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AllianceNPC 32Yorgg Thunderfist
Title <High Protector>
Gender Male
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Reaction 1
Affiliation Ironforge
Position Protector of the Throne
Location Unknown
Relative(s) Brem Thunderfist (presumed)

High ProtectorYorgg Thunderfist is the first in the secret line of the Thunderfists to have served and protected the throne of Ironforge, ever since the reign of the mighty king Madoran Bronzebeard.

Early LifeEdit

Yorgg was born in Ironforge, sometime before the War of the Three Hammers. He had just matured when the war started, and he joined the army to defend his home. Originally he started to train in the ways of the priest, but when the war came he was forced to pause his studies and go to the front. When the war finished he returned to Ironforge but never resumed his training as a priest.

Forming of the ThunderfistsEdit

Although the war had ended, turmoil was still shaking the throne of Ironforge. He and a small group of dwarfs, willing to devote themselves to preservation of the Bronzebeard bloodline and their reign over Khaz Modan. They chose him to be their leader and they all took up the name Thunderfist. Soon after the creation of the clan, they were assigned their first mission...scouting. Yorgg and his friends became mountaineers and kept scouting the mountains around Ironforge for trace of a concealed army. They were diligent and thorough on their mission, and yet they haven't found trace of an attack. After a month, the mission was aborted, but Yorgg decided to go for one, last look. That last survey nearly cost him his life, but it was also the beginning of the Thunderfist Legacy.

Legacy of The ThunderfistsEdit

Scouting missions proved to be inefficient, probably due to rumors being false. However, Yorgg decided to go on a survey, one, last time. He packed up his gear and ventured far away from Ironforge, not even noticing that he's gone way further than ever. He climbed a suspicious mountain top, one that he had never seen before, deciding to investigate it. About a half way up, he reached a plateau, perfectly flat and covered with snow, with only one runed, well shaped stone, erecting at the middle. It's runes radiated with silver glow, it's appearance mystic. Even the magic-dull dwarf could sense the power drawing him closer. He approached it and carefully touched it. Suddenly, lightning bolts stroke from the heavens and directly to the rock. Yorgg felt the raw power surge inside him, but not even his mighty dwarven body couldn't endure such a shock. He was thrown away from the stone and down a slippery slope, eventually stopping in a mound of snow, losing his consciousness. He woke up several hours after, finding that the cold snow and harsh weather haven't touched him a bit. He felt stronger, lighter, powerful. He tried to find the plateau again, but with no luck. He returned to Ironforge to inform his comrades of his doings, but to their surprise, he came back an old man. His face gone pale and wrinkled, his hair and beard longer and white. He remained the leader of the Thunderfists, the name now adequate to his powers, determined to oversee the safety and well being of the throne and it's masters. Thus, the Thunderfist Legacy had begun.


Powers Yorgg absorbed from the stone were passed down his bloodline as his family grew. Sometimes in combat, eyes of some Thunderfists glowed with silver light, as if the lightnings themselves were trapped inside. Some witnessed, even, invoking the powers of lighting and control over weather and elements by the dwarves of the Thunderfist line. However, their connection with shamanistic powers are still just a speculation.

The Legend Lives OnEdit

Defending the throne of Ironforge for a very long time, Yorgg noticed that leaders changed, and his own clan members died of old age, but he stayed the same. He had grown wary of the wars and conquests, and he knew that he couldn't defend the throne forever. He was looking to find a successor among his clan, but none of them deemed worthy to bare such a gift. He realized that the best choice for his successor would be his own son. So he found a young dwarf woman and married her. Soon his child was born. They named him 'Dugrim' and when he grew old enough, sent him to Stormwind to train and become a paladin. He eventually was admitted to the ranks of paladins and vowed to defend and serve his people. So when the orcs first invaded Azeroth, both father and son went to battle. After years of war, the Fel Horde was defeated and the Alliance was triumphant. Dugrim decided to move to Redridge Mountains and start his family there. Before leaving, Yorgg gave him a departure gift, almost all of his power. Even though he was power infused, Holy powers within him blocked out the new gift. Yorgg, however, wasn't disappointed. He knew that the power would remain with his son and will be passed on to his grandson upon his birth.

Thunder's DepartEdit

Yorgg's son, Dugrim, became a powerful and proud paladin. He had met a young dwarven woman on his journey to Redridge, and she became his good friend. They soon became more than friends and passed on as lovers. A few years after his arrival to Redridge, their offspring was born. They lived happily in their little village, few miles away from Stonewatch, until the day the orcs had risen from their vile stronghold in the Black Mountain. They stormed Redridge, slaying everyone in their path. Dugrim and his comrades fought valiantly, but outnumbered, they had fallen before the reinforcements could arrive. News of his son's demise caught Yorgg on his journey to Redridge, to meet his grandson. Dire news shattered him. He turned his horse and rode of to wilderness, never to be seen again.

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