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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

These are my roleplaying character:

Lord Montgomery Charlton

NeutralNPC 32Lord Montgomery Charlton
Lord Charlton
Title <Earl of Stormglen>
Gender Male
Race(s) Human, Worgen Cataclysm-Logo-Small
Character class Warrior, Hunter, Aristocrat
Affiliation Kingdom of Gilneas
Position Earl of Stormglen
Location Ruins of Gilneas or Silverpine Forest
Status Alive
Relative(s) Lord Charlton the 1st (grandfather), Lord Charlton the 2nd (father)
Comp(s) Surly (steed)
"Indeed, I say"
—Lord Charlton

Lord Montgomery Charlton, 3rd Earl of Stormglen, is a Gilnean nobleman fiercely loyal to his King, Genn Greymane.


He is in his late forties. As many Gilneans, he is burly and gruff. The Earldom of Stormglen, which includes the land of Stormglen Village and The Blackwald, was given to his grandfather Winston Charlton by the king Archibald Greymane. After this, the Charlton family became a loyal adviser to the Greymane Dinasty.

Second War and the Greymane Wall

He was like twenty years old when the orcs launched an offensive against the Alliance of Lordaeron, thus starting the Second War. By the end of the war and the defeat of the Horde, he utterly supported the decision of King Greymane about leaving the Alliance and he received those news joyfully. Being extremely isolationist, he also supported the Greymane Wall's construction.

He soon learnt to hate Lord Darius Crowley and all those pro-Alliance mongrels. For him, they were merely traitors and secessionist. He became a close friend of King Greymane, Lord Hewell and the other two eastern lords, Lord Walden and Baron Ashbury, but he was in constant fight with Lord Vincent Godfrey, who he considered a selfish faker that held no true loyalty to their king. Because of that, Lord Charlton's only intentions were to cut off any political influence that both Crowley and Godfrey could hold, although unsuccessfully.

Civil War and Worgen Curse

With the start of the Northgate rebellion and the Gilneas civil war, Lord Charlton's worst fears came true. Shortly before the official beginning of the conflict, Lord Charlton, as earl of Stormglen, met with King Genn Greymane, Prince Liam Greymane, Gwen Armstead, and Lord Godfrey to discuss about the recent news of "rebellion" among the people in Northgate Woods. There, Gwen and Charlton swore allegiance to their king and promised to rule their respective holdings —Duskhaven and Stormglen Village, the two biggest settlements in Gilneas after Greymane City— in support of the monarchy and against the northgate rebels. And so they did. Lord Charlton was far more severe in his punishments than Armstead — soon Stormglen Village got free from traitors and criminals.

Lord Hewell

Lord Montgomery Charlton, is stylishly dressed nobleman

When Lord Darius Crowley and his underlings where captured and confined in Stoneward Prison, Lord Charlton received the news while he was in Stormglen. He prepared a carriage to leave to Gilneas City immediately, thinking the capital would be sunk in the feast and celebration — Sadly, it was not, for the Worgen invasion had begun. Riding through the misty roads of Gilneas, believing to be safe as the rebellion had ended, the carriage was suddenly attacked by a pack of feral worgen that came out of The Blackwald. Lord Charlton's escort was murdered by the beasts and he was bitten by one of those nightmarish creatures.

With their beloved lord lost without a trace, and thus without a true leadership except for some minor military, Stormglen Village soon fell against the worgen swarm that ravaged the town and spread the curse to all of its inhabitants. Those newly-turned worgen fled to the nearby Blackwald, running wild through the forest. There, a bloody worgen early known as Lord Charlton join them as one more of the pack.

The Cataclysm

After the Forsaken invasion and tremors of the Cataclysm, the surviving residents of Duskhaven —led by King Greymane and Mayor Armstead— fled to Stormglen Village, hoping to find safety in the arms of their friendly neighbors and to enjoy Lord Charlton's hospitality. They discovered that the residents of Stormglen disappeared without a trace, however, leaving the village abandoned.


