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Portrait Name Level Professions Secondaries Talent Build Guild Mounts Server Quest Area Status
File:Hordika Mini.jpg Hordika Mistranger 80 Skinning 375
Leatherworking 375
Cooking 375
First Aid 375
Fishing 375
Beastmastery 71
Marksmanship 71
Dream of Eternity IconSmall Saber Swift Stormsaber
File:IconSmall Red Drake.gif Red Drake
Sunstrider EU Dalaran Active
File:Fidget Mini.jpg Fidget Mechamorph 80 Tailoring 375
Inscribtion 375
Arcane 71
Frost 71
Dream of Eternity IconSmall Mechanostrider Swift White Mechanostrider
File:IconSmall Magnificent Flying Carpet.gif Small
Sunstrider EU Dalaran Semi-active
File:Tylina Mini.jpg Tylina Moonshadow 80 Herbalism 375
Alchemy 375
Fishing Balance 71
Restoration 71
Dream of Eternity IconSmall Saber Stormsaber
File:IconSmall Swift Flight Form.gif
Sunstrider EU Dalaran Semi-active
File:Uthamy Mini.jpg Uthamy Lighthammer 80 Mining 375
Blacksmithing 375
Retribution 71
Protection 71
Dream of Eternity IconSmall Charger Charger
File:IconSmall Golden Gryphon.gif Golden Gryphon
Sunstrider EU Dalaran Active
File:Yamishi Mini.jpg Yamimaru Shini 80 First Aid 375 Unholy 71
Blood 71
Dream of Eternity IconSmall Deathcharger Deathcharger
File:IconSmall Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade.gif Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade
Sunstrider EU Dalaran Semi-active
File:Didget Mini.jpg Didget Mechamorph 80 Engineering 365
Demonology 71
Affliction 71
Dream of Eternity IconSmall Dreadsteed Dreadsteed
File:IconSmall Flying Machine Control.gif Flying Machine Control
Sunstrider EU Dalaran Active

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