searching for the origin of the storm, they find out that the magic storm has it's origin from the center of the Maelstrom, and the naga capitol of Nazjatar. Desciding to investigate further, the forces of the horde and the alliance set out to sea to explore long lost islands and uncharted seas.

New races Edit

Horde: Venomtail Naga Edit

Backstory Edit

While many believe all naga serve the Empress Azshara violently, a group of rebel naga who mainly concisted of rebellious highborne that failed to escape the palace during the initial escapes have managed to escape the Empress' grasp, and have formed their own society, and called themselves the Venomtail naga.

Led by the ambitious Lord Gajanshis, they now seek aid against the Empress that transformed them in the first place. Knowing that the insane naga who still serve Azshara has done nothing but diminished any chances of joining forces with the night elves, the Venomtail naga now seek aid in the horde, and the highborne descendants of the Blood Elves.

Racials Edit

  • Water adaptation - 20% increased swim speed
  • Frost resistance - Frost resistance increased by 10
  • Polearm specialization - Skill with polearms increased by 5
  • Chill of the Depths (active) - Slows movement and attack speed of the target by 50% for 3 seconds when used. 1 min cooldown

Classes Edit

  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Shaman
  • Hunter
  • Paladin

Capital: Nar'Ranzja Edit

The rebel naga capital is called Nar'Ranzja. It is located on the isle of Hiji. It is here Lorg Gajanshis rules over the rebel naga. It is divided into several smaller parts:

Merchant's Square Edit

Located near the gates to the city, Merchant's Square has quickly become the home for various merchants who wish to sell their goods. Fishermen, hunters, cooks and innkeepers are seen roaming the streets near the entrance. You can also find the hunter's guild here, and many profession trainers.

Serpent Halls Edit

Located east of Merchant's Square, the Serpent Halls is the home of the sorcerer guilds of Nar'Ranzja. Here many naga come to study the arts of magic, and you can also find many enchanting trainers here, as well as the jewelcrafting trainer.

Steam Pools Edit

The Steam Pools are located northwest of Merchant's Square, and it is the major industrial hub of the city. Of that reason, you will find many engineers and blacksmiths in these parts, and the major blacksmith and engineering guilds can also be found here. Because of the many elemental activities in the area, many shamans have chosen to use it as their place of studying, too.

Myrmidion's Quarters Edit

The Warriors of the Venomtail naga have taken up residents in the Myrmidion's Quarters, north of the Merchant's Square. It is here the war tacticians of the Venomtail reside, and Warriors, and more recently, Paladins and Death Knigts, are trained. Because of it's tactical importance, emisaries of the various battleground factions reside here, ready to recruit more soldiers to the horde front.

Deepglory Square Edit

Deep in the city heart, the Lord himself resides in his sanctunum, Deepglory Palace, with his closest advisors. Here he handles the most important matters, and is constantly cautious if Azshara has took any attention to them.

Racial Feautures and modifications Edit

Males Edit
  • Scale color - Works just the same as skin color does currently, but with more color variations.
  • Fin style - Instead of hair, naga males have fins that works the same way. Therefore, one could select a special style of the fins instead of hair
  • Fin color - Changes the color of the fins, works the same as hair color
  • Face - Well, you could change the tauren male faces, so why not the naga male faces?
  • Special feature modifications - I have not come to a final conclusion here, but I think i will go for tendrils on this one.

/silly gags:

  • I can't feel my legs! I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS!
  • Why does it smell fish everywhere that I am? Oh...
  • -murloc noise- Sorry, got something in my throat...
  • And I thought I smelled bad, but these undead guys... Yuck!
  • Football? Nah, I'll stick to the swimming contests!

/flirt pickups:

  • I couldn't find any flowers, so I brought you this salmon instead...
  • Up for a swim in the park?
  • Molten Core? Nah, that's too hot for my taste... How about Stranglethorn instead?
  • Let me be your "big catch" tonight, baby...

