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Krasusinwow Edit


My intro into wowwiki: I've been using wowwiki to look up things about world of warcraft for about two years. I also often use it to fill my blood elf magic addiction like craving for lore.

Top Ten Favorite lore topicsEdit

For the most part they are in order from most liked to least liked. I am considering moving Demons up the list.

Favorite Lore Topics
1)Dragons, Dragon Flights, the Aspects
2)The Pantheon/ Titans, Sareras, The Old Gods
3)Shaman, Shamanism, The Elements
4)Orc and Nightelf Lore
5)The War of the Ancients(WOTA Novel Version by Richard A. Knaak)
6)The History of Magic, Gaurdians of Trisfal, Kirn tor, The Violet Eye, Archmages, Spellcasters
7)The travels of Brann Bronzebeard
8)Demons( In particular Pitlords/Anninhilan, Manari, and Voidwalkers)
9)Demon Hunters
10)Troll Lore

Wowwiki TeamEdit

Want to be a bookkeeper and will keep editing till I reach the edit requirements.

Favorite Characters in WoWEdit

Krasus/Korialstrasz, Drek'thar, Antonidas, Rhonin, Cenarius, Nozdormu, Malygos, the Mountain Kings, Chen Stormstout, and the riflemen of wcIII (they say the darnest things ^_^).

World of WarcraftEdit

I played as a tauren shaman spirittower most of the time. I was known in my guild for having over 20 twinks on various servers. This is my wow story.

The BeginningEdit

I started playing wow a little while after it came out. I had played Warcraft II, and both Warcraft IIIs, but I always thought the idea of paying for wow was out of the question. Then my cousin let me play his account for a little while and I got hooked. My favorite part was always lore. During instances, raids, group parties, and quest help, everyone I played with would complain that I took too long to read the quest. Thats probably why some people passed me up. Eventually I hit 60 and did my best to raid and quest as much as possible. After getting a hybrid combo of tier 2 and 3 I started pvping which I soon began to do as much as questing, rep earning ect.

The GradesEdit

They were not too good so my parents made me stop T_T. I threw myself into studing lore even more.

The New Beginning to an Old EndEdit

The Burning Crusade had come out when I was in school so I was unable to play with my friends when it started. As soon as summer started I took up WOW again. This time, more religiously than I had done so previously. I accelled quickly to 70 and began collecting quests for lore material and rep. I raided a bit but not as much though. I was soely commited to becoming revered with all possible factions while still awaiting patch 2.3. I waited for what seemed like an eternity. Turns out I only waited 3-4 months or so. Unfortunately in that time period school started up again and I was forced to stop in fear of my grades becoming too low.

The Private SeverEdit

After stopping WOW I tried to find a subsitute. I found three things, a wii, wcIII, and a private sever. Needless to say the private sever prooved to be almost as addicting to me as was the real game. The only problem was that lore and quests were completely oblitherated from the context of the game. After many frustrating runs of BT over and over, I uninstalled wow from my computer and have not played it ever since.

The SubsEdit

I have played wii ever since I quit WoW. I am a ranked super smash bros brawl player and an avid Star Wars fan awaiting the release of the new Force Unleashed game. I still looked at the main site and wowwiki to see what is happening in the world of warcraft. I even played Warcraft III but it is still not the same. I feel like i thirst for something more...

About me(out of wow)Edit

Note: Some of these things may be repteated from my wow story above. I play tennis(competitively), do sparring in taekwondo(competitive black belt level), play super smash bros (ranked competitively, hate two classes in school [PE(bad teacher), and Contemporary Issues(unreasonable teacher who is nice but gives way too much homework). I like to read warcraft novels(not RPG) and am awaiting Richard A Knaak's "Night of the Dragon".

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