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AllianceNPC 32Brem Thunderfist

Dwarf Paladin

|Image of Brem Thunderfist]]
Title Protector of the Throne
Gender Male
Race(s) Dwarf
Character class Paladin
Affiliation Alliance
Church of the Holy Light
Position Protector of the Throne, Defender of Ironforge
Location Storm Peaks
Status presumed deceased
Relative(s) Yorgg Thunderfist
"I shall not fail my king!!"
- Brem to himself while fighting in Storm Peaks

Brem Thunderfist is a Paladin in the service of King Magni Bronzebeard. He's devoted to protection of the throne of Ironforge and is considered to be a part of a small group of dwarves called the Thunderfists.

Early LifeEdit

Brem was born in Redrige Mountains, as a son of dwarven paladin, Dugrim. His family had lived near the Stonewatch Keep for many years before the orcs came from Burning Steppes, accompanied by a renegade human warlock. On their rampaging conquest they entered the village and slain all the inhabitants. Brem's mother, though wounded, carried her baby from the village and to the Keep. She sacrificed herself so she could save her infant, bringing him to the gates and dieing soon after. Brem lived in the keep until the orc invaders finally attacked it and then he was sent to Stormwind City with a small escort party.

During his upbringing, he showed affinity toward holy light, and his training soon began.

As the years passed he became an honorable and proud paladin of the Holy Light, serving his people and the Alliance as best as he could. However, over the years, his curiosity toward the dwarven people and his own family grew bigger and he decided to leave Stormwind and head to Ironforge to reveal the truth.

The ThunderfistsEdit

When he arrived to Ironforge, he didn't know who to address, so he decided to stay in a local inn for the time being. A week after his arrival, a strange old dwarf approached him, his face seemed familiar. Dwarf introduced himself as a friend of his father, but wouldn't say his name. He explained that Brem is the last descendant of the Thunderfists, a small group of dwarfs sworn to protect the throne of Ironforge. He said that the Thunderfists had a connection to the nature, unlike other of their kin, some of them even able to invoke the power of lightning. Brem didn't believe this at first, but he allowed the old dwarf to take him to a top of the mountains surrounding Ironforge. There he showed him an ancient stone artifact, which upon touching glowed brightly and induced Brem into a state of trance in which he had a revelation. When he finally mastered his senses, he found that the old dwarf had disappeared. He descended the mountain and went to Ironforge, this time knowing who he was, and what his role was...safeguarding the throne of Ironforge.

The Frozen Shores of NorthrendEdit

Over the course of years and the events that had occurred forced King Magni Bronzebeard to react to Scourge Invasion (Stormwind). He's ordered invasion on Northrend, along with the other Alliance representatives. And so Brem has found him self in yet another struggle, serving his king. He had obeyed every order and participated in the war against the Scourge until he had gone missing somewhere in the Storm Peaks.

Proof of DemiseEdit

He was sent to the Frosthold as ab emissary of Ironforge. He was accompanied by a few fellow soldiers, on this perilous journey, but he prefer traveling alone. One day, during their travel, they've suddenly found themselves in a middle of a blizzard. That unnatural blizzard concealed dozen of scourged Ymirjar who ambushed Brem and his escort as soon as they got in range. Although they fought hard to defend themselves, one by one they soon fell. Only a few survived that encounter, running away from the battlefield and witnessing Brem disappearing in the blizzard, still fighting off the undead. Since then, no one has heard of the unfortunate paladin, and the fate of the last Thunderfist, remains unknown.

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