Stormglen Village uninhabited

Soon after, Gilnean adventurers find out the population of Stormglen living safety in The Blackwald, under a big tree known as Tal'doren, though they had been all turned to worgen. Apparently, night elven druids helped those mindless creatures to regain their sanity. Lord Crowley was one of these new sane worgen, and so was Lord Charlton too. Although the earl, believing to be a monster and flatly refusing to consider the villanous Crowley his "brother", had given up the command of the Stormglen villagers. Charlton sunk into a deep depression believing that his king would treat him as the beast he was, until King Genn Greymane himself came to Tal'doren to parley with Lord Crowley, and revealed to be afflicted by the worgen curse too. This cheered up Lord Charlton and, after he was given an explanation to about the situation, the fracture of the Greymane Wall and the Horde invasion, he retook the command of a small worgen militia and swore to defend Gilneas and its people from any harm until death if necessary.


Tal'doren at Blackwald

Not so much later, Lord Godfrey, with the help of the eastern lords, Baron Ashbury and Lord Walden, kidnapped King Greymane and Lord Hewell, who had refused to help them betraying their king. Lord Godfrey had planned to turn Genn Greymane over to the Forsaken in exchange for an end to hostilities. Lord Charlton, furious with Godfrey and feeling betrayed by his old two friends, Ashbury and Walden, made peaces with Lord Crowley and lead a worgen party to ruin the eastern lords' scheme. Lord Charlton's allies triumphed as they saw how Godfrey threw himself over a cliff in Tempest's Reach, finding a certain death as he smashed against the sharp rocks below.

Lord Crowley founded the Gilneas Liberation Front to fight the Forsaken with the aid of the Alliance. Lord Charlton initially distrusted this organization and feared that this new Alliance was not legit, such as the previous one. However, he tried to get on well with Crowley and his night elven allies, and he joined the GLF along with his Stormglen militia, everything to preserve the safety in Gilnean lands. As long as Crowley fought selflessly to defend the people of Gilneas, Lord Charlton fought next to him, avoiding thinking of Crowley as a traitor. Together they pressed up the Forsaken through Silverpine Forest and Hillsbrad Foothills, and it was okay until...

Crowley's daughter, Lorna, was kidnapped by an undead Godfrey and Sylvanas used her to her own ends — if Crowley continued battling the Forsaken, Lorna would die and become an undead such as Godfrey. But, if he stopped leading the GLF and gave up defending Gilneas, Lorna would be set free. Lord Charlton believed the safety of Gilnean people was more important than a sole life, no matters if that life was Crowley's daughter's. Charlton believed Crowley thought that way too, and that he would resist stoically the lost of Lorna if that protected Gilneas. So Charlton got shocked when Crowley immediatly gave up and surrendered to Sylvanas, and he suddenly remembered all the hatred he felt toward the traitorous and criminal Lord Crowley back to the Civil war. Lord Charlton left the scene howling in anger, and fled back to Gilneas to regroup his forces in Stormglen Village.


He stubbornly refused to leave Gilneas, and preferred to stay in Stormglen instead of reaching safety in Darnassus or Stormwind City, strange lands he hadn't ever been to. If he had to die, he would die in Gilneas, where he belongs. He currently still hates Lord Darius Crowley, and he despises him more and more each passing day, as Charlton sees the lands of the beautiful Gilneas uninhabited and unprotected, left behind like if it was something you can throw away. To see Duskhaven underwater is terribly painful for him, and he can't stand walking through the empty streets of Gilneas City since it is left as an abandoned battleground. He considers himself a fanatically loyal servitor of King Greymane, but in turn he doesn't obey his king when he asks Charlton to leave Gilneas and reach Alliance territories.

Speaking of the devil, Lord Charlton has learnt to distrust the new Alliance as much as the original one, and he shows a xenophobic attitude towards any non-Gilnean that dares to enter the now ruined land of Greymane. Pretty much as during the Second War, he seems to think that a sole Gilnean army is able to stand against the Horde offensive, no matters if this has been proven to not to work. If he has to sacrifice his troops or his own life, he’ll do it to safeguard Gilneas.

He obviously thinks that fleeing to Alliance lands was an error that has to be fixed in order to retake their own territory, but King Greymane doesn’t seem to take seriously his old councilor’s advices. Lord Charlton hates the Horde and he utterly hates the Forsaken. What he really want is to see every undead exterminated and every orc slain, he wants to retake Gilneas and even the territories of Pyrewood Village, Ambermill and, if possible, the whole of Silverpine.

