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AllianceNPC 32Kirinala
Gender Female
Race Night elf
Character class Rogue
Affiliation Templars Call
Position Rogue Captain for Templars Call
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown roots - parents known to be deceased among the protectors of Teldrassil

Happenings Edit

Late July 07

Dreaming Edit

Her dreams of late have become terrifying, almost reality. Visions of a dark shadow with eyes that pierce her very soul seem to torment her, but she has yet to tell anyone within the crew or out of it of the messages she has been receiving mentally, and even physically by carrier. Though as time progresses, her facial visage seems to carry a very different appearance than it used to. A darkness seems to have laced it's way around the silver glow of her eyes, noting her lack of sleep; but no one quite knows why. Her actions have also become quite odd, as it's rumored that she avoids one of her own crew mates when she sees him within towns quite frequently; why is unknown, but shortly after she slips into the shadows or leaves the town square it is rumored that the man would suddenly vanish from sight. Later the name of Sephir Songblade came to surface as the figure that follows her. What happens afterwards is unknown, but those who've seen her after her return to town have spoke of hearing Kirinala muttering to herself in a tone not like her own.

Surfacing Edit

One fateful night, the true terror was bound to surface, if even for a preview of things to come. Kirinala stood on the bridge within the Valley of Heroes after Sephir chose to follow her from Stormwind's inner gates. Words were exchanged per the usual, yet he seemed to hold a fear of being near her. It had seemed like just days earlier when he swore he would no longer come near her after meeting her lips and tasting of the evil that lurked within. For even Sephir to fear her, something was wrong with her, and she knew it. However, she used her cunning wits to turn the tables on him with a direct personal attack on the dream he showed her. The fact that he very well was the murderer of his family. Regardless of his words at that encounter, there he was telling her that he could not leave her alone. He was determined to bring forth what had laid dormant for so long.

This time she knew that she could not be so formal with him, as he would not listen to her reason when she demanding him to leave her. He spoke of things she dared not wish to hear, in front of Alabastore none the less. She grew impatient and sliced his face with her blade revealing demonic runes on his face, along with a collar; her theories on him being nothing but a meer puppet for the shadows were all but satisfied at that moment. He charged her and in a swift moment, her eyes shifted from a beautiful radiant silver, to a void blackness that encompassed everything they looked upon. She brought up her hand and struck down upon Sephir knocking him to the ground with the force that no natural humanoid could conjure up; and in as fast of time as it took to surface, it was gone. Kirinala stood motionless as Alabastore blasted Sephir with Moonfire while trapped within another personality that even Kirinala did not understand. Sephir was able to stand and add the last match to the fire before slicing his throat and falling into the depths of the waters below by calling Kirinala out on what she truly found herself to be, a monster. She had denied it and tried to lie to herself, but it was no longer hidden from her mind anymore. Something lurked within her, and whatever it was, was powerful. Kirinala knew then that she had to begin her search for the truth. Not even the pirates could help her now. No one could. She fled the ship in the cover of darkness and was not heard from since. It was said the next morning the Captain went mad and burned the ship down, but none know the reason.

Conflicted Thoughts Edit

With the disbanding of the Elites she fears without Alabastore by her side now, things will only get worse from here as once the pirates parted ways, he went in another direction than she. She knew that things were already going to get worse, but in her heart, she knew that the one person that could possibly save her for the darkness that was closing in on her was that druid. No other has the power over her that he does, she would not let them. Alabastore gained the power over her without even trying, at least she does not feel he tried to gain power over her, she just knew that he has it. If they will cross paths again is uncertain, as it has been a bit since they have seen one another since the departure. He has yet to discover the massive amount of power he has over her.

Despite those thoughts she worries for the druid as his mind seems to be torn into two separate entities. She feels that she can not save him from whatever darkness lies within the deepest reaches of his mind, but she wishes to, even if she has to go into the Emerald Dream herself to seek out the answers. Knowing as an assassin she would more than likely meet her untimely end within that Dream, she would risk such to save Alabastore. She has even been plagued with the thoughts of trying to manipulate the darkness within to sway the powers of the Dream or any other magic should could pull forth to find an answer. She has been seen within some of the libraries within the mage quarter in Stormwind City as of late, and sneaking around the Twilight Grove carrying dusty tomes in her arms as she does. What the young night elf is up to is unknown, but it is said that some magi are concerned for one of her upbringing in the talents of deception and death is tampering with fates she should not risk tampering with.

