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The Emerald Dream. A realm of fantastic sights, a realm long held sacred by the Tauren and Night Elves. It is also a realm that is now brewing over with chaos.

A large area of this fairly peaceful realm has become corrupted by an entity known only for the moment as The Nightmare. Despite their best efforts, the Druids are losing their fight against the Nightmare. Desperate for help, Malfurion Stormrage has made a call out to adventurers of the Alliance to come assist. Not wanting to lose a possible realm to solely the Alliance, Cairn Bloodhoof has requested that the Horde's brave people go as well.

New ClassesEdit



New ZonesEdit

Eye of YseraEdit

Neutral Capital of the expansion.

Verdant PlainsEdit

Emerald ForestEdit

Chaos MountainsEdit

Turquoise DesertEdit

Dream MountainsEdit

Tainted SwampEdit

Ysera's DreamwaysEdit

The NightmareEdit

Level Cap IncreaseEdit

Yes, the level cap shall once more be moved up, allowing adventurers to get all the way up to level 90!

New BattlegroundEdit

The Twilight Island is a zone-sized area that pits the Alliance against the Horde! The two factions control a keep each, and between them is a lush forest filled with ancient druidic monuments and locations. Control of these grant special benefits to the side controlling them. After a 20 minute battle for as many of these as possible, whichever faction controls the most wins a continent-wide buff, The Dreaming Surge (?), which gives a slight (5%) increase in damage and defenses. After one hour, the zone resets, allowing the factions to wage war once more for the buff.

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