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Ketta on a Netherdrake

This page is about Ketta from Spirestone. The character is a Female Human Warrior played by a guy named Kevin.

Early History: Cho'gallEdit


Erin on Cho'gall

Originally the character was created October 20, 2005 on the US server Cho'gall with the name Erin. Quickly leveled to 60 to be able to participate in end-game content, Erin was invited to the Alliance Guild Dark Theory and was a member until the day the character was transferred off the server.

During Erin's time in Dark Theory, he became one of the Main Tanks during Molten Core and later Blackwing Lair. After the guild successfully cleared Blackwing Lair, Erin was respec'd and started to Off Tank more than Main Tank. Lints took Erin's spot as one of the Main Tanks. During this time, Erin achieved moderate success in PVP. Time constraints limited his ability to rank up and he was stuck at Knight-Champion for three straight weeks until finally losing rank under the old PVP system. Erin was most noted for wearing Pauldrons of Might while wielding The Untamed Blade.

August 27, 2006 marked the day Erin transferred from Cho'gall to Spirestone.

Renamed Ketta and Pre-ExpansionEdit


Ketta, Pre-Expansion in Fire Resistance Gear

On Spirestone, the name Erin was already taken and he was forced to change the name of the character to Ketta. After unsuccessfully exploring the possibility of joining a raiding guild, Ketta became the driving force behind creating Sacred Order.

The name of the guild was a compromise made between Ketta and Valentinne taking inspiration in the guild Sacred Fury from Dark Age of Camelot server Nimue. Ketta purchased the charter and got signatures to start the guild. Once the guild had been created and some of the basic ranks were in place, Ketta handed Guild Master over to Valentinne, a long-time and trusted friend.

The guild website was created on August 29, 2006 and started aggressive recruiting immediately.

Despite the initial success, it was not destined to perservere for long, yet made a lasting impression on many of the members. The guild made significant progress: downing Hakkar within only a month of its founding. The guild was disbanded only weeks later as being raid leader took its toll on Ketta's life and his friendship with Valentinne. Ketta joined Beast shortly afterwards while many of the founding members joined other raiding guilds. During this time, Ketta focused on minimal raid participation and PVP.

Many friends were quitting around this time due to the upcoming expansion and the fact that much of the gear everyone worked so hard on would become outdated virtually overnight. Ketta believed that the gear would always change and an expansion was nothing more than a glorified (and costly) patch.

Time with Sacred OrderEdit


Ketta on Spirestone after Expansion

Sacred Order was re-founded by Ketta and many of the original members on February 9, 2007.

Ketta once again quickly leveled to 70 and set as his first goal to get the Epic Flying Mount. This was achieved by April of 2007 by completing every soloable quest in Outlands and most of the Group and Dungeon quests too. During Season 1, Ketta obtained 2 pieces of the Gladiator set and then started saving for a weapon. When Season 2 started, Ketta immediately purchased 2 more pieces of the previous season gear instead of the weapon. Although he was leading raids into Karazhan, most of his gear was obtained via Reputation and Arena.

During the first weeks of September of 2007, Ketta and Planteous negociated a merger of Devious and Sacred Order. The merger brought about a huge jump in guild progression and started moving them into the 25-man instances. Planteous shares control of Sacred Order ever since the merger with Devious. They have set up the guild rankings to make it appear that they have the same rank, and for all intents and purposes, they do. Unfortunately, Blizzard has forced there to be a single point of control for which Ketta has retained Guild Master while relying heavily on Planteous' input for all major decisions.

As guild master, the final decision to reform Sacred Order came at the beginning of March of 2008. Ketta stepped down from Guild Master and assisted Drahknor in reforming under the new name: Calamitous lntent.

Time with Calamitous lntentEdit

When recreating the guild Sacred Order, Ketta changed the character's name to Eryn to avoid any further confusions with another character named Keta on the same server. It was not quite the same name as before, but it was close enough. Having stepped down from Guild Master position, Eryn became an Advisor for CI guild bringing management experience to the newly created guild. Being relieved to pass the mantle of authority over to the new leaders, and without the responsabilities of being a guild master, Eryn once again had more time on hand to do other things in World of Warcraft. Catching up on old reputation grinds and leveling new characters, to name a few.

Calamitous lntent did not last very long and Eryn was soon found in Sacred Order once more with most of the Demigods members. Shortly after bringing everyone back in, Eryn handed guild master over to Shojau.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "... or I will hunt you down."
  • "Don't go near Krosh or - you - will - die!"
  • "Make sure you overheal cuz they hit like a truck!"
  • "Shut up, Comwiz"
  • "Come to where Ketta is standing"
  • "If that's all you do during the fight, then you've done your job!"

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External linksEdit

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