Some say Lord Charlton is an old megalomaniac man, insane of vengeance, that will lead himself and his troops to a certain suicide mission. But these troops, all of them from Stormglen and the Blackwald, follow their Lord with utter devotion, as they think they’re serving King Greymane by protecting the ruined lands of Gilneas.

Today, Lord Charlton is one of the really few individuals that continue to visit Prince Liam Greymane’s tomb in Aderic's Repose, as a proof of respect and loyalty to the House of Greymane.

Preceded by:
Lord Charlton the 2nd
Earl of Stormglen
Succeeded by:

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Lord Charlton the 1st

Lord Winston Charlton, 1st Earl of Stormglen, was a Gilnean noble and grandfather of Lord Montgomery Charlton. He was a close friend of both King Archibald Greymane and Lord Ashbury the 1st.

Preceded by:
New title
Earl of Stormglen
Succeeded by:
Lord Charlton the 2nd

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NeutralNPC 32Surly
Gender Female
Race(s) Swift Mountain Horse
Position Steed of Lord Charlton
Location Ruins of Gilneas
Status Alive

Surly is the steed of Lord Montgomery Charlton. She is a Gilnean Swift Mountain Horse. She has served Lord Charlton since she was born. After the attack performed on Stormglen by a pack of feral worgen, Surly ventured in The Blackwald, where eventually she was found safely by Alfred Sterling, who drove her to Lord Charlton again in Tal'doren.

She served as Lord Charlton's steed against the Forsaken Invasion in Gilneas City and Silverpine Forest. She now resides in Stormglen with his master.

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Alfred Sterling, Steward of Lord Charlton

NeutralNPC 32Alfred Sterling
Title <Steward of Lord Charlton>
Gender Male
Race(s) Human, Worgen Cataclysm-Logo-Small
Affiliation Kingdom of Gilneas
Position Steward of Lord Charlton
Location Ruins of Gilneas
Status Alive
"It is indeed a lovely afternoon for a ride in the carriage. Alfred, would you be so kind as to fetch the can of riff-raff be-gone? I'm afraid the commoners are being quite vulgar."[1]
"Yes, Lord Charlton"
—Alfred Sterling

Alfred Sterling is the Gilnean steward of Lord Charlton. He's and old loyal friend of his master.


Alfred has served the House of Charlton since he was a young kid, acting as office boy to Lord Charlton the 2nd. He is now in his sixties.

He was badly injured by the worgen pack that ravaged Stormglen Village while he tried to defend Lord Charlton's household in his absence. He ventured into The Blackwald fleeing from the slaughter. Alfred almost died until a moon priestess named Belysra Starbreeze found him nearby Bradshaw Mill and healed his wounds, though she was unable to prevent him from turning into a feral worgen.

Lord Darius Crowley and some night elven druids catched him and helped him to recover his sanity, thus becoming one of the Greymane worgen. In Tal'doren, Alfred met Lord Charlton, who had been turned into a worgen too. He entered again into his master's service by recovering his household chores. When Lord Charlton decided to stay in Stormglen instead of fleeing to Darnassus, Alfred stayed with him and today he continues serving his master in the retaking of Gilneas from Forsaken claws.


--IconSmall Worgen Male"Gilneas will be reborn from the blood of our enemies!" Kroenen thuzad (talk · contr)

Jan'thar Moonlight

AllianceNPC 32Jan'thar Moonlight
Gender Male
Race(s) Highborne night elf
Character class Mage, Warlock, Aristocrat
Affiliation Kaldorei (pre-Sundering), Burning Legion (War of the Ancients), Alliance (post-Cataclysm Icon Cataclysm 18x18)
Position Head of the House of Moonlight
Location Ruins of Eldarath, Azshara; Darnassus
Status Alive
"Elune? Bah! The Light of Lights is a thousand times fairer than she is!"
—Jan'thar Moonlight

Jan'thar Moonlight is a Highborne sorcerer and a skilled arcanist. He was part of Queen Azshara's royal court prior to The Sundering.


Jan'thar was the leader of one of the night elven Highborne Houses — the Moonlight. His family was from Suramar, the religious capital of the kaldorei race. Jan'thar used to study in the great Highborne library of Izal-Shurah, but he grew to despise the popular ambiance of the city, full of religious superstition often related to the low castes. As many other night elves, he hopelessly fell in love with the Queen Azshara, and eventually he gave up the worshipping of Elune, and instead began to zealously worship his queen as the goddess she should be. Later on, as his love towards his queen grew to burn him from the inside, he left Suramar forever and set his residence in the glorious metropoli of Zin-Azshari.