Death, Life, Insanity - A bounty on my head?Edit

Recently Kirinala found the meanings to the letters she had been receiving. It was the first time she had ever heard of the term "Shadow Code". Between the letters and the dreams that plagued her, she came to realize that the dark force within her was urging her to "kill the children". After meeting "S" from a letter she had received warning her of danger by him, she knew that there was more to this than she ever could imagine; he was the one who told her of "Shadow Code". The "S" was actually a psychic named Shacal. Unfortunately in their meetings Kirinala got a bit hasty and let her blood lust take over nearly killed him to find out the truth behind Vaenderos' suicide, as well as to find out what the strange antidote she carries now is all about. However, in the process of 'interrogation', some unknown figure came in and ended Shacal's life, leaving Kirinala to question, yet again. She later dreamed of Shacal, a sweet and innocent dream ending in Shacal thanking her - with a mood shift it took the form of him thanking her for killing him. She was not the reason for his death, but why would he blame her?

The meaning behind "kill the children" though did not quite make sense to her until after she fled a bounty hunter. It runs out that a human named Drako seeks Kirinala's head, alive. Unknown for what reason and by whom, after fleeing his presence in Hillsbrad and hiding within a barrel behind the inn, she discovered his accomplice that was helping him was none other than Vladri, a former magic user from the Elite days. Someone Kirinala always was wary of, and now her strange thoughts of him are confirmed; he is foe. When the pair left Southshore and Kirinala moved back into town finding the paper with the bounty on her head, along with a photograph she could not even prepare what came next.

Two small children approached her, one calling her mommy and fading from sight. The other child cried until Kirinala questioned the child and he responded with "I don't want to.. I don't want to.." and looking up at her when she asked what, all he could say was, "Die!" before fading like the small girl. Then the town around her became a void, nothing but strange heartbeats and static could be heard, and then she saw it. Her parents, but not her parents. Black elementals forming them, calling to her and lunging for her. She avoided them and quickly disposed, but as she did they formed a larger entity that continued to call her "Mommy". She cried out for Alabastore in reflex when she feared the worse, and the response was unusual. The mass screamed at her not to mention the "false father's name" that "daddy will kill us if you say the false father's name!". She gathered that Alabastore was the false father, but whom was the real father; and how was she a mommy when she birthed no child? Confusion swept over her once again. Then among the anger she could hear a little girl begging Kirinala to kill the children, that it's the only way. Something didn't make sense when she heard that, but she ran at the being and began to hack away with her daggers, dispatching of it as she heard "Thank you mommy..". And in that moment Kirinala found herself sitting exhausted in the middle of the crowded Southshore main street as if nothing happened. A small voice rang out in her mind, "Don't get cocky Kirinala, it's not over yet." It was Shacal, but how could he know what happened and speak with her again? She began to wonder if she wasn't just losing her mind.

The only experience of happiness that has graced the poor night elf's life of late was the return of Alabastore. He finally joined in the ranks with the Templars and now Kirinala feels that once again things might could be slightly alright again, even if for a moment before the nightmare begins again.

Early August 07

Dreaming Edit

Recently Kirinala's dreams have become quite strange, and she dreams of her former captain often. Watching past events unfold from an outside view, yet it is quite obvious she is within another body all together; someone else. Someone Vaenderos knew, but not Kirinala. This has led her to search for anyone who might have any leads as to whom in Vaenderos' past might have favored her in appearance, if even a little. The letters have also started again, thankful for death the 'children' were. They claimed that the true father killed them just as she did, that they enjoy death. Kirinala speculates a few conclusions based on that after her dreams of late, she is just looking for written proof of such now. Shacal had told her upon their first meeting that she did not seem as a reincarnation, but it was if her soul was unique - carrying parasites that are growing within, other souls in a sense.. what could be the link between all of these events? Who are the 'children' that Kirinala carries within? Who is the supposed 'father', and how did Kirinala get pulled into the picture? Who is Taelalai, and why does Vaenderos address Kirinala as that name in her dreams? Kirinala has been seeking out Erheneal or Citiandra of late to see if they would know as they were present in the dream - along with the two men who seek to capture her for the bounty. And apparently former members of the elites as well were there, souls from long before Kirinala's recruitment. Why had she not heard of any of these people, of these events? Why do her dreams seem to place her in what seems to be Taelalai's shoes? More questions continue to arise as quickly as others get answered. She has been keeping much from Alabastore about this, but now she feels that she may very well need that druid's mind to help her solve this mystery.

Late August/September

The Dark Truth Edit

The truth finally surfaced. She met with Drako in desperation and found out that the bounty was the only way to get her attention and make it look like he was against her. In the end, he shot himself in the head as the 'whispers' took over. Taelalai was actually the soul watching over Kirinala. Vaenderos had murdered her while she was pregnant in an act of rage when she was deceived by Victor Nefarious, Vaenderos' uncle. Her soul split into a dark and light soul. The pure soul watched over Kirinala even when Kirinala took on a darker path, it was Taelalai whom had kept her from destroying everyone she came in contact with. Kirinala had to use the power given to her through Sol Invictus to destroy the binds on Justice and Serenity (the children), who had turned out to be Taelalai and Vaenderos' unborn children. They called her mommy because she was the exact replica of Taelalai, as when the moment she died.. Kirinala was born. Eventually Kirinala learned of the truth. There were no dragons, no dark figures within the Spire who killed her family as she thought. She had killed the high priestess and arch elder druid (her parents) in a brutal act, and when she found out the truth.. she nearly went mad. A power Shaman god who could not be connected to the world, Vaenderos' father Vaerdos, was controlling her mind and causing her to kill - causing others to kill - destroying Vaenderos' mind. Bringing forth powerful whispers to destroy others, causing many deaths. There was a prophecy set forth by Ravinna, Vaenderos' blood pact sister, stating that there would be a savior for the cursed one, and that the cursed one would have to remember the names of those who died. Little did Kirinala know that she was that savior that would bring forth redemption for many souls.

