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Neutral 32Aznable
Aznable Sin'anar
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Character class rogue
Affiliation The Horde
Position Herbalist, skinner, First Lieutenant
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Sister Talah'rini (insane)

Quick Bio Edit

Aznable was raised in what amounts to near poverty by High Elven standards. His father never amounted to much but being the head of the small house, while his mother was just a lowly practitioner of arcane magics. This is not to say that his childhood and adolescence weren't happy, just that his view of the world is different than that of your typical elf.

Around the age of 50, Aznable had a run-in with authorities for his attempting to smuggle some diamonds into Silvermoon (diamonds that had been stolen from travelers). He served his sentence, but came out changed. He had had to adapt to the cell and prison life, and was never the same.

When the various wars occurred, Aznable did the best he could, finding work for Silvermoons small but proud fleet. He served with honor for a short time until his criminal record was found out. He was dishonorably discharged and abandoned near Westfall just as Silvermoon was coming under attack. He made the long and dangerous journey, having to rely on luck and wits to make sure he made it home safely, but being abandoned had done something to the man...

When he finally arrived at Silvermoon, the city and Sunwell were wrecked. He remained with the majority only for what remained his family (his parents and older brother were killed, and his sister is now quite gone in mental capacities). He took the mantle of being head of the House grudgingly, and made his way to Sunstrider Island when news that people like himself could "learn the necessities to survive."

He found himself being put through trial after trial, mastering the arts of the shadow and more. He also found himself hired to "remove the stain that is Felendren."

He moved on, using his skills as best he could when he heard the call of a woman. This woman was "Jenabur,"and she was looking for men and women to take up the mantle of her organization. Aznable would have kept moving until he heard that the people who donned said mantle would be "aptly rewarded for their services monetarily." He quickly joined on, and found himself all the richer.

He quickly rose through the ranks, much to his and many others surprise. He proved himself effective to his superiors, and they did not care for his criminal past.

While wandering the Bazaar in Silvermoon, he was approached by "NAME", who had heard of him through various sources, and that of his organization, the "Soldiers of Misfortune." He relayed a message from her to Master Jenabur, and found himself appointed to go to a meeting. There, he discovered that it was a meeting to discuss a "confederacy/alliance of various organizations so as to spread our resources, and better organize ourselves." He was a deciding factor for the formation of the "Circle of Honor," and is now Representative of the SoM to the CoH.

He began journeying to the Ghostlands, the desolated realm to the south of Silvermoon and Eversong, when tales of fortune to be had reached his ears. He found the realm nearly dead, one of the most decimated areas of the scourge. He found himself in the employ of the remaining elves in Tranquillien, and, uniquely, the Forsaken. He found allies from the Soldiers of Misfortune, plus a few others, and they journeyed for a bit, him ever becoming richer and more powerful. They even slew two of the most wretched beings to walk the earth, Luzran and Knucklerot. He found himself nearly abandoned shortly afterward, and had to sneak back to Tranquillien under darkness.

Once back at Tranquillien, he saw several people lying about the inn near death. He heard that they had been sent to fight "the Traitor", Dar'Khan Drathir, but had been ambushed by his Lieutenants. He headed towards the Farstrider Enclave to learn more. He was sent abroad by the Rangers, and discovered his journal. He learned of the evil elf, and vowed to defeat (something that Aznable rarely does). He hopped the next Bat to Silvermoon, and got supplies that he felt vital to the mission.

When he returned to Tranquillien, he found fellow Soldiers of Misfortune Arcinian, Lailaianwyn, and Selinestia. He found that they too had heard the pleas to remove "this blight", and they made their way up the Dead Scar to Deatholme, Dar'Khan's "residence." They had to sneak about, but were able to catch the four Lieutenants by surprise (instead of vice-versa), and learned from them before their deaths that Dar'Khan was to be found in the "dead center" of Deatholme, in the "Tower of the Damned." Feeling themselves unbeatable, the band made their way to the Tower, but found themselves expelled from it's inner sanctum, and fell back. Regrouping, they devised a plan in which Arcinian's demonic minion, a voidwalker, would lure the Evil out of his chambers. Once out, Lailaianwyn would assist Selinestia to slow him down, while Aznable would do all he could to attack from the shadows. The Battle was long, and two all were injured, but Dar'Khan finally fell before them. They made their way back with the once powerful mages head.