/Yes quotes:

  • Excellent... (Mr. Burns like voice)
  • Indeed...

/no quotes:

  • No.
  • I don't agree about that.

/charge battlecries:

  • For Nar'Ranzja!
  • Slay these landwalkers!
  • Make them suffer!

/flee retreats:

  • Lay low!
  • Run as fast as your tails can bear you!

/Dance: The males will do the What is Love nodding from A Night at the Roxbury. Video

Females Edit
  • Scale Color - As before, works the same as skin color
  • Fin/hair style - Since some naga females have Serpent hair instead of the standard fins, you can choose between having fins or serpent hair.
  • Fin/hair color - This will work very strange, unless they have colors that fits both the fins and the serpent hair.
  • Face - As usual, you can change the face of your character, why should female naga be a difference?
  • Special features modifications - Since they have no ears, the special features will modify face paintings, much the same way as the Night Elves, or, to some extent, the undead. This does not mean you can remove your lower jaw, though. If you for example want the faces a bit more scaly, you go here.

/silly gags:

  • I hate when my hair is all messed up in the mornings! Serpents all over the place!
  • -Sings the Ride of the Valkyries horribly false- See, I told you I am a good singer!
  • I'm tired of all these serpents at this place!
  • I told you before, I am NOT a murloc!
  • Damnit! So hard to use odorants when you have four armpits!

/flirt pickups:

  • I'm hooked up to you, baby...
  • Let's just have a relaxing time in the lagoon...
  • My tail is cold. Care to warm it for me?
  • I hope you don't mind my "intoxicating kisses"...
  • It's just not fun swimming alone. Care to join me?

/yes quotes:

  • Completely right.
  • Of cource.

/no quotes:

  • Not really...
  • About that I have to disagree.

/charge battlecries:

  • You're going down!
  • In the name of Gajanshis!
  • Let us give them what they deserve!

/flee retreats:

  • I'll be back... (cold, Terminator-like voice)
  • Let us get out of this place!

/dance: The females will have oriental Belly dancing as their dance

Alliance: Pandaren Edit

Backstory Edit

Over ten thousand years ago, prior to the War of the Ancients, the pandaren empire were allies of the night elves, but the war and the sundering all but destroyed their previous good relations. The world sundered, they found their empire to be centralized on a small cntinent off the eastern coast of Kalimdor. Since then, they have lived in remote peace, with only a few murloc and makura threats during the years. However, the years of peace have not made them bad warriors. While the pandaren are peaceful in nature, they are nevertheless fierce in combat, and are not to be measured lightly.

This peace, however, has recently been broken. Large bands of Mor'guls under the command of Azshara's naga have started to emerge on their peaceful lands, and are now wreaking havoc in their habitat. To make things worse, nearby island trolls have landed on their islands, and are killing anybody on sight. This has forced the pandaren to take desperate measures. Seeking to their old allies before the War of the Ancients, the Night Elves, they hope to gain the alliance's aid during these harsh times.

Racials Edit

  • Drunken brawling - Skill with unarmed increased by 5%
  • Feral rage (active) - The pandaren infuses it's animal instincts, increasing melee damage by 10% for 10 seconds, but lowering magic damage done by 10%
  • Traveler - Increases experience gained by quests by 5%
  • Friendly prescence - Grants all nearby party members a 5% increase of mana regeneration.

Classes Edit

  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Shaman
  • Druid
  • Rogue
  • Paladin

Capital: Shodo-Pandar Edit

The pandaren home city is called Shodo-Pandar. It is located on the southern edge of Pandaria, and is ruled by Mojo Stormstout. The peaceful tranquility of this city and the friendliness of its habitants has given it a good reputation for travelers.

Northern Gate Edit

The largest entryport into the city. It is set in the outer wall of the city, and it is clearly distinguished within the high wall that surrounds the city. Beyond the gates you find many vendors, inns and merchants, willing to help you with what you need. You can also find the guild master here.

