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AllianceNPC 32Kinithiry Blaumeux Ravenwind, The Blackwing Huntress
Gender Female
Race Human
Character class Paladin
Affiliation Brotherhood of the Light, Order of the Silver Hand, Aldor.
Position Exemplar, Armorsmith.
Location Unknown
Status Alive.
Relative(s) Camthalior Ravenwind (husband), Nova Ravenwind (Daughter), Lady Blaumeux (Mother), Calinaomil Blaumeux (Sister).


  • Name: Kinithiry Blaumeux-Ravenwind, Kini, Kin.
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Paladin
  • Faction: Alliance, Brotherhood of the Light, Order of the Silver Hand
  • Server: Sisters of Elune
  • Birth Nation: Lordaeron
  • Home: Quel'Thalas
  • Professions: Armorsmith, Miner
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Age: 26
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Skin: Fair
  • Weight: Approx. 130lbs
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Armor: Varies on occasion.
  • Languages: Common, Draconic, Thalassian, and some Demonic.

Kinithiry is rather tall for a female, which makes her rather intimidating. She has an curved athletic body hidden under her plate armor. She has neck length brown hair, and blue glowing eyes. She's had her share of scaring but she heals relatively fast, so she is able to keep her natural beauty. Kinithiry's armor is used and has a worn look to it however it is well cared for. Her pole arm looks like a jagged saw that she attained somewhere in Outland after her sword broke. Her walk and stance are one of a hero more than a noble, something displayed for those under her command.


Note: These trophies are kept on Kinithiry at all times and one of the reasons she is known as the Blackwing Huntress.
She carries a fang and scale from Nefarian, Onyxia, Ebonroc, Emberstrife, Firemaw, Flamegor, Hematos.

She also has recovered from Nefarian a pendant with a gold lion on the front and the initials A.L. on the back.

Sought after items
The sword of Anduin Lothar.

Kinithiry is part of many factions and is well known through out many military branches of Azeroth. Here are some titles she has attained through out her travels.

The Blackwing Huntress
Knight and Exemplar of the Silver Hand
Honorary Vindicator of the Aldor
Master Sergeant


Kinithiry is considered by most to be insane. A military genius, she is swift, cunning, shrewd. She views everything as a possible threat, thus she always has a plan for any situation. She is intimating and speaks her mind; she has never been afraid of standing up to anybody whether in a court of judgment or a military post. She will listen to those who truly listen, anybody else and their words are so much as unheard. She enjoys testing people as well. Despite her proclaimed insanity however she is very formal, kind hearted and very well respected. She keeps her sense of calm, even in the most deadly of situations, which usually boosts the morale of her troops.

Beliefs and ViewsEdit

Being a former resident of Lordaeron, Kinithiry lost many friends in the fallen city, some of which are Forsaken. She feels grief towards their 'curse' and executes swift redemption when she deems necessary. Kinithiry doesn't know the exact difference between the Forsaken and the Scourge but she does recognize that they are not the same thing, granting the Forsaken a certain precedence above the Scourge.

The Scourge
The very essence that devoured her homeland, Kinithiry hates the Scourge; she will kill them on site, granting no mercy, even to those that remind her of friends or loved ones.

The Scarlet Crusade
Many members of the Scarlet Crusade were once members of the Silver Hand, so chances are Kinithiry knew many on a professional level. During the initial formation of the Crusade she was asked to join by the paladin Abbendis, but Kinithiry declined because she had matters on a very personal scale to tend to at the time. Looking upon the Crusade now, Kinithiry can see that it has a hidden agenda and that it does not pertain to the Crusades original goals; goals she doesn't believe she would completely agree with. She has also been openly attacked by the Scarlets and in the her best interest, she kills them on site. Kinithiry does not view this is random slaughter or murder but rather a redemption of the blind.


Note: This is not known ic'ly.