They parted ways soon afterward, but vowed that if any of their group needed assistance, then they would be honor bound to assist.

Aznable made his way back to Silvermoon, and received a heroes welcome from the Triumvirate. He was ordered to use the newly formed Orb of Translocation to speed his trip to Undercity, and show that through Aznable and others like him, the Blood Elves surely deserved a place within the Horde. He did as he was told, and found the Ruins of once great Lordaeron. Upon entering, he was approached by a Forsaken mage and warlock, who demanded to know if Aznable could hear the "voices." At first, Aznable thought these men mad, but his ears perked up, and he heard far off echoes of the past. He learned of the history of the chamber, and how several Forsaken thought themselves mad for hearing the voices. However, when the mage began to ramble that he could also see Terenas still upon the throne and that "all others are blind in not seeing him," Aznable slowly backed away, leaving the two Forsaken in the midst of arguing over whether or not the mage was insane.

He made his way into the bowels of Undercity, and after arguing with some undead guards, was allowed an audience with their queen, Sylvanas Windrunner. He approached the former High Elf with caution, and presented two things of interest. First was the head of Dar'Khan. She thought for only a moment and informed Aznable that it would be best to go to Durotar, in Kalimdor, where Thrall, leader of the orcs and de facto head of the Horde resided, but had no doubt that the Horde would accept the Blood Elves. Then, as she turned to leave, Aznable informed her of one more thing he had come to Undercity to present to her. He revealed a small blue locket, and said that he believes it was important to her from her past. She took it, and looked at it whimsically. Then, sheer anger came over her. She threw it to the ground and stated that she did not care about the small trinket, and stormed out. As Aznable turned to leave half confused, he heard from her sanctum a song he had not heard in years: Lament of the Highborne.

He found that travel between Kalimdor and Lordaeron had become substantially easier than years past with the introduction of a Zeppelin system. He made his way out of the Ruins, and made his way to Kalimdor.

He found the city of Orgimmar. He wandered the streets, amazed at the unique blend the city had been able to manage. He had heard of the orcs shamanistic ways, but he knew first hand their warrior habits. Somehow the city, along with the (disgusting) troll inhabitans, had found not only a balance between these two ways of life, but also for those who dabbled in the arcane and people like Aznable who found their ways in the shadows.

He slowly approached the Grommash Hold, the keep of the Warchief Thrall, with anticipation. If done correctly, the Blood Elves would find new, strong allies. But if it went badly... Well, Aznable never liked thinking like that.

He was allowed entrance to Thrall's inner sanctum. He noted the vast "rug" in the center of the room and how it looked to him like the Orcs had already determined the division of Kalimdor.

After waiting for a short time, the Warchief entered with a small entourage. Aznable saluted, and the leader of the Horde saluted back (Aznable had heard stories of the Warchief, and all of them seemed both true and greatly below this powerhouse of an orc). He knelt before Thrall and was about to speak when Thrall spoke first.

"Rise, Blood Elf. I may lead the Horde as well as the Orcs, but I began life a slave, and do not take well to signs of fealty." Aznable rose and looked at the orc in a different light. He was built like most orcs, wide in the shoulders and strong, but if one looked into his eyes, you could see the twinkle of intelligence and wisdom rarely seen even amongst the Elves.

