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Completed Tasks Edit

Questlong Update Edit

Overview Edit

Completed: 4/14/2007
Run Time: ~30 min
Page Count: ~60

Issues Edit

  • This technically created some broken links for quests we didn't have but that we had the Thott ID for. Concensus from IRC was that that was fine.

Elinks-quest Update Edit

Overview Edit

Completed: 2007/04/09
Run Time: 1.5 hours
Page Count: ~380 pages

Issues Edit

  • Bot Connection Issue -- The first run the bot had a connection issue after 80 updates. Changed the connection limit and restarted the bot.
  • Data Issue -- After checking ~50 updates the only issue was in the case that someone had put {{elinksquest|?|id}} which the bot replaced with, {{Elinks-quest|?}}

Wwclub Update Edit

Overview Edit

Completed: 2007/04/05
Run Time: 1 hours
Page Count: ~40 pages

Issues Edit

  • CrazyJack and Varghedin were edited manually. They had special characters that looked like √ and û but their pages actually contained those characters and not the escape code. I decided to just switch these manually to not have them wait.
  • So were Jeoh, who had Template:2500club instead of {{2500club}}, and Hobinheim whose reference was in his bio template which Bot did not pick up.
  • Gryphon was unedited, and the only one left using the deprecated templates, because he is protected.
  • Bot had some special character issues besides the above. Fixed and 5 of the 7 special character issues were taken into account. Seems like unicode needs to be considered.
  • Bot's retry page update, due to timeout etc, needs to be rewritten to be faster.
  • Bot had a few minor connection issues.
  • Bot's webcrawler had a minor issue that was taken care of.

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