Kinithiry was born at the beginning of the first war in Lordaeron to a family of four; she one of two daughters to the once reveared Knight of the Silver Hand, Lady Blaumeux. Her father was killed during the battle at Blackrock Mountain by a dragon rider; in turn, she would eventually forgive the Red Flight in her heart; ironically she started hunting their black counterparts after her discovery of Blackrock orcs and Blackwing dragon alligence.
During Kini's youth, she and her younger sister, Calinaomil, were trained by their mother in combat, and taught the ways of the Light. Kinithiry, though not as verse in the ways of the Light as her younger sister, took after her father with her strength and intelligence. Finding the prayers of the Light somewhat dull, Kinithiry decided on focusing on her physical combat skills rather than studying deeply in the Light; Calinaomil, on the other hand, focused more on the study of the Light.
When Kinithiry turned eighteen she was initiated into the Knight of the Silver Hand; about the same time Thrall had escaped from Durnhold and started freeing the horde. To be inducted into the order at such a young age, Kinithiry would spend the first two years in more training despite her obvious talent for combat. During these years, many looked upon the new adept with high hopes including the future High General Abbendis, Tirion Fordring, and Sarvia Fairbreeze. She would eventually become the Silver Hand's link to Quel'Thalas where She would eventually meet her future husband there.
After two years in the Knights of the Silver Hand, Kinithiry would find herself, recalled from Quel'Thalas and fighting with Prince Arthas in Andorhal. After the battle of Andorhal, she was ordered by Uther the Lightbringer to travel back to Quel'Thalas to convince the Convocation of Silvermoon that their aid was needed in the war against the Scourge even though the elves had withdrawn from the Alliance after the second war and Audin Lothar's death; however the Silver Circle and King Anasterian Sunstrider remained unconvinced.
It was during this time that Kinithiry was wed to Camthalior Ravenwind by Lady Liadrin. The two would soon conceived a daughter, Nova, a year later. Her time in Silvermoon was very peaceful. She was part of the Church of the Light and interacted with many of the future Blood Knights. Time pressed on and Kinithiry was eventually called back into battle, leaving her family with a promise of her return.
Her duty eventually took her to Stratholme where she witnessed the Knights of the Silver Hand's disbandment by Prince Arthas. On her way to Lordaeron to confide with her mother about recent events, she stopped at the town of Corrin's Crossing to aid some of the sick. Kinithiry's coming was ill treated however, and many villagers tried to persecute her for being a paladin. When she returned to Lordaeron, she was able to speak with many people one last time, including her mother.
During her stay in Lordaeron, Kinithiry attended an assembly of members of the disbanded Silver Hand which was overseen by King Terenas. The initial purpose of the assembly was to inform former members of recent events, and to discuss their what should be done next; however it would grow into something more. The news of Stratholme had by then reached Lordearon and it disturbed the assembly; as did hearing of their disbandment. Plans to reinstate the Knights of the Silver Hand would eventually be drawn out because of a speech made to the assembly by a furious Kinithiry.

"The Silver Hand has been disbanded Uther, say... what shall we do now?"

*Kinithiry responds before Uther gets the chance*

"I'll tell you!"

*Kinithiry gets up from her seat and glides to the middle of the room, carrying her two handed sword with her. Taking a place in the center of the circular room as Uther steps aside, she shouts, raising her sword high in the air.*

"Do you see this blade?! Do you?! It has slain orcs, trolls... dragons... and the very death that dared to rise at my feet. This blade serves the Light, the Silver Hand, Lordaeron... and her allies. It shall forever serve so long as I live!"

*Kinithiry looks up at King Terenas*

"For give me your highness... but I do not recognize the prince's order of disbandment... should I be branded a traitor then so be it, execute me if you wish. His reasoning... clouded with zeal... to brand his fellow warriors and friends as traitors?"

*She looks around the room once more and starts pacing slowly*

"I think... unity is a necessity in these dark times... it has helped us before, and I am quite sure it will benifit us again... SO I ASK YOU... I ask you... are you brave enough to defy your prince? Brave enough to be branded a traitor? For the Light? For the people you serve?"

*There is a loud sound of armor clanking as many members of the assembly stood, many awestruck that somebody would defy the prince so openly, and a woman at that.*

"King Terenas, as a Knight of the Silver Hand and with these souls as my wittinesses, I hereby declare Prince Arthas' command on the disbandment of our order annulled."

*A paladin shouts out*

"You defy the Prince you insolent woman. Do you seek death?!"

*Kinithiry looks in the direction of the response and gives the man a cold, hard stare*

"If I sought death... I would not be here now..."

*King Terenas' response to Kinithiry's speech; somewhat taken aback at the paladin's forwardness*

"I admire your bravery paladin. I understand your pain. However I wish to speak to Prince Arthas on this matter. You, paladin, shall go to Northrend, and give Arthas his orders to withdrawal his forces."

With those orders from the Terenas, Kinithiry departed for Northrend, however there is much speculation to how much time she spent there. Many estimate that she wasn't there for long, only to drop off the orders and depart, not see them through; others believe she stayed. It is also believed this is where she attained her extensive military experience.

Upon her return however she was called into the southern lands by her younger sister Calinaomil. She stayed in the southern kingdom for some time, her most notable service was to the kingdom of Stormwind. She protected the territory of Redridge from the Blackrock Orcs. She would eventually come to find of the Blackrock/Blackwing agreement, and set out to terminate the Blackwing dragons. Contrary to popular belief these were not the first dragons Kinithiry has killed, this is an increase in her perusal of them. Kinithiry views her hunt for and execution of the Blackwing dragons as an act of repentance for them. Her understanding is that they were somehow enslaved as the red dragons were during the second war. Needless to say she didn't only kill dragons, Kinithiry would kill any orc that stood in her way as well.

Kinithiry however isn't in Redridge anymore, she has left, in search of other dragons to kill, and a family to return to.


There is much speculation as to where Kinithiry lives. She was born in Lordaeron, and she is now a registered resident of Silvermoon. Only she knows the current location of her actual home within the city. Upon entering the city, she is sometimes attacked by the guards, which she often kills. Her views are that she is a tax paying citizen and should be protected, not persecuted. She currently disguises herself as a lower level paladin, but if she is asked she will formally introduce herself giving her full name. Reasons as to her disguise are obvious; to move about freely, she may even be trying to infiltrate the Blood Knight headquarters.

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