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Nathrezim, the Dreadlords
Character classesMage, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior
Racial capitalStronghold in Northeron
Racial leader(s)Zenedar
Racial mountSelf-powered flight, Dreadsteed
Primary language(s)Demonic
Secondary language(s)Orcish
Average height8.5 feet (excluding horns)

Nathrezim, one of the burning legions most powerful races. Nathrezims, also known as Dreadlords, joined burning legion willingly, but later became slaves of it. Some "dreadlords" started to riot, but were not enough strong and were slain. Rest of these rebels joined to burning legions enemy factions like Illidari. After Illidan was slain, hes nathrezim servants quickly formed group with other rebel nathrezims. They fled to Azeroth throught the dark portal. After few weeks, they found other free nathrezim, that burning crusade left behind. Their leader, Zenedar, glady adopted these rebels to hes forces. Zenedar is former champion of Detheroc, one of the few survivors of the massacre in Garithos stronghold. There he faced Varimathras, most powerful free nathrezim from Burning Legions domination he has ever seen, but he did not have time to confer with him. Now, powerful enought they fly to Undercity. Varimathras accepted them, and persuaded Sylvanas to accept rebels to the Horde. Sylvanas discussed with Thrall, Baine, Vol´jin and Rommath. Week after that, they decided to accepted them. Now this group of Nathrezim, known as "Rebels", now reside in Northeron.

Racial TraitsEdit

Consume Soul 
When activated, drains the soul of the dead target, gaining some health.
Reduces damage from falling.
Shadow Resistance 
Shadow Resistance increased by 10.
Damage done by Pets increased by 5%.

Starting ZoneEdit

Northeron is slightly snowy, and mostly plague-free instanced zone between plaguelands. It also was home of Lord Daval Prestor. Starting nathrezim need to fight with zombies, wildhammer dwarves, dragonspawn and burning legion that wants to slave dreadlords again. They also have Proof of Allegiance quest.


Some people used to believe that succubi were female of nathrezim race. Thats not quite true, but nathrezim female DO resemble succubi, but they resemble more vampire.

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