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Character Information: KoilieEdit

Koilie is a Troll Priest currently residing on the US server Alterac_Mountains. Alterac Mountains has been her home since joining the guild vodka. Previous realms visited include Shadow Council where she spent a year and Moonrunner Prior to that.



Guild History (Recent to Oldest)Edit


After a long and exciting time in eG, Koilie eventually decided to take the game to the next level. A level that of play that was always the intended goal. The Top. Koilie applied to and was accepted as a trial into the Alliance guild vodka on Alterac Mountains. At the time they were #1 in the US and #5 in the World for WoW PvE. After progressig through the Dragon Soul raid with vodka Koilie was promoted to a full time member and has raided in vodka ever since, helping them to maintain a top position in the world playing field as well as securing many sponsorships including, but not limited to a position on the prestigious Team Razer.

Vodka vs Imperial Vizier Zor'lok11:02

Vodka vs Imperial Vizier Zor'lok


Koilie was an Officer in the guild Excessive Gaming. The guild was created on February 5th 2010 midway through progression into Icecrown Citadel, the final true dungeon of the Wrath of The Lich King expansion. On July 12th 2010 eG, after months of hard work and practice, defeated The Lich King in 25 player Heroic Difficulty securing their place as a top Horde guild. Ending the expansion with an impressive spot as realm #3 and US# 67 after only forming 5 months earlier and climbing through the ranks to knock out many other top contenders. Koilie participated in the guilds first kills of Heroic Sindragosa, Heroic Putricide and Heroic The Lich King.


Exodus on Shadow Council US was Koilie's home for about a year. Joining during the early days of the expansion Koilie progressed through the entry content including Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity and "Sarth 3d". Next came Ulduar. Arguably the best raid instance of the expansion. Progression into Ulduar was slow at first as the guild had recently suffered the loss of some of its key players, but after some serious recruiting they were back on their feet and slowly climbing towards a realm 1st spot. Toward the end of Ulduar progression as they were closing in on the #1 spot, the current title holder, a guild called Ruin, disbanded. In one day the competition was removed and the path was clear. Exo took the Realm first achievment for Ulduar's Algalon, got our Drakes and awaited the release of Trial of the Crusader. We achieved the Realm First for this instance as well earning the Grand Crusader titles. Koilie unfortunately missed out on both realm first kills due to internet instability at the time. Finally ICC came out. The internet issues had been resolved shortly before its release and Koilie was able to gear up in ToGC before ICC went live. They quickly blazed through the normal mode content taking realm first kills for all the end wing bosses as well as The Lich King. Thus began the Heroic modes. At this point no other guild on the server were even in the competition for realm 1st. Exo cleared 5/12 hard modes in ICC 25 before the release of the 5% Hellscream's Warsong zonewide buff. Including the very difficult Deathbringer Saurfang encounter which before the buff and a few tweaks was very unforgiving. Exodus' reign eventually came to an end though as a dispute between the GM and another officer resulted in the guild splitting up into factions and soon after disbanding. Final score 7/12 Heroic ICC 25. The tragic end of a Dynasty.


Iniquitous was Koilie's very own guild. Originally created during The Burning Crusade expansion when Koilie was not koilie the priest, but rather a Rogue. Her first "main". The guild was a strong group of raiders primarily intent on 10 man content in The Burning Crusade. They raided Karazhan, Zul' Aman and occasionally Gruul's Lair. The guild disbanded temporarily and was reformed later when Koilie had main switched to the new priest and decided to gear her up, but alas real life issues eventually forced her to relinquish command of the guild and stop playing. Atfer a long break and the release of the new expansion Koilie returned. Dusted off the priest and began reforming Iniquitous. Progressing through 10 man content quickly downing all but "sarth 3d". Realizing that she was a much better player than many she grouped with Koilie decided to expand her horizons and applied to her RL friends guild Exodus on Shadow Council. Thus starting a career that would lead her to becoming one of the top 20 Disc priests in the world.


Sealab was Koilie's first raiding guild back before Koilie the priest even existed and there was Koils the Rogue. Progression included Tier 4 content and ZA.

Shadow StalkersEdit

SS was the leveling guild koilie was in while leveling her first "main" The first guild. Where it all began...


Some of Koilie's Alt toons


Koiile is also a Priest although this one is an Undead Priest. Created with the intent of being a PvP toon. Koiile's Armory


Koii is a Shaman or Shamalamadingdong sometimes. Koii's Armory


Koimoo is a Ret and Prot Paladin of the epic steak variety. Koimoo's Armory

Notable AchievementsEdit

World Top Boss KillsEdit

World 1st Warmaster Blackhorn 25 HC | World 1st Stone Guards 25 HC | World 1st Gara'jal the Spiritbinder 25 HC

World 3rd Mogu'shan Vaults 25 HC Clear | World 4th Heart of Fear 25 HC Clear | World 9th Dragon Soul 25 HC Clear.

Herald of the TitansEdit

The Light of Dawn x2Edit

7-12-10 Guild First Kill


10-7-10 Guild First Alt Kill


Player RankingsEdit

World RankedEdit

World Of Logs List of Ranked players in vodka's & Koilie's Logs. Personal Koilie Logs

The Lich King: Heroic 25 PlayerEdit

World 3rd (US 2nd) All Healers.


The Lich King: Heroic 10 PlayerEdit

World 4th (US 1st) Disc Priest


Lich King Rankings shown were screen shotted on the last night before the 4.0.1 patch that contained major changes to the talents and stats in preparation for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion. These are the final true rankings for the final boss of The Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Koilie's UI HistoryEdit






The Future for KoilieEdit

At this point Koilie is just keeping in shape and honing her skills in preparation for upcoming expansions.

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