He became an sly politician and was always willing to go to any means to elevate himself in her queen's eyes. Bit by bit, he got into Azshara's Court within the Eternal Palace, an worked with many other arcanists draining the endless power of the Well of Eternity. But he rarely had friends. He envied Lord Xavius due to his proximity to the queen, and he hated Captain Varo'then because he was enamoured of her too. The only one he seemed to tolerate was Dath'Remar Sunstrider, always kind and compassionate with his highborne fellows.

War of the Ancients

When Lord Xavius convinced Queen Azshara to use the Well of Eternity as a portal that could grant the Burning Legion and Sargeras himself access to Azeroth, Jan'thar was initially suspicious. Xavius repeatedly claimed Sargeras' godhood, which Jan'thar refused to accept as Azshara was the only goddess he would worship. However, as Azshara herself was excited and ready to do whatever her councilor requested, Jan'thar resufed to heed his own will and bowed to his queen's selfish desires. He began to work with the other arcanist to focus the energies of the Well in a way the demons of the Burning Legion could travel through it from the Nether. And so they did. Hakkar the Houndmaster was the first demonlord to cross the portal, though many others followed him to bring destruction upon Azeroth, such as Mannoroth and, ultimately, Lord Archimonde.

At the beginning, Jan'thar feared the demons and trembled before the presence of a simple felguard, not to mention the dreaded nathrezim or the mighty annihilan. But eventually he learnt to treat and control those evil creatures, showing at least a moderate affinity to more sinister forms of magic than sorcery. He tried to follow the warlock path but he couldn't learn so much until the Kaldorei Resistance led by Kur'talos Ravencrest, was created to stop the Burning Crusade — thus, the War of the Ancients started.


The war went on for long time and Jan'thar remained apart from the continuous battles, staying in the back lines within the comfort of Zin-Azshari and enjoying the luxury and opulence of the Highborne Court. He and the other Highborne loyal to the Burning Legion, helped by the dreadlords, recklessly continued draining the energies of the Well, getting soon utterly drunk and imbued by its magic and power.

When his old home city of Suramar was destroyed by the summoned demons, and his rebel citizens were used by the nathrezim to accomplish interesting necromantic experiments, Jan'thar realised that Sargeras' intentions were to destroy the whole of Kalimdor. However, he didn't care as long as the demons promised to let Azshara and her Highborne zealots to retain their magical powers. Plus, the glorious queen couldn't be wrong as she had always been the undisputed and chosen ruler of the night elves, regardless what that tree-loving druid would say.

The Sundering

Finally, the Kaldorei Resistance led siege to the city of Zin-Azshari and Malfurion Stormrage, together with his beloved Tyrande Whisperwind and with the help of the dragonflights, assaulted the Eternal Palace and managed to confront Queen Azshara herself and her Highborne loyalist. In the middle of the battle, Jan'thar, escorted by demon underlings, continuously worked upon the Well of Eternity to open the portal that would grant Sargeras access to Azeroth. Fearing that the kaldorei forces were nearer and nearer, and finally aware that the queen had fled from the palace with the help of Captain Varo'then, Jan'thar found a way out of the battleground, leaving his arcanist fellows alone to stand before the ravaging night elven rebels that sought to destroy the portal they were opening.


Trying to run away from what he thought that was a slaughter between rebels and demons, he convinced part of the royal guards to scort him out of the city with the main purpose of regrouping with the queen in a new safe place. As the other sorcerers had died in the hands of the kaldorei, he plotted to become the sole skilled enough arcanist in the personal service of the queen. His schemes, however, were foiled by the cataclysmic destruction that happened in the moment the Well of Eternity exploded, resulting in the Sundering. The continent of Kalimdor fragmented in four minor land masses, and the magnificient city of Zin-Azshari flooded, sinking in the ocean.


