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AllianceNPC 32Kirinala
Gender Female
Race Night elf
Character class Rogue
Affiliation Templars Call
Position Rogue Captain for Templars Call
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown roots - parents known to be deceased among the protectors of Teldrassil

Aside from a mysterious past, she is quite mysterious in her present life as well. While she appears to be warm and friendly at times in local pubs and in trade business, it is said that it is only an act to gain what she wills from unsuspecting parties. On the other end of the rope rumors of her techniques on handling those who cross her are something to be feared. Kirinala likes to play with what she likes to call her prey before she ends their life - slow or fast, that depends on what they did to anger her. Most try not to cross her, as they might find a dagger sticking out of their spine by the sundown of that same day.

She still searches for the truth of her past, and for what reason she was taken and why her parents had to die for it. These facts are unknown to most everyone, and were only found in a diary that Conservator Ilthalaine lost years ago that he kept while he took care of her as she grew up. Rumor has it that he was the only other being that she has allowed herself to get close to until she met a druid within a band of pirates. All information found here came from that very journal, or first hand accounts. Kirinala does not know that there was a journal of what she told Conservator Ilthalaine in Teldrassil, and has no idea that anyone could get such information. She keeps a aura of secrecy about her to this day, even after leaving Teldrassil to train with the Dragons Elite. It has been rumored that if the Captain of the Elites, Vaenderos were to find that journal, he would send Kirinala out in banishment to protect his pirates; while others speculate that he would run into Blackrock Spire blades drawn not even knowing what he was looking for, but become a raving lunatic instead.

As time has progressed she has felt her mind clouded with a sense of darkness. She tries not to let it get the best of her, but often times she lets her lust for blood take over in combat, and the results are quite frightening to witness. More times than not, she has been lucky enough not to have any witnesses that she didn't mind 'disposing' of. She feels it may have something to do with whatever happened in her past. She is just now coming to terms with her fate and her craft, and due to such she is become a force to be reckoned with. Both beautiful and sadistic, her acts of betrayal and assassination are something to behold. Deep down Kirinala has finally come to grips with the fact that she is indeed a natural murderer, and is beginning to love it. She felt the only place for her within the Alliance faction now was with the pirates of the Dragons Elite; it is the only place that someone like her could ever fit in this world, and even there she sometimes feels out of place. She still questions just how the Elites would react to her blood lust in the end and eventually fled from the ship in the night when she nearly destroyed one of her own in an act of sheer possession.

Though the rogue remains quite adamant about avoiding the opposite sex and the many other hindrances that come with trying to forge a relationship, especially avoiding relationship with those in the Elites as it could one day prove to be fatal, she has recently been seen in the company of a night elf druid named Alabastore. No one truly knows what their relationship is, but at the Elite's party in Stormwind to celebrate the recruitment of 100 members into the Elites it is rumored that Kirinala got so drunk that she openly confessed to the entire lobby of the inn her feelings for Alabastore. How he feels for Kirinala is unknown to most, and if she was truthful in her words is also unknown to the majority. Rumors of her and another Elite pirate hunter named Rakazu have all but died after the confession at the inn and the frequent sightings of Alabastore and herself in Stormwind and Elwynn Forest. Openly, those are the speculated thoughts, but Kirinala's true heart lies with Alabastore, and she is quick to step in and go into a full on rage at those who dare come between them. There was hearsay also once of someone seeing them within the Gilded Rose asleep together. It was said that Kirinala was clinging to Alabastore tightly as if she was afraid of something. No one knows if there is truth behind this. She did openly confess once to a lone night elf who's identity is unknown that Kirinala feels that without Alabastore, she will not survive what her fate has laid out before her; that she belongs to his life - but that frightened her to feel, for love is not something she feels is safe for her - but she knows she wishes to be by Alabastore's side as long as the Gods will allow.

((See the updates section for the real story that lead off what Kirinala believed to be true stated above, but really what killed her family.))

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