Temple of the Elements Edit

To the east of the Southern Gate is the Temple of the Elements. This is the spiritual center of of Shodo-Pandar, where shamans and druids go to seek aid withing the spirits. Here they find pure peace to continue their training, and thereby get closer to nature. You will also find the enchanting trainer here.

Fighter's Plaeteu Edit

While the pandaren are peaceful in nature, they take a passion in martial arts and combat. The Fighter's Plaeteu is Located South of the Temole of the Elements. Here law and discipline is combined with fighting training and martial arts. It is here you will find the warrior trainers of the city, and both rogues and paladins are trained here as well. It is also here blacksmiths get their training.

The Commons Edit

To the west of the Fighter's Plaeteu, and south of Northern Gate is the Commons. Here you can find many crafters and gatherers. It is no suprise that the Hunter's guild train their hunters here. You will also find most profession trainers here, and it is not uncommon to stumble upon a tavern in these quarters. In the more dark corners, however, Death Knights take on their students, teaching the unholy arts of the death knight to new, aspiring Death Knights.

Pandar Citadel Edit

The highest seat of power within the city. In here, Mojo Stormstout himself holds council with his most trusted advisors. It is a vast building with beautiful gardens and lots of space.

Racial Features and modifications Edit

Males Edit
  • Fur color/pattern - Since the pandaren mostly have black and white fur, it could work better if the fur pattern was changed instead of the color
  • Hair style - You know how that works. Should not differ from the current races
  • Hair color - This would not be as limited as fur colors
  • Face - Again, it could be done with the tauren, so pandaren should have it too
  • Facial hair - Indeed, they do have facial hair, as shown on several of Samwise's artworks

/silly gags:

  • I can't bear this any longer! See, bear?
  • I'm not fat! I'm stout! Really!
  • An eye for an eye... And a beer for a bear...
  • Excuse me, can you hold my keg for a second? My slipper fell off.
  • Wait a minute, I just got to finish this keg! Ahhh... Good stuff!

/flirt pickups:

  • So what will it be for the evening, my lady? Red wine? White wine? Ah, what the hell, have an ale!
  • Got a keg? Wanna share it with me?
  • No need to get feral around me baby...
  • Do you want to master some of my special tecniques?

/yes quotes:

  • Absolutely!
  • I like the sound of that!

/no quotes:

  • That's not right.
  • Nope.

/charge battlecries:

  • For Pandaria!
  • Bring us to victory!

/flee retreats:

  • We'll live to see tomorrow!
  • Get outta here!

/Dance: The males will do a dance that reminds very much of drunken boxing.

Females Edit
  • Fur color/pattern - See males
  • Hair style - See males
  • Hair color - See males
  • Face - Same as males
  • Earrings - Works just the same as many current races' females.

/silly gags:

  • I like to dance, but I'd advice you not to stay close while I do it.
  • The panda king is near!
  • A cheer for the day, a cheer for tomorrow... Bah, what the heck, just drink!
  • The best things I know is ale, friendship, ale, companionship... Oh, did I mention ale?

/flirt pickups:

  • Do you like furries?
  • Want a taste of me, boy?
  • I'm the sweetest bear around.

/yes quotes:

  • Agreed.
  • Of cource, my friend.

/no quotes:

  • Errr... No.
  • I'm sorry, no.

/charge battlecries:

  • By the honor of Stormstout!
  • Attack, my brethren!

/flee retreats:

  • Fall back to the wilds!
  • We can't stay any longer! Run!

/dance: The females will do a balette dance as their standard dance moves.

New hero class: Demon Hunter Edit

The hero class introduced in this expansion is called the Demon Hunter. As one of the most famous classes from Warcraft III, and the fact that Blizzard is concidering this class along with a few others to be added at later times, I think it will be the next hero class.