Jan'thar had gone far enough from the metropoli core to not to perish in the middle of the destruction. He, along with a very few other Highborne survivors, reached the not-yet-ruined minor city of Eldarath. They gathered within the Temple of Zin-Malor, awaiting for news about what did exactly happen. Eventually, they learnt about the destruction of the Well, the defeat of the Burning Legion, and the demise of Queen Azshara, who they began to think had "passed away". The surviving Highborne refused to accept Malfurion and Tyrande's "New Order" and stubbornly preferred exile instead of giving up their arcane powers. Most of them fled along with Dath'Remar Sunstrider to unknown lands beyond the Great Sea, while others decided to move to the city of Eldre'Thalas under the leadership of Prince Tortheldrin.

The Exile

Jan'thar disgusted the idea of fleeing to an exile forced by low castes such us druids and priestess. He was still a Highborne and he had birthrights within his people! He stayed within the Ruins of Eldarath and lived in one of the forgotten arcane towers the kaldorei erected thousands of years ago. As the Well of Eternity's energies had been vanished, Jan'thar summoned different minor demons such as voidwalkers or wrathguards to sustain his immortality and arcane abilities via draining the demons' fel energy. Those vile creatures were held captives inside the catacombs beneath the Temple of Zin-Malor.


In the aftermath of the War of the Satyr, a satyr named Jaxxar reached Azshara while fleeing from Ashenvale, trying to get away from his night elven haunters. Jan'thar felt sorry for this wretched being and let him enter to his service as his personal steward.

Jan'thar usually traveled to Dire Maul to spend time learning the new lifestyle of his previously-aristocratic Highborne brothers and sisters. Many of them had concluded that "errors were made" and that allying with the Burning Legion was an error, implying that everything had been Queen Azshara's fault. Jan'thar didn't think that way. He began to disgust his own brethren as he saw them weak and manipulated by the new kaldorei government. Nevertheless, Jan'thar acknowledged the progress that they, led by Prince Tortheldrin, had achieved with the construction of the magic pylons and the enslavement of the demon Immol'thar. As the fel energies of minor voidwalkers were not as effective as the ones of Immol'thar, Jan'thar was forced to make a periodic pilgrimage seeking to feed upon those better magics if he wanted to maintain his arcane abilities.

Feralas Dire Maul

Millenia passed, and the thirst of magic finally madened Prince Tortheldrin and his Highborne Shen'dralar followers. While Jan'thar was away in Azshara, they tried to restrain their source of immortality only for themselves, so they slaughtered many of the other magic users within Dire Maul until they were sure the pylons and the energies of Immol'thar were safe at their hands. They grew more and more xenophobic, and when Jan'thar arrived to Eldre'thalas, they refuse to let him enter their sanctuary and drove him away from their lands.

The Third War and aftermath

Corrupted Moonwell

A corrupted moonwell in Felwood.

When the armies of the Burning Legion and the Undead Scourge invaded Kalimdor by second time, Jan'thar decided to stay away from the conflict. He had always been suspicious by nature, and without his beloved queen's leadership, he wasn't sure to side with his former masters. Jan'thar secluded himself within his arcane tower in Eldarath and simply waited hoping the war to end soon. Unfortunately, the vile satyr Jaxxar betrayed his master, telling Tichondrius the Darkener where could find the surviving arcanist. The dreadlord led a party of satyrs that found Jan'thar in Azshara and forced him to serve the Legion draining the power of the moonwells in Felwood. When Illidan Stormrage slayed Tichondrius, Jan'thar managed to escape from the satyrs that held him captive, killing the traitorous Jaxxar in the process.

WoWScrnShot 032911 181035

After that, Jan'thar reached the Ruins of Eldarath, aware that with Tichondrius' death and more troubling issues going on, the demons will not care about his departure.

Months later, when Archimonde and the Burning Legion had been defeated, strange, watery creatures that called themselves "naga" began to colonise Azshara and other regions in Kalimdor. Jan'thar tried to protect his valuable belongings beneath the Temple of Zin-Malor, but a sole mage couldn't stand against the endless waves of naga. Warlord Krellian soon conquered the temple in the name of Nazjatar. Jan'thar faced a severe withdrawal as his main sources of fel energy were lost in the hands of the naga. He survived via summoning minor demons like imps, creatures that he could handle with during his seclusion inside the arcane tower, sometimes draining a better amount of magic if he managed to capture a naga sorcerer. Nevertheless, Jan'thar began to study this new naga race and eventually he discovered who actually were them. Recognizing the fate of his lost brethren, he signed a truce with the naga and began to trade with them, though initially there was suspicion by both parties. When the naga became aware that Jan'thar's intentions were not to harm them, but rather to survive, they let him alone with his researches.