On the even of the reckoning, Vaenderos came forth from hiding proving he was not dead and Kirinala saw him. He had gone completely mad as the time grew for Vaerdos' rebirth and lured Kirinala out into Stranglethorn Vale. She refused to fight him and used her words to reason with him, using the power of Sol Invictus to call the true Vaenderos out. She brought up every soul who had suffered by his father.. Taelalai, Serenity, Justice, Drako, Vladri, Shacal, Kirinala's parents, so many who had died by only his mind control. When Vaenderos came back to reality, Vaerdos came forth to face Kirinala in a final act of rage that awoke him. Kirinala now had forced the cursed Vaenderos to remember the names and now had to break the binds on her and Vaenderos by facing the Shaman who was much more powerful than her. Within the Gurubashi Arena a long and horrible battle ensued, and in the end Kirinala had won. Vaenderos' voice from the beyond could be heard as he saw how she chose to look past the monster he had become to save him, because she too was a monster.

Shacal's form appeared to her and spoke.. but was not his own voice, but using Shacal's body as a vessel, Taelalai was speaking - or so Kirinala thought. She spoke of the soul splitting and how in fact Kirinala had, in freeing Vaenderos and bringing forth his death to release the curse, had sent him so that Taelalai could have her revenge in the afterlife. Kirinala knew something was not right and she lunged at the possessed body of Shacal in a mad rage, easily destroying the dark spirit of Taelalai, the part of the split soul that was not with Kirinala. When the act was done she fled the arena into the jungle to be found left on her knees outside of the arena panting and covered in Tauren and Draenai blood, the corpse of Vaerdos and Shacal laying within the arena. She had ended it all, but was alone.. or so she thought. Vaenderos slowly came out of the arena, reborn and alive. Kirinala had taken another path which not only saved his soul, but also his form in life. He was now mortal and could live out his true human years until death, no longer cursed by his father. Now Kirinala knew her life could move forward, or could it?

The End Is Only The Beginning Edit

Kirinala did not know what to do with herself after the prophecy was fulfilled. She had spent her entire life training to take on figures that had not even been the cause of her family's demise. She had no purpose, yet Vaenderos tried to tell her that now she could forge any path she chose. She was left perplexed and a bit lost as she thought on the events. Even Alabstore was missing and Kirinala assumed he had returned to the Emerald Dream or was no longer within the world. She has since closed off and given up, returning to her once again anti-opposite sex state.

Kirinala had nothing to push her in any direction and wandered to the outer reaches of the Blasted Lands coming upon a massive portal. She had heard only rumors of such a portal but did not know if they were founded. She approached the portal with caution, stopping at the base as she gazed up at it until the voice of a human caught her attention. She jerked her head around and narrowed her eyes as she gazed at the human before forcing a fake smile and asked if everything was okay. He spoke to her of the war on the other side and asked her to deliver something to the other side. She agreed, she had nothing better to do and crossed the portal only to discover another world, one she soon would find her new life in.

Early October

New Life Edit

Since her crossing she has taken on a role of a mercenary at times, and rumors of her death circulate in Azeroth among those who had knew her. Those that she knew from Azeroth that she has seen in this world do not know her as she never removes a black hood that hides her identity. She has closed herself off from people and distanced herself from Templars Call until she completely disappeared from their ranks. She wandered for a while before she finally decided to align herself with a group known as Awakened. She did not say much to them when she met a Draenei by the name of Keilun in passing when she briefly returned to Azeroth, but it was enough to pike her interest and see a possible way of a greater escape. She had already become a dark soul, and there was no real redemption for her deeds, and she was not ceasing them entirely as it was. She saw the new alliance as one of two things.. either a way to hide and escape, or a way to free herself of those chains and start a new life. She has yet to decide on the path she wishes to take. Unsure of what they think of her, and not really sure if she cares or not, she remains hidden within her hood and armor as she takes on the silent role. It is not that she does not like them, it is only that she does not speak hardly at all anymore. Kirinala, though becoming more powerful gaining some alliances, has become a recluse in the passing time, and has shut off from the world entirely. She isn't faking per se when it comes to acting kind and generous, but she is not fond of putting forth what she calls an act, and covering the true hatred, pain and darkness inside. If anything will make that change, is still unknown.

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