Basics Edit

  • Leather wearer
  • Will function mainly as melee DPS and caster
  • Can use 1H swords, wands, daggers and dual wield
  • Uses spells to weaken the enemy, making it more vurnerable to melee attacks, making it not a better melee DPS than a rogue, but rather an accesory to increase the melee DPS to all in the group
  • All races can become one
  • Will use a modified version of the mana bar, linked to the health bar

Spells and abilities Edit

The Demon hunter will, as all other classes, use three different trees. In the demon hunter's case, these include glaive combat, curses and Demon Slaying.

Glaive Combat Edit

This tree will include skills and talents that focus on the melee combat abilities of the demon hunter. This tree is PvP oriented, as it improves the demon hunters ability to deal melee damage to the enemies with great skill.

Notable skills in this tree include:

  • Demon strike - A strong hit that deals weapon damage plus x damage (x varies with the skill level, meaning higher level will get more bonus damage)
  • Quick strike - Strikes the weapon at the enemy at a high speed, granting an extra hit with 80% weapon damage without interrupting the normal hit timer
  • Distracting blow - Interrupts the spellcasting of the target, and silences it for 3 seconds

Curses Edit

The curses tree will focus on weakening the enemy and making it take more vurnerable to attacks, or simply make their attacks weaker. It is mainly a dungeon PvE tree, since it mainly improves the whole group's performance in battle, and not only the demon hunter.

Notable skills in this tree include:

  • Softening words - Weakens the target's armor, making it more vurnerable to melee and ranged attacks for 5 minutes. Some enemies are immune to this spell.
  • Weakness of the Twisted - the enemy's stregth wanes, and it's total melee damage is lowered by 5% for 5 minutes.

Demon Slaying Edit

The third tree of the demon hunter is manipulating the combat abilities versus demons. Mainly a solo PvE tree, it focuses mainly on the demon hunter's performance against demons.

Notable skills in this tree include:

  • Demonic embrace - The demon hunter becomes an incorporeal demon for 30 seconds, increasing shadow resistance greatly and reduces physical damage taken by 20%. 30 minute cooldown.
  • Demon ward - reduces all damage taken by demons by 5% for 30 minutes
  • Impale - Impales the enemy on the weapon, dealing damage equal to a tenth of the amount of health away from the demon hunter's max health. Only usable when the target is under 20% health.

Zones Edit

Kalimdor additions Edit

Pandaria 1-10 Edit

The starting zone for the Pandaren. While it is classed as part of Kalimdor on the map, it is, like Azuremyst Isles and Quel'Thalas, a unique instanced zone connected to the expansion continent. It features the city of Shodo-Pandar on the southern parts of the zone, a boat to the west, which leads to Auberdine, and a bridge to the northeast that leads to Thunderkeg Isle. It also features the town of Goldenbrew, and the training camp of Stout Claw, which has recently been under attacks by rampaging Mor'Guls.

Thunderkeg Isle 10-20 Edit

To the northeast of Pandaria lies Thunderkeg Isle. A remote island in the Pandaren empire, it was very fast to fall under the sway of rampaging Mor'Guls, and trolls have occupied large protions of the island. The main outpost of the island, Blade's Point, has only barely been able to survive the attacks, and is now seeking aid in clearing the threat from the island. They hope that eliminating the naga controlling the Mor'Gul forces is the key to defeating the threat, but the more urgent threat of the invading trolls has hindered their plans to accomplish anything against the invading Mor'Guls.

Eastern Kingdoms additions Edit

Hiji 1-10 Edit

Once a dominantely troll populated island, the island of Hiji is now home to the Venomtail Naga and their city, Nar'Ranzja. The most notable landmark, however, is the great corpse of an old god, which the Venomtail Naga has built the town of Tidestorm upon. While it may be the Venomtail Naga refuge, it is still far from safe. Trolls still inhabit the island, and are extremely hostile to their new neighbors, and murlocs inhabit the shore, frequently raiding the outpost of Shore's End.