The Cataclysm

For long years Jan'thar languished inside his retreat of Eldarath, until the dragon the mortals call Deathwing arose and unleashed multiple earthquakes and tremors, resulting in the Shattering.

Bilgewater Harbour

The Horde then marched upon Azshara and claimed it as its own, giving the region to the goblin refugees of the Bilgewater Cartel. Working in Eldarath became almost impossible as Horde adventures led siege to the ruins seeking to drive out of the city the naga forces led by Lord Kassarus. Plus, the goblins had started to "reshape" the coastal land, resulting in an insufferable industrial noise. Holding no respect towards night elves, highborne or not, the Horde forced Jan'thar to left Azshara forever.

Jan'thar went on exile, trying to set his residence in Ashenvale. With no results due to the recent Horde invasion over the region, he began to hate the Horde. He tirelessly continued marching until he reached Darkshore, where he had never been to since before the Sundering, when Ameth'Aran and Bashal'Aran still were big highborne settlements under the government of Athrikus Narassin.

Auberdine Destroyed - Cataclysm Trailer

Auberdine in ruins

Jan'thar explored the region and he discovered the ruins of Auberdine, where he could feed upon the remaining energies of the abandoned moonwell. He settled there and eventually he met a party of night elven mages that went in pilgrimage from Dire Maul to Darnassus. They were going to reunite with Archmage Mordent Evenshade and were led by a Highborne mage named Daros Moonlance. Jan'thar introduced himself as Jan'thar the Gifter, and after they had explained him the events that led the Shen'dralar to rejoin their night elven brothers, Jan'thar decided to accompany them in their journey.


When they reached Teldrassil, Jan'thar firstly thought that the night elven druids had become too much arrogant and undisciplined for daring to create such a monstruosity without Nature's blessing. He veiledly smirked and got ready to show up within the night elf capital after being exiled for millenia. Finally, those kaldorei zealots realised the value of the arcana, and the importance of the Highborne caste!

Worgen District (Cataclysm)

The Howling Oak

While in Darnassus, he gathered with his mage fellows and some wolf-shaped allies inside a big tree called the Howling Oak. There, he met Archmage Mordent Evenshade, who, along with Daros Moonlance, had emerged as leader of the kaldorei mages of the "Alliance" — a pathetic group of multiple lower races that believe themselves to be skilled enough in the ways of arcane when they are no more than fledglings compared to the power of a Highborne. Jan'thar holds nothing more than contempt towards this Alliance. Evenshade seemed a dotard that regretted everything they —the Highborne— made in the past, blaming on Queen Azshara and the Legion for the Sundering, when it wasn't their fault, but Malfurion's brilliant idea to blow up the world all along with the Well of Eternity!

Temple of the Moon

Nowadays, Jan'thar "the Gifter" is focusing his efforts to secretly recruit the surviving Highborne and the new kaldorei mages to achieve his own purposes outside the official night elven objectives. This emerging group of arcanists have began to rebuild the former Highborne Houses, beginning with the House of Moonlight, which Jan'thar is the master of. Though he always states that they only want to "recall" old, better days, night elven authorities are suspicious and paranoid about this meetings.

In Darnassus, Jan'thar usually visits the moonwell inside the Temple of the Moon. There, he stares at its fathomless silver light, daydreaming to, someday, drain its great energies and become more powerful than any other Highborne alive or dead.

Officially, he will help the Alliance to fight the Horde because he does not want to see their land occupied by these green mongrels. however, the Alliance is merely the means to an end, as he share no love towards the other mortal races in Azeroth — excepting, perhaps, the high elves.

--IconSmall Worgen Male"Gilneas will be reborn from the blood of our enemies!" Kroenen thuzad (talk · contr)

Jaxxar, Steward of Moonlight

NeutralNPC 32Jaxxar
Title <Steward of Moonlight>
Gender Male
Race(s) Highborne (formely), Satyr
Character class Rogue, warlock
Affiliation Burning Legion
Location Killed while in Felwood
Status Deceased
"Moral — never trust a satyr again."
—Jan'thar Moonlight after killing Jaxxar

Jaxxar was a satyr who fled to Azshara from the War of the Satyr slaughter. He entered into service of Jan'thar Moonlight until he defected and betrayed his master by siding with the Burning Legion.