He presented himself, plus Dar'Khan's head, and stated that, by writ of letter as well, the Forsaken and Blood Elves sought to bring themselves closer to the Horde. The Blood Elves felt betrayed by the Alliance, and were already close to the Forsaken, so to bring them into the Horde would simply verify that the Blood Elves also deserved what was rightfully theirs: a place in the sun.

Thrall thought for a few moments, and informed Aznable that he would have to discuss this with the Tauren and Trolls before he could validate any agreements. Aznable was allowed to stay at a (clean) inn for the evening.

The next morning, Aznable was approached by an Orc who stated his name was Lot'thran, and that Thrall sought the elf. He acquiesced, and followed the orc to Grommash Hold.

"Elf, we have discussed through the night, and are pleased to inform you that the majority has agreed to accept the 'Sin'Dorei' into the Horde." He approached Aznable with a smile on his face, and slapped the Blood Elf on the shoulder. "Welcome to the Horde..."

Aznable relayed the news as quickly as possible back to Silvermoon (as well as his fellow Soldiers), but remained in Orgrimmar. He began to explore the "forgotten" continent of Kalimdor...

He wandered Orgrimmar for a short while, and met a man who was also a rogue, one Shenthul. He talked with the troll for a while (disgusted with himself that he was talking at all with a troll), and learned that the troll was also "one of shadows an' daggers." He also apparently needed "assistance," so to speak. He hired Aznable to go "deal wit a rogue most foul in de Barrens." Along the way, Aznable also assisted a goblin with his (attempted) robbery of the Venture Company.

Once he made it to where he needed to go, he fired the two flares into the air, as Shenthul had advised. He was approached by a dwarf who gave him some info on the tower where he needed to go. He completed this mission with gusto, though he was forced to retreat once.

Upon completion, he began continuing his exploration. He heard of a town called "Crossroads," though it could have been the name for the region, he wasn't sure because the orc who informed him of it was in a hurry of some sort. He actually began hearing clashes of steel and arcane words exploding with force as he approached, and saw a large battle commencing. He skirted the edge of town, and decided to just head to Ratchet, a town he had also learned from the orc.

Ratchet was as close to home as the rogue had felt in days. The vibrant energy of the goblins and others was just what he needed. However, upon his fourth day there, he was in need of some "stretching," and so readily agreed to work for a goblin who wished of him to go south along the shore and "plunder some plunderers."

His task done, he began back to the inn he was staying at, and found a letter from his guild (he had sent notice upon arriving in Orgrimmar back to Jenabur and Elem, the two masters of the Soldiers). He read the letter several times, packed his meager belongings (selling some to lighten his load), and began his trek back to Orgrimmar for the zeppelin.

He was met in Undercity by Lailaianwyn, who then led him to the "Shadowfang Keep," a several days walk to the south. The soldiers had decided that they should help the Horde in removing this threat. They sneaked in (with Aznable picking the locks), and slowly made their way to Arugal himself. Under the combined might of him and his fellow Soldiers, Arugal fell. A quick looting of the room, and a quicker retreat ensured booty and safety for him and his comrades. Once out of sight of the Keep, they parted ways. He had heard of Dalaran wizards and Syndicate activity to the South and east, and sought to "serve his part (and get rich)." He made his way to Tarren Mill.

Once to the the former Human town, he set about establishing himself. He successfully dealt with some nearby humans, and even freed some orcs who were being held at Durnholde. However, he once again felt the pull back to Kalimdor, and caught the next Bat flight to Undercity.

He Eventually found himself in Ratchet, and found a few odd jobs before moving on to the Stonetalon Mountains. He dealt with the "troublemakers" in the North of the Mountains, and was informed that he should "finish the job" by going and killing Ordanus. He left after taking the job, and made his way to the Crossroads.

He awoke one morning and found an odd sight: several fellow soldiers and a few mercs on their way to finish some jobs. He talked with them, and agreed to go to Blackfathom Deep and Razorfen Kraul.

The treks were long and arduous, but the Soldiers and Mercs overcame, and Aznable found himself all the richer.

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