Dragon Isle 10-20 Edit

An island of ancient origins, Dragon Isle is easily recognized by the active volcano on it's western parts. If one was to observe the island from above, one would see that the island is shaped like the head of a dragon, thereby it's name. Near the center of the "mouth" of the isle, the Venomtail naga have established the outpost of Dragon Bay. Still, the island is far from safe. The ancient troll temple of Zul'Teras stands by the root of the mountain, and the troll activity at the temple has created much unease. Rumors speak that the trolls are attempting a dangerous ritual to make the volcano erupt, and adventurers venturing to the temple are quickly killed. Can anyone stop this disaster before it's too late?

The Great Sea Edit

The main addition in this expansion is the new continent The Great Sea. It will be built like Northrend, with two starting zones to choose between, and a PvP-only zone. What's new with The Great Sea is mainly that most of the zones will be completely surrounded by water, encouraging you to use your flying mounts to reach the other zones with ease. One zone will even be completely underwater, which will add a whole new feel to the mainly land-based action we're used to.

Gilneas 78-83 Edit

For years, the human kingdom of Gilneas has been secluded from the outer world, and not a single word has been heard from beyond the gates. Recently, however, the gates have opened, and refugees have been escaping the kingdom. As the kingdom is now open again, the landscape is no longer what it once was. Rampaging mor'guls, naga, and even the worgen curse has been running wild in this once-proud kingdom. The horde and the alliance have both set up bases in this fallen kingdom, with the abandoned fortress of Greyholde being taken and rebuilt by the forsaken, and the town of Havensport being the main outpost for the alliance and survivors that have stayed behind. From their bases, the horde and alliance seek to strike out the ravaging forces by attacking them at their vital point, the center of ruined capital of Gilneas, Greymane Citadel. Rumors also speak that Genn Greymane is still alive. Could he somehow be behind all this, against all odds?

Tel Abim 78-83 Edit

Konwn for it's world-famous bananas, Tel Abim is a tropical paradise for anyone who would like to relax and get away from the stresses of the world. recently, however, this tropical paradise has been taken over almost completely by the Venture Company, who plan to deforest the whole island, thereby completely removing the main export from the island permanently. This has made the trolls from the nearby outpost of Bloodfeather Village uneasy, and they have turned to the horde to aid them in getting rid of the threat. Meanwhile, parts of the Kul Tiras navy has established the base of Valorgarde on the eastern shores of the island, and are welcoming all alliance members to help out in eliminating the threat on the island.

Kezan 80-85 Edit

The home land of the goblins and their capital, Undermine. This island is widely known for being the center of goblin trade and for being the base of operations for the four goblin trade companies. However, not even the center of goblin civilization has escaped the recent invasions. While the invasions may not have been as intense as other areas, the goblins of Undermine are still seeking aid against the recent invasions, and they hire both horde and alliance adventurers to help drive the invading forces out. The recent invasions have also made the Edj trolls more hostile than ever, increasing the goblins' need for heroes more than ever.

Zandalar 81-86 Edit

Home to the ancient Zandalar tribe, the island of Zandalar is revered by all trolls, and is concidered sacred ground. Most trolls claim Zandalar is the origin of the troll race, and violence between the tribes is strictly forbidden. The recent invasions, however, have disturbed the tranquility of the trolls' sacred grounds, and both Murloc and Makrura tribes driven from their homes have emerged on the island, and are wreaking havoc on the ancient Troll homeland. Not to mention that the ancient troll temple of Aran'Zal has been completely taken over by these vile creatures. Now the Zandalar Prieshood, the ancient guardians of the temple, is recruiting brave adventurers to reclaim their sacred temple from these vile creatures.