He was a Highborne prior to the Sundering who accepted Lord Xavius' gift and was turned into a satyr. He renamed himself "Jaxxar" and served the Burning Legion until it was eventually defeated by the Kaldorei Resistance.

After the War of the Ancients, Jaxxar joined his satyr fellows against the night elves, starting the War of the Satyr. When the night elves won the war, most of the satyr race was slain. Jaxxar managed to run away and left Ashenvale, reaching Azshara and hiding within the ruins of Eldarath. He was badly injuried, but Jan'thar Moonlight, the Highborne hermit that lived there, felt sorry about this wretched creature and decided to heal Jaxxar's wounds. The grateful satyr accepted to enter into Jan'thar's service as his steward.

Jaxxar helped his master to drain the magic from fel creatures like voidwalkers and wrathguards, demons that Jan'thar summoned whithin the Temple of Zin-Malor. While Jan'thar was absent during his periodic pilgrimages to Eldre'Thalas, Jaxxar held down the fort too.

Betrayal and death

When the Burning Legion invaded Kalimdor by second time during the Third War, Jaxxar secretly contacted the demonlords. He was ashamed that his master refused to help the Legion's forces against the kaldorei, so he decided to betray Jan'thar and imform Lord Tichondrius that he was hidding inside one of he abandoned arcane towers in Eldarath. The dreadlord commanded a party led by Jaxxar himself to catch Jan'thar and take him to Felwood, where he would drain the energy of the night elven moonwells as part of Tichondrius' scheme to corrupt the neighboring lands and forests.

However, Tichondrius was slain by Illidan Stormrage and the night elves decimated the satyr population of Felwood. This enabled Jan'thar to escape from his capturers and confront the traitorous Jaxxar. With no mercy, the Highborne sorcerer slaughtered his former steward and fed upon the energies of the dying Jaxxar, making the pain unbearable until the end.

--IconSmall Worgen Male"Gilneas will be reborn from the blood of our enemies!" Kroenen thuzad (talk · contr)

Lugosi Draykes, Her Majesty's Premier

HordeNPC 32Lugosi Draykes
LugosiDrake image
Title <Her Majesty's Premier>
Gender Male
Race(s) Human (formely), Forsaken undead
Character class Mage, Aristocrat
Affiliation Forsaken, Scourge (formely), Kingdom of Lordaeron (formely)
Position Head of Her Majesty's Government
Location Undercity
Status Alive
Relative(s) Morticia Draykes, Whorm Draykes (siblings)
"I have no conscience — the Dark Lady is my conscience."
—Lugosi referring to the war crimes that were committed under his government.

Lugosi Draykes is a Forsaken mage and aristocrat. He is the Head of the Forsaken Inner Circle and was appointed Head of Her Majesty's Government by Lady Sylvanas herself.

Preceded by:
New title
Head of the Forsaken Inner Circle
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
New title
Head of Her Majesty's Government
Succeeded by:

Whorm Draykes, Champion of the Forsaken

HordeNPC 32Whorm Draykes
Title <Champion of the Forsaken>
Gender Male
Race(s) Human (formely), Forsaken undead
Character class Death knight, Aristocrat
Affiliation Forsaken, Death knights of Acherus, Scourge (formely), Kingdom of Lordaeron (formely)
Position Forsaken military
Location Undercity
Status Alive
Relative(s) Morticia Draykes, Lugosi Draykes (siblings)

Whorm Draykes is a Forsaken death knight and aristocrat. He styles himself as "Champion of the Forsaken".

Morticia Draykes, Sorceress of the Court

HordeNPC 32Morticia Draykes
Title <Sorceress of the Court>
Gender Male
Race(s) Human (formely), Forsaken undead
Character class Warlock, Aristocrat
Affiliation Forsaken, Scourge (formely), Kingdom of Lordaeron (formely)
Position Member of the Forsaken Inner Circle and personal advicer to Sylvanas
Location Undercity
Status Alive
Relative(s) Whorm Draykes, Lugosi Draykes (siblings)

Morticia Draykes is a Forsaken warlock and aristocrat. She's a member of the Forsaken Inner Circle (which is led by his older brother Lugosi) and a skilled sorceress within Lady Sylvanas' Court.

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