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As I mentioned before in my profile, I am a roleplayer, and I roleplay a whole family on the server The Shatar Europe. The family's name is Dawnstar, and I currently roleplay only the current generation of the family. However, the family is wide, and those that I don't roleplay have an impact on the story too. I'd like to go through all the prominent family members, and explain them to you all.

The family Edit


This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Dawnstar Legacy

The legacy of the Dawnstar family.

Malanos the Elder Edit

Basically, Malanos is the first lord of the Dawnstar family. He used to be part of the highborne night elves, and was obviously exiled from the night elf along with the other surviving highborne. He and his wife, Salathis, was forced to stay behind during Dath'Remar's rebellion, all because Salathis had to give birth to thier son. During their late escape, however, Salathis got captured and taken back into the palace, leaving Malanos to leave alone with their son. Fearing to lose her, he sat and watched Zin-Azshari in the distance while the battle raged within. After the battle, however, none of the groups had found her in the temple, and as the waters from the waters of the Well of Eternity drowned the palace, Malanos lost all hope of seeing her again, presuming her drowned and dead.

The years went on, and later he lived with his son, Jaromen, in Manor Dawnstar at the western coast of Quel'Thalas. Now a noble among the high elven society, he had been recognized for his deeds in building of Silvermoon, and his great knowledge. However, he still couldn't shake the feeling of the loss of his wife, and even if he tried to spend some time with his son, it couldn't ease the pain of his wife's death. In the end, he couldn't take it anymore, and jumped from the balcony of the manor, falling to his death on the rocks below.

Salathis Edit

While Malanos presumed her dead, Salathis did, in fact, not die. Instead, she, as many other of the highborne in the palace, got transformed into the serpentine naga. Bittered at her transformation, and sad, she started to believe that Malanos wouldn't even recognize her anymore, and see her as a monster. Escaping the ruins of the palace, she was also ashamed to show herself to those she cared about. As she settled down to rest on a new-formed island, she cried out, because she didn't even dare to show herself to her husband anymore. It would then take ten thousand years for Salathis to gather courage enough to go look for her husband again.

Jaromen Edit

Jaromen is the first and only son of Malanos and Salathis. Raised only by his father, the only memory he had of his mother was a pendant that used to belong to her. It is said that only she knew how to open it. When Malanos died, he sunk down into a deep depression, but soon got over it when his wife, Ayanna, was confirmed to be pregnant. He knew that his father only would find true hapiness with his wife, and that it might have been the best for him to be in peace in his grave. Jaromen descided to name his new son Malanos, in honor of his own father, who had fought so hard to stand the loss of his wife.

Lostaros Edit

The first son and heir of Manor Dawnstar, Lostaros is a highly polite and prideful blood elf. As of his destiny of being the next lord of the family house, he is often known to be the one of center attention within the family. Many believe that by his manner, he is incapable of doing mistakes. In fact, he is very clumsy, and his pride only makes it worse. He is the kind of person that wants to make progress quickly, ignoring the concequences. Nevertheless, his patience is often evened out by his quick thinking.

Tironsarr Edit

A young Blood Elf born as the second child to Malanos the Younger, Tironsarr is a kind-hearted Blood Elf who only wishes the best not only for her people, but for her family as well. She is easy to talk to, and likes to listen to what other people have on their minds. However, sometimes her mood drops, at which point she gets easily annoyed, and sometimes even sadistic to things that are bothering her. Nevertheless, she is warm and caring, and she has compassion for many things, mostly because of her priesthood and devotion to the light.

Ralinnios Edit

The third child of Malanos the Younger, Ralinnios is a quick-witted Blood Elf with a good sense of humor. She have been viewed as strange and weird at times, but that is mostly because she is rather fishy. She is very subtle, and likes to sneak around a lot. She has served as an infiltrator several times, and her fast and inventive thinking has saved her on many occasions. Her bright attitude may make people annoyed of her at times, but it usually is a great relief rather than a bugging.

Fadrith Edit

Fadrith is the youngest child of Malanos the Younger. Unlike the other family members, he is only half-elven, being half of human blood. This has made him a bit of an outcast among the other family members, since he has mostly been raised by his mother rather than his father. Motivated mostly by money, he set out at a young age to become a mercenary. After a few years crude military service under the racistic Lord Garithos, he descided that it was time for him to leave the Lordaeron army to become a mercenary. His time is strictly bound to money, as long as he doesn't gain any money from it, he doesn't care about it. The only exception is drinking and gambling. He was a while ago thought to have died and raised as an undead minion of the Scourge, but has recently been confirmed to have been released from the Lich King's control and joined the cause of the Forsaken. Currently, however, he has been hired by the Forsaken, and traveled to Northrend as a mercenary to scout the continent. It is unknown what has happened to him since he travelled away.

Cayain Edit

Cayain is the cousin of the heir, Lostaros, and prefers to keep to himself most of the time. he is a skilled engineer, and has been schooled in the arts of engineering by the gnomes of Gnomeregan. Now, however, he has loosened his ties to the gnomes completely, and serves as a ranger near the border between the Ghostlands and Eversong woods. Often viewed as a lone wolf, he lives remote in his cabin in the Ghostlands. He usually has pretty odd habits, preferring guns over the standard high elven bow. That is justified, however, because his aim with a gun is deadly. His sharp senses has also made him a sharp survivalist, and most enemies that even comes close to him will be dead before they even know what happened.

Marnok Edit

Marnok is the half-sister of Cayain Dawnstar. Her nature is pretty odd in the family, mainly because she is half of orcish blood. By this reason, not many within the elven society, and even her own family, doesn't look very bright at her. She left her home at a young age to find more orcs, and hadn't been heard of until the Blood Elves joined the horde. At that point, she had embraced the teachings of the shaman, and learned the new orcish way of life. For this, she is very spiritual, and revere her ancestors very much. Recently, however, she has been contacted by the spirit of Malanos the Elder. He has said to Marnok that "she is not there", and this has confused her, and she has tried to soothe his spirit, but to no avail. For this, she has been trying to find out who "she" is, and has recently realized that he must refer to his wife, Salathis. Realizing that she must be alive, Marnok has contacted the other family members and tried to make them listen, but only one has been willing to listen, and that is Tironsarr.

Most of these mentioned family members are being roleplayed by me on the Sha'Tar Europe. If you see any of them in-game, you know that is me roleplaying them. I also would like to roleplay Salathis, but as of yet, naga is not a playable race. But to bring my story forward, i can only pray that Blizzard may make them playable one day. I am writing a story covering the events that I have planned for the family, and I'll make sure to post it here once it's done. Please keep the discussions in the discussion page, not here.

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