Plunder Isle 83-87 Edit

Perhaps one of the most dangerous island on the Great Sea, Plunder Isle is a place of dread and piracy. It is here the Bloodsail Buccaneers have their base of operations, Bloodsail Hold. For unknown reasons, Plunder Isle has escaped the recent invasions, and it has made both the alliance and the horde uneasy. The Venomtail Naga have set up the horde base of Tidestrike Cove on the northern edge of the island, while the Gnomeregan exiles has set up Chromegear Harbour on the southeastern tip of the island. Why has the Plunder Isle been spared the recent invasions? What is Duke Falrevere and his pirates really up to?

Kul Tiras 83-87 Edit

The thriving nation of Kul Tiras is one of the strongest human nations, and their navy has contributed much to the alliance in past wars. Used to ever-present naga and murloc threats, Kul Tiras has been able to outlast the recent invasions suprisingly long. However, the nearby prison island of Tol Barad has emitted an aura that makes those living nearby at ease. Suspicions have risen that something horrible might have taken hold of the keep. The fallen town of Drisburg has been cleansed from scourge occupation by the forsaken, while Admiral Tandred Proudmoore directs the alliance forces from the Kul Tiras capital city of Boralus.

Broken Isles 85-90 Edit

A mysterious island chain close to the raging Maelstrom, the Broken Isles once were the location of the ancient city of Suramar. However, during the sundering, the city got destroyed and drowned, and forgotten over the following millenia. However, seeking entrance to the Tomb of Sargeras, and the powers kept withing, Gul'Dan the Destroyer rose the islands from the depths of the sea. However, the demons kept withing quickly overwhelmed him and his Stormreaver clan. Twenty years later, Illidan and his naga succeeded in what Gul'Dan had failed, to recieve the Eye of Sargeras, and wield the powers it contained. The islands are now cursed and twisted, and powerful demons and the vengeful spirits of the fallen Stormreaver orcs roam the islands, attacking anyone who would dare set their foot on the island chain. However, the night elf base of Warden's Plight still stands on the westermost isle, and the orcs of the Horde has rebuilt the Stormreaver Base Camp and are now ready to strike at any attackers. What lurks beneath the surface of the island chain is unknown, but whatever it is, it is certainly far too dangerous to face alone...

The Rift 87-90 Edit

Beneath the raging Maelstrom, on the bottom of the sea lies the root of the recent invasions. The cursed capital of Queen Azshara and her naga minions, Nazjatar, lies here, and it won't be long until she releases her full wrath upon the landwalkers. The nearby makrura, while not very friendly to outsiders, are recruiting brave adventurers to aid them against the oncoming storm from Nazjatar. The Makrura capital, Mak'aru, is now the main strike base against Nazjatar, and aid is needed from all heroes that can be found to ensure victory. The magic nature of this part of the sea has given suprising effects to all who adventure there. The water can be breathed, and the density has made it impossible to swim without special enchantments.

PvP Zones and battlegrounds Edit

Darkspear Isle ruins - PvP zone Edit

Former homeland of the Darkspear Tribe, this island was sunk, and now only a few islands remain where the Darkspear Tribe once had their home. Still, the Kul Tiras navy has much interest in the area, and won't give it up easily. Meanwhile, the Darkspear tribe, aided by the orcs of the horde, has been trying to reclaim the ancient home of the Darkspear tribe. Now a raging battle between the forces of the alliance and the horde is raging on the Darkspear trolls' ancient home, and won't cease until any of the fleets are defeated.

Objectives: Use ships to destroy and infiltrate the enemy base and their ships. Take control of the center cannon to gain the upper hand in the battle. Once the enemy base is destroyed, the winning team recieves a buff and a token each, which can be turned in. Then the zone will restart. Siege weapons: Battleships, Corvettes, Destroyers. Outlay: The zone is mainly set on 2 major islands to the north and south, which houses the bases. In the center stands a smaller island with the cannon. There are also two smaller islans on each side of the map. The horde and alliance entrypoints are heavily guarded, so don't expect to get in from behind.

