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Kirkburn's to do list.

Upcoming Edit

Important Edit

  • Remove {{Wowbox/Begin}} from places where it is broken
  • Appearances section on character articles
  • {{infoline}} needs updates
  • Look at {{In-game book}}
  • Template instance bosses
  • Classfooter, classnav, check all instances.
  • Help on how to do guides on the wiki.
  • WoWWiki buttons (for websites)
  • Check US guild and European guild categories - ensure all servers guild categories have category
  • More RSS feeds

Less important Edit

Done Edit

  • Template:Coords/Maps
  • Other language Wikia - review, feature.
  • Warcraft cheats
  • Source article template
  • [Category:Stubs/BC] clearout
  • Fix more band templates for monobook
  • Fansites work
  • The YAFTies - "Yet Another Featured Thingy"
  • Add dungeon infoboxes to all instances
  • {{Undead}} template
  • Events nav - {{Events}}
  • Talk page template - {{Talkheader}} + analysis option
  • Future race ideas intro warning (ambox, lol)
  • Community portal revamp - no subpages, project page support
  • Sort city-faction infoboxes
  • Add extra info to zone infoboxes

Box designs Edit

  • {{Stub/Box}} - article/section stub design

  • {{Ambox}} - article/section article management template

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