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Faction/AffiliationThe Horde
Character classesHunter, Mage, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior
Racial capitalCamp Heenatar
Racial leader(s)Hraage Razorfang
Racial mountHyena
Primary language(s)Gnoll
Secondary language(s)Orcish
Average height5 - 5 1/2 feet

Hunger, not gold or magic, is what motivates them.[1] (MoM 50)

Due ecocatastrophe caused by the Hordes careless huntings in Arathi Highlands, fleckfur tribe was starving. They did many failed attempts to rob Hordes food repositories. Eventually they had to humble, and they sent gnolls to Hammerfall. Malnourished and forlorn group of gnolls requested work for food, orcs of Hammerfall pitying let them take part as backup troops in one mission. Then orcs truly understood how effective gnolls were as warriors, and employed the whole clan.

It has often been stated that the gnolls would be quite a fearsome race, if they ever stopped tearing each other to pieces long enough to organize themselves into an army." [2] (W3Man 139)

The rest of the Horde first opposed gnolls as part of the Horde, but then, one by one, they understood importance of gnolls when they saw them in action. Gnolls bravery and ruthlessness impressed indelibly leaders of the Horde.

Gnolls and hyenasEdit

Their racial mount is hyena, and they are a major symbol of Gnolls. They serve as guards, scouts, pets and partners. Gnoll shamans hold them in high regard. They can speak to them and some worship ancient hyena. Gnoll lore knows that all gnolls evolve from one hyena goddess.

Racial TraitsEdit

Increase Expertise by 5 when using a Fist Weapons or fighting unarmed.
Beast Slaying
5% damage bonus to Beasts.
Increase Cold Resistance by 10.
Agitating Howl
Interrupts spellcasting and dispels sleep and fear effects.

Noob zone and capitalEdit

Gnolls are often found as nomadic race, but they can settle when they feel like it. This time, gnolls capital and starting zone resides in instanced section of Arathi Highlands (like bloodmyst isle and eversong woods). Gnolls continue to hillsbrad foothills.


Gnolls have currently very rough model like every mobs model. When they are added, they get new model (looks more like gnoll above in art), and are able to wear armors and weapons without looking absurd like in some fake screenies.

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