Saltgorge Canyon - Battleground - 80-90 Edit

Objectives: Take over the keep in the center of the stage, kill the captain, then defend the keep from attackers until the time is up. Attackers will use siege weapons to open up the entrypoints, allowing access to the keep. The entryways can be reinforced, however, so finding the weak spots is vital. Outlay: There are two bases on both sides of the map, the alliance base to the west, and the horde base to the east. In the center stands the keep. The keep itself has 6 entrypoints, 3 on each side. The defending team has to keep steady watch over all the entrypoints. You can reach the opposite side entrypoints without having to enter the keep. The keep itself is guarded by a few hostile mobs, which needs to be taken down before you can take over the keep. The team killing the captain gains an honor and reputation bonus.

Dungeons Edit

Greymane Citadel Edit

The Citadel Gates 80-83 Edit

The gate and adjacent areas of the citadel have now been crumbled to ruins, and ferocious worgen now control the gates, attacking anyone on sight. How could the worgen curse have reached Gilneas despite their long confinement?

Golden Halls 90 Edit

The inner keep of Greymane Citadel has been completely overrun by naga and mor'guls. The once-proud halls of the citadel are now all run-down and ravaged. Instead of human servants and nobles, fierce mor'guls and sinister naga roam the halls. However, rumors speak that Genn Greymane is still alive and well. Could he be involved in this sinister plot?

I will add more dungeons later, but since I'm tired of writing about instances right now, I'll stick to something else.

New professions Edit

This expansion will contain not only one, but two professions, who used in a combination will create staffs, bows, maces, crossbows and wands with wood and similar materials.

New profession: Lumberjack Edit

  • Will generally use special axes or saws to harvest different types of wood from certain harvesable trees, that looks different from current trees.
  • Will be able to make lumber out of the wood you've harvested.

New profession: Woodworking Edit

  • Will mainly use lumber created from to create items.
  • Can create wooden rods and plain staffs which either can be used as weapons, or used by enchanters to make even stronger weapons out of them.
  • Can craft bows, crossbows and maces with increasing quality as your skill with woodcrafting increases.

Mounts Edit

Besides the already existing normal and flying mounts, this expansion will also feature a new means of transportation; naval mounts. Of cource, it will also feature new normal and flying mount models too, and will definitely add a distinctive theme to the expansion owners.

Normal mounts Edit

  • Snap dragon - Naga racial mount, horde only. Colors: Purple, green, black, orange.
  • Riding mules - Pandaren racial mount, alliance only. Colors: Silver, brown, grey, white.
  • Riding boar - Undermine exalted reward mount, all races. Colors: Brown, grey, black, white.

Flying mounts Edit

  • Riding roc - Zandalari priesthood exalted reward, all races. Colors: Gold, brown, silver, timber.

Naval mounts Edit

Naval mounts are the new type of transportation in the expansion. They will work where normal mounts will not, allowing quick transport across the seas of Azeroth. And while people may think they simply can use flying mounts to reach these places, they are wrong. Violent storms in the sky stop any attempts to fly, and the rider will be forced to land. This, however, encourages use of naval mounts to soar across the oceans, and reach new islands with ease. In The Rift, you can also use your naval mounts the same way as flying mounts work on land, meaning you can reach otherwise unreachable places with ease.

  • Couatl - horde naval mount. Colors: Purple, green, blue, red, black.
  • Sea Turtles - Alliance naval mount. Colors: Gold, green, orange, grey, cyan.

Factions Edit

The expansion will also feature a variety of new factions to gain reputation with, and I will mention a few of them.

Nar'Ranzja Edit

The reputation faction associated with the Venomtail Naga. Exalted reputation allows other horde races to purchase Snap Dragons.

Shodo-Pandar Edit

The reputation faction associated with the pandaren. Exalted reputation allows other alliance races to purchase Riding Mules.

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