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The Lich King is no more. The Scourge is defeated... for now. Sargeras has returned, and he hopes to amass an army far more terrible than anything Azeroth and Outland have ever seen. He has gathered the remnants of both the Legion and the Scourge to form the Burning Scourge. On Argus, his seat of power, this malefic army of Undead and Demons destroys all life on the planet, only to bring them back as undead servants. Knowing that Sargeras' return marks the beginning of the end of their world, The Alliance and Horde have made their way to Argus, to be met by their long time allies against the undead and demons. Now, it is up to you, to face the terrible might of The Dark Titan...



Arakkoa (Alliance)Edit

  • Introduction: The Skettis Exiles, in a position similar to the Draenei, have joined with the Alliance in hopes of putting and end to the Burning Scourge. Settling in a chain of islands off of Darkshore, the Arakkoa seek to eradicate the Burning Scourge with the help of their newfound allies.
  • Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Shaman, Druid, Mage.
  • Racial Traits
    • Glide: Active Ability, 3 min cooldown - Activate to reduce fall speed for 15 seconds.
    • Dagger Specialization: Passive Ability - Increase Expertise by 5 when using a dagger.
    • Eagle Eye: Passive Ability - Chance to crit increased by 2%.
    • Enlightened: Passive Ability - Spirit and Intellect increased by 5%.

Nathrezim (Horde)Edit

  • Introduction: Being one of them, Varimathras was able to convince a small group of Nathrezim to join the Horde and aid against the Burning Scourge. The Forsaken and Blood Elves have not objected to their membership in the Horde, but Thrall's Orcs and his like-minded Trolls and Tauren remain wary of them. They are demons, after all.
  • Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, Mage, Priest.
  • Racial Traits
    • Vampiric Attack: Active Ability, 3 min cooldown - Activate to make each of your melee attacks heal you for 50% of damage dealt for 10 seconds.
    • Cunning: Passive Ability - Agility and Intellect increased by 5%.
    • Demonic Resistance: Passive Ability - Shadow and Fire resistance increased by 5.
    • Dread Visage: Passive Ability - 2% chance for a melee attack to cause the target to run in fear for up to 5 seconds.

Allied FactionsEdit

Argent DawnEdit

  • The faction that spans between the Alliance and Horde that has devoted itself to destroy the undead, but have found a new purpose since their arrival on Argus - defeating the Burning Scourge.

The Sha'tarEdit

  • With the arrival of the Draenei and Blood Elves on Argus, the Naaru have come as well to further the goals of the Sha'tar. Their forces, combined with the Argent Dawn's, hope to vanquish the Burning Scourge once and for all.

The RedeemedEdit

  • The Redeemed are a group of demonic Eredar that realized too late that Sargeras' offer was a trick. Having been stranded on Argus since their defection and escape shortly after the Legion's formation, they look forward to working with the new arrivals on Argus to destroy the Burning Scourge.

Enemy FactionsEdit

Frostfire CultEdit

  • The Frostfire Cult is a group of Fel Orc warlocks, led by an immensely powerful Lich that is determined to crush any opposition to the Burning Scourge.


  • Mac'Aree used to be the shining Eredar capital of Argus, until Sargeras stepped in. Now the city is a dark reflection of itself; instead of great Eredar sorcerors, horrible demons and undead prowl the dark streets. From his dark citadel in the center of the city, the Dark Titan commands the Burning Scourge. But it is possible to infiltrate this city, as a small group of Redeemed Eredar remain there in hiding. Maybe they can help gain access to Sargeras' citadel.

Demon Hunter (Hero Class)Edit


The Demon Hunter is a dark warrior that has sacrificed their own soul to fight demons. Demon Hunters infuse the souls of demons into their own, allowing their use of demonic magic. They are a versatile class, able to hold their own in melee combat, melee spellcasting, and ranged spellcasting.


The Demon Hunter's three talent trees, combat, demonology, and shadow, allow them to enhance their melee abilities or different areas of magic.


This tree focuses on melee combat and dps. Several enhancements available include dual wielding specialization, increased crit chance, and flurry (attack speed increase after a crit).


This tree focuses on enhancing the Demon Hunter's dps by augmenting their weapons to deal fire damage or deal more damage to demons.


This tree allows the Demon Hunter to deal substantial ranged dps by using curses and DoT's (similar to an Affliction Warlock).


The Demon Hunter is able to use one-handed swords and axes, daggers, and bows. The Demon Hunter specializes in dual wielding, but can also use bows to help them pull mobs.

Raid BossesEdit

  • Sargeras: The Dark Titan and former leader of the Burning Legion, current leader of the Burning Scourge.
  • Kil'jaeden: The former Lord of the Legion in Sargeras' absence, was banished from Azeroth after attempting to invade Azeroth through the Sunwell, but has returned to further his master's goals.
  • Din Frostfire: Leader of the Frostfire Cult, has replaced Kel'thuzad as the Archlich.
  • Mephistroth: Third Lord of the Nathrezim, Mephistroth has finally shown himself to fight under the banner of the Burning Scourge.
  • Azgalor: Though it appeared that he was killed at Mount Hyjal, the leader of the Pit Lords has also arrived at Argus to serve Sargeras.

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