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A Horde fanboy.

-firm believer that Blood Elves and Forsaken on the whole are not evil.
-subscribes to that kooky theory that M'uru voluntarily submitted himself to capture by Kael'thas' forces and allows his power to be used by the Blood Knights hoping that he can somehow influence the Blood Elves and bring them back to the Light.
-hoping that in an upcoming expansion that the Sunwell, Undermine, Gilneas, and Northrend will become accessible.

-working on his alts & neglecting his main (finally broke 60, been working a lot on my professions, especially Blacksmithing)
-the Cooking skill. It's just cool for some reason.
-having a shaman. Even though they need CC (they finally got it!).
-the occasional serious world raid (not hitting Astranaar with a bunch of people who aren't even lvl 40 yet).
-Metal \nn/ >_<

-Any kind of Gnome.
-Any variation on the name "Legolas" or "Sephiroth".
-People who do nothing in BGs except sit there and criticize, or say something to the tune of "Sorry, on the phone!" a million times.
-How expensive getting mounts and making decent items in